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Chapter 919: Bearing Witness

    Chapter 919: Bearing Witness

    By walking into the pavilion, Luo Huo’er was in the same pavilion as Princess White Fox. With two blessed daughters of heaven in the same pavilion, even disciples from other pavilions could not help but look towards their pavillion.

    “Brother, Your Highness Third Prince, Princess Xue’er.” Luo Huo’er was elegant as she said this with a slight bow.

    Seeing Luo Huo’er being so graceful and engaging in such proper etiquette, Yi Yun was feeling somewhat speechless watching this from behind. She was clearly here to stir shit, yet she remained so polite.

    The corners of Bai Yueqing’s mouth twitched. He silently placed his teacup down. Back at the White Fox clan’s trials, Luo Huo’er’s mischief had completely battered the White Fox clan geniuses silly. That truly made Bai Yueqing witness how powerful the little demoness was.

    Sweeping his gaze behind Luo Huo’er, Bai Yueqing noticed Yi Yun and that made him even more upset.

    “Princess Purple Spirit.” Princess White Fox nodded her head slightly at Luo Huo’er as a form of reciprocating respect.

    After that, she looked at Yi Yun and gently nodded.

    “Sister Purple Spirit, I invited you over to sit, but you didn’t come. Now, you have finally given me the honor.” Prince Crimson Firmament said nonchalantly.

    He obviously knew why Luo Huo’er was here. However, he still had complete disregard for Yi Yun, as though he did not even see him. At this moment, he was wearing luxurious clothing and he was sitting in a great state, with a regal air to him.

    Back when Yi Yun first met Prince Crimson Firmament, he found his aura unfathomable. Now, with his cultivation realm being higher and having grasped the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, Yi Yun could sense different things from Prince Crimson Firmament’s body when he looked at him.

    The space around Prince Crimson Firmament’s body was slightly distorted. His aura was sealed in this space, so when others looked at him for a slightly prolonged period of time, they would find their eyes beginning to swell up. His aura made people feel like it was just a black hole.

    “I was afraid to disturb Brother. However, Yi Yun, Princess Xue’er, and His Highness Third Prince all know each other, so I brought him here to meet you.”

    Luo Huo’er sat down, she turned her head to Yi Yun, and said, “Yi Yun, come over here and sit.”

    When this was said, the White Fox disciples in the pavilion immediately felt edgy.

    Most of the White Fox disciples in the pavilion had stayed behind for their clan’s trials. They had also heard of Yi Yun, but they did not recognize his face.

    Only when they heard Luo Huo’er call Yi Yun’s name out and how she wanted him to sit did they know that this young-looking man was Yi Yun.

    He was the one that once surpassed Princess White Fox by a tiny bit?

    Upon hearing Luo Huo’er’s words, Yi Yun did not refuse either. He adjusted his pale white robe that was made out of heaven silk before sitting down.

    Seeing Yi Yun sit together with all the princes and princesses, some of the White Fox disciples felt upset. Many of them came from stunning backgrounds, but they still had to stand in the pavilion. Even if they could sit, they could only sit at a lower level seat. How could they sit on the same table as Luo Huo’er?

    Furthermore, Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony, nor did he refuse. It felt as though it was only natural for him to share a table with the princes and princesses. Who the hell did he think he was?

    Bai Yueqing frowned slightly. Although sitting on the same table as Yi Yun made him uncomfortable, he did not speak a single word. As for Prince Crimson Firmament, he completely ignored this matter.

    “Your Highness Third Prince, do you still remember our bet?” Luo Huo’er asked with a grin.

    Bai Yueqing quietly opened his fan and said lightly, “Bet? I certainly remember it.”

    “It’s good that you remember it. Brother Crimson Firmament, why don’t you bear witness? Back then, the bet entailed that in the White Fox clan and Luo clan trials, the White Fox clan has to account for 60% of the results. If the Luo clan were to lose, I would stay behind in the White Fox clan for a year of travel. If the White Fox clan were to lose, Princess White Fox would have to stay behind in the Luo clan to travel a year, and I’ll assign a genius to accompany Princess White Fox in her tour. Wasn’t that so?”

    As Luo Huo’er spoke, she glanced at Prince Crimson Firmament. Yi Yun was rendered speechless while listening to her. He knew that Luo Huo’er was planning on ‘assigning’ him to princess White Fox. This was going to happen in front of Prince Crimson Firmament, while Prince Crimson Firmament was already gearing up to enter a marriage with Princess White Fox. No one knew what was on Prince Crimson Firmament’s mind.

    But at least from the surface, Prince Crimson Firmament did not seem unhappy at all.

    “This prince as witness? Sure. From this prince’s point of view, that tiny bet is nothing more than motivating the elites of both clans. Its goal has been reached. As for both the trials, this prince has a detailed understanding of them. Sister Purple Spirit, you were undoubtedly ranked first in the White Fox clan trials!”

    Prince Crimson Firmament said slowly, “As for the Luo Divine Hall trials, Princess White Fox was ranked first. Therefore, the first ranks on both sides are equally matched. As for the other disciples, the White Fox clan was indeed slightly better than our Luo clan’s younger elites… ”

    “Oh?” Luo Huo’er stared with her beautiful eyes at him, “Who did you say was first at the Luo Divine Hall trials?”

    “Princess Xue’er was first. This is the result that was eventually decided after the Luo Divine Hall trials ended. There’s nothing questionable about that, right!? Princess Xue’er eventually managed to clear the sixth level of the Fey Refining Rock array, killing the sixth Ancient Fey. As for the others, Yi Yun was the next highest having killed the fifth Ancient Fey. As for the others… Jian Zhu, the Shadow Twins, and Wufeng, they had managed to kill the fourth Ancient Fey.”

    “Other than the Fey Refining Rock array, there were trials that were related to bloodline. This was undoubtedly where Princess Xue’er was miles ahead. And from what I learned, Yi Yun did not even participate in the bloodline trials. Even if he had participated, with Yi Yun’s thin Fey race bloodline, he probably would not have much to show for it. He would be beneath the Shadow Twins.” Prince Crimson Firmament said very calmly.

    At this moment, he finally glanced at Yi Yun. It had a hint of derision in it.

    Without mentioning the Fey Refining Rock trial, Yi Yun had been absent for all the trials after that, staying inside the Primordial Space in reclusive cultivation. When Prince Crimson Firmament knew about this, he found it amusing.

    The Luo Divine Hall was filled with treasures everywhere. Countless disciples yearned to enter the Luo Divine Hall so as they could enjoy the resources inside, but Yi Yun abandoned all of these resources, all for a Primordial Space.

    The Primordial Space was indeed a great opportunity, but seven years of meditation was not enough. He even meditated for eighteen years.

    Didn’t he know that a true expert was not created through reclusion? It needed constant actual combat, experiencing life and death battles. Only then could one increase one’s strength through battle, eventually become a member of the generation’s strong people!

    But thankfully, Yi Yun was dumb, giving him an excuse. The final results that the Luo Divine Hall trials produced did not rank Yi Yun. This was because Yi Yun was absent in too many of the trials, so it was impossible for him to be ranked.

    It was finally recognized in the rankings that Princess White Fox was first in the trial.

    If not, to let Yi Yun really accompany Princess White Fox to tour the Luo clan? How could he salvage his reputation as an heir to the throne? If Princess White Fox were to one day become the Luo clan’s Empress, wouldn’t this matter make him the laughing stock of the world?

    Prince Crimson Firmament’s words made Luo Huo’er’s eyebrows prick up.

    “So that’s the case. I was wondering why Brother Crimson Firmament was sitting so stably. So you’ve already thought of an excuse, and would rather die than admit it?” Luo Huo’er derided him ruthlessly.

    She was enemies with Prince Crimson Firmament to begin with, so she didn’t care.

    “What did this prince say wrong?” Prince Crimson Firmament sipped a mouthful of tea and slowly said, “Strength does not exist in talk, it exists in actual validation. I saw the scenes of Yi Yun battling the fifth Ancient Fey. He was using a mystic technique to defeat the fifth Ancient Fey. He clearly was only able to use the mystic technique once. After defeating the fifth Ancient Fey, how was he going to battle the sixth Ancient Fey?”

    “As for Princess Xue’er, she had used her true abilities to slay the fifth Ancient Fey. She did not use any mystic techniques. Princess Xue’er surpasses Yi Yun in every way, other than that special mystic technique. She experienced the trials in the Luo Divine Hall for eleven years before being able to slay the sixth Ancient Fey. Furthermore, she still had energy left after the slaying! That is the difference!”

    “I’ll not talk about the difference in the Fey Refining Rock array and talk about the bloodline trials. Yi Yun was absent, and if he truly participated, would his tiny bit of bloodline be qualified to compare with Princess White Fox?”

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