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Chapter 917: Dao Manifestation Realm

    Chapter 917: Dao Manifestation Realm

    With the existence of voice transmission charms and arrays, the proliferation of news was extremely fast.

    Especially the Luo Divine Hall trials could be said to be highly-anticipated. It was a big deal to the Luo clan. Before the disciples that participated in the Luo Divine Hall trials returned, the results of the trials had proliferated at an astonishing speed in the royal capital.

    Yi Yun had beaten Princess White Fox in the Fey Refining Rock array, crushing the Shadow Twins, Wufeng, and a Supremacy’s disciple, Jian Zhu. Just this news along stirred quite a storm in the Luo clan royal capital!

    Although they also learned that Yi Yun did not participate in any of the other tests of the Luo Divine Hall trials in the eleven years after them, it did not matter. Just the trial in the first seven years was enough to make Yi Yun famous in the royal capital.

    In the past, Ran Xueyi and Luo Mo were influential figures in the upper circles of the royal capital, where their names were the talk of the town. But Luo Mo and Ran Xueyi were nothing compared to seclusive geniuses like Jian Zhu and the Shadow Twins.

    As for Yi Yun, he surpassed everyone else, including Princess White Fox, a publicly recognized genius. Yi Yun was even slightly younger than Princess White Fox. With his background as a commoner and his unparalleled speed at improving himself, he was now idolized by numerous youths in the royal capital, especially those from ordinary backgrounds.

    The title of being first up till the seventh year of the Luo Divine Hall was something that eclipsed the four great young masters of the royal capital.


    From the moment that the results of the Luo Divine Hall trials were out, copious numbers of factions paid attention to the rankings. After all, only a couple of dozen people from the entire Luo clan’s 196 states and the royal capital were ranked on the Luo Divine Hall Trials rankings every sixty years.

    Large factions had their own machinations, while small factions had their own tricks. But whoever was ranked on the Luo Divine Hall trials’ ranking, regardless if they ranked way below the top ten, would be clamored for by the entire Luo clan!

    Many factions in the royal capital were trying to woo these people. Other than a few that could not be wooed, most of the other disciples would choose to stay in the royal capital.

    As for the other 196 states, even the large family clans of those states would only get the leftovers.

    As for those ranked in the top ten, there was nothing to think about them. They were exclusive to the Luo clan ancient family clans or even the Luo clan royal family.


    When Yi Yun returned to the royal capital, he disembarked the spirit cruiser, and accompanying him was Luo Fengling.

    She ultimately failed to leave her name on the Luo Divine Hall trials rankings. She did not even get a chance to enter the Primordial Space. She could only meditate in front of the Ancient Fey stones outside, and those were obviously much more inferior to the Fey God Chaos Stones.

    The outcome of not being ranked meant that Luo Fengling had to return to the Fire Cloud State. She needed to stay in the royal capital for a few days, and since Yi Yun and Luo Fengling were both warriors from the Fire Cloud State, and had a friendship, they naturally stayed together. Since Yi Yun’s viscount residence was large, it could easily accommodate Luo Fengling’s temporary lodging.

    Considering how she had saved the severely injured Yi Yun eighteen years ago with a Fire Cloud State spirit cruiser, that scene was like a dream. Who would expect that such a youth would come this far?

    Yi Yun’s viscount residence was built near a mountain. When Yi Yun returned to his viscount residence, he saw many spirit beasts perched on the mountain behind the residence, with more than ten spirit vessels parked near it.

    “Oh? This is… ”

    When Yi Yun saw the spirit beasts and spirit vessels, he was surprised. He then saw a servant girl from the viscount residence welcome him like she was welcoming her master.

    Upon asking the maidservant, he found out that the spirit beasts and spirit vessels were ridden by the ambassadors of large family clans who were here to visit Yi Yun.

    They knew that Yi Yun was someone in Empress Xuan’s camp, so no faction had the guts to steal from Empress Xuan. Even if they did, it was impossible to steal Yi Yun from her. However, they knew that they had to establish a good relationship with Yi Yun. They sent expensive gifts to express their congratulations on Yi Yun’s results at the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    After learning of the reason, Yi Yun was also somewhat astonished. He never expected that being first in the first seven years of the Luo Divine Hall trials would create so much influence.

    Yi Yun was not being arrogant to the visitors, but it was because he did not have the time to entertain each and every one of them. Thankfully, Empress Xuan had included servants when she gave the viscount residence to him. He could just get the servants to deal with the affairs.

    Luo Fengling was deeply envious of all of this. She felt that it was impossible for her to indulge in such a scene herself in whatever life she had left.

    At this moment, a purplish-red voice transmission charm lit up in front of Yi Yun. It came from Luo Huo’er.

    “Little Yun, some important guests came to the Luo clan royal palace a few days ago, it looks like they were discussing something.”

    “Tomorrow, Father will be summoning all of the best participants of the trials to the royal palace. There will also be my brother, Crimson Firmament, Princess White Fox, as well as that male seductive fox named Bai Yueqing!”

    As Luo Huo’er spoke, her voice turned excited. Clearly, this girl looked forward to meeting Bai Yueqing. It was a good opportunity to smack Bai Yueqing in the face, so how could she miss it? Furthermore, Princess White Fox would have to travel with Yi Yun! Luo Huo’er was eager to see the expression on Crimson Firmament’s face.

    “Oh? His Majesty is summoning us?”

    Yi Yun was surprised. As the leader of the entire Luo clan dynasty, Emperor Luo was not someone who was easily seen. Even the top cultivators of the Luo Divine Hall trials that happened after this one might not have the chance to meet Emperor Luo.

    It was unknown what the legendary Emperor Luo was like… Even figures like Empress Luo and Empress Xuan had to be mindful about gaining and losing his favor. After all, Emperor Luo would determine who the person that would inherit the throne was.

    Yi Yun replied to Luo Huo’er and he settled Luo Fengling before returning to his room to have a good rest.

    He had not slept like a mortal in a very long time. In the Primordial Space, he basically spent all of the time meditating while sitting down. He did not slack for a moment and that solitude and loneliness was something that many people could not endure.

    As for the path to martial arts, it was filled with such long reclusions. Very few weak-minded warriors could guarantee that they could wholeheartedly pursue martial arts.

    Over the eighteen years, Yi Yun’s cultivation level went straight to the Heaven Ascension perfection realm. The next step up from the Heaven Ascension realm was the Dao Manifestation realm.

    By manifesting one’s Dao, one could grow Dao fruits on the Heaven Ascension Dao Tree.

    To top geniuses, the rising of an intermediate realm was not difficult, and it could be done very casually. Some top geniuses would meditate for decades. With their Dao foundations established, they were able to rise their cultivation level from the beginning stages straight to the peak in just a few short years.

    To geniuses, the hardest thing to raise was a large cultivation realm. It was not that it was difficult to raise, but it was difficult to raise it perfectly.

    This was most pertinent from the Heaven Ascension realm to the Dao Manifestation realm. The manifestation of Dao fruit was a big deal to every Heaven Ascension realm genius!

    The more varied the insights in the Dao that geniuses had, the more Dao fruits they manifested!

    Most warriors would only be able to condense a single Dao fruit when they enter the Dao Manifestation realm. After all, a young genius had a limited amount of time. It was already very difficult to comprehend a single law. If one tried to focus on too many Dao, it would be biting off more than they could chew. It was a waste of their time and potential.

    Mastering only one law was the safest approach. It could guarantee a smooth manifestation of Dao. Even the geniuses, who were qualified to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials, would mostly do so.

    However, there was an extremely tiny number of people who could manifest two Dao fruits. These people had exceeding perception. At a young age, they were able to multitask, cultivating two laws at the same time. The difficulty was not as simple as twice the difficulty of mastering one law.

    And even further up, the manifestation of three or four Dao fruits was nearly unheard of.

    Furthermore, even if such people existed, they were not necessarily a positive example.

    The number of Dao fruits manifested was not the most important thing, it was the quality of the fruits!

    If a genius like Princess White Fox wanted to manifest several Dao fruit, she just needed to study many laws. It would not be a problem to manifest five Dao fruits after that.

    However, Princess White Fox would obviously not do so. Five low-quality Dao fruits were not as valuable as a single high-quality Dao fruit!

    Dao fruits had nine qualities. Every rise in quality would make a leaf grow on the fruit stem.

    One leaf was the poorest quality of Dao fruit. The person would basically go no further than the Dao Manifestation realm in their entire lives.

    With every additional leaf, the warrior’s potential would be greatly elevated!

    By the time it was six or seven-leaf Dao fruits, it was already exceedingly rare.

    An eight-leaf Dao fruit could be said to be the standard of a peerless genius of an entire sect. As for nine-leaf Dao fruits, they were nearly a legend. After all, most Supremacies would only have eight-leaf Dao fruits when they entered the Dao Manifestation realm!

    Of course, they might have all sorts of opportunities in the future, even with eight-leaf Dao fruits. The leaf count of a Dao fruit did not entirely determine a person’s future success. It was even rumored that a Divine Lord that was in control of a Divine Lord Royal Seal only had a eight-leaf Dao fruit. Yet, he had reached a height that even nine-leaf Dao fruit geniuses could not reach.

    The future was anyone’s guess!

    Now, Yi Yun was at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm. He was already preparing to start manifesting his Dao fruit. But of course, it still would take a lot of time.

    Many geniuses did not dare to take this step because a lot was at stake at the Dao Manifestation realm. It determined a lot of their future achievements to a large extent.

    Therefore, they would typically spend a century or two consolidating their foundations and meditating over the laws before they stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm, accepting the sentence of the law!

    However, if they stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm too late, it would be a waste of potential even if the quality of the Dao fruit was increased. This was truly a hard for one to resolutely make the choice!

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