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Chapter 920: Chu Yunjian

    Chapter 920: Chu Yunjian

    Prince Crimson Firmament was clearly refusing to agree that Luo Huo’er had won.

    Although everyone knew this, what he said was something that many of the White Fox disciple agreed with. Even if bloodline was not mentioned, just based on strength alone, Yi Yun lacked the advantage. Yi Yun had used a mystic technique to defeat the fifth Ancient Fey. It was not Yi Yun being powerful, but the mystic technique being powerful.

    As for Princess White Fox, she had used her own abilities to slay the sixth Ancient Fey.

    Offensive mystic techniques had wondrous effects, but they were like weapons. They were considered to be foreign objects. At an even higher realm, there was even a need for change. What truly was powerful was a warrior’s nomological insight and their cultivation realm.

    “Princess, let’s go. There’s nothing to dispute about this.” Yi Yun said to Luo Huo’er.

    He did not care about the outcome. So what if his strength was recognized by the White Fox clan or not?

    As for accompanying Princess White Fox on her tour, that was something that he was even more disinterested in. Lin Xintong had yet to be found. The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven was extremely expansive. He did not even know how or where to start finding her, so how could he accompany a female stranger, who he did not have much of a friendship with, on her travels? This was just a maleficent plan of Luo Huo’er.

    Luo Huo’er grunted. Prince Crimson Firmament’s high and mighty appearance compelled her to give him a merciless punch in the face.

    “Little Yun! I say, when you participated in the trial, why the heck did you keep a low profile for? At the end, you should have come out and had a go at the Fey Refining Rock array. By doing so, what can they still say!?” Luo Huo’er transmitted her voice unhappily.

    Yi Yun lightly said, “It’s meaningless if they see it or not. One’s Strength is one’s own.”

    After saying that, Yi Yun stood up.

    Seeing that Yi Yun was about to leave, there was no reason for Luo Huo’er to stay any longer. She unhappily stood up.

    “Why? Are you leaving just like that? Why don’t you stay behind for some tea?” Prince Crimson Firmament said with a faint smile, his demeanor looking laid-back and complacent.

    Bai Yueqing laughed out loud as well. He opened his fan again and he slowly flapped it.

    “If one doesn’t want to stay, staying behind to drink tea would feel make one feel uneasy. This prince won’t be sending you off, so help yourselves.” Bai Yueqing said.

    Again, it was a fluttery sentence that entered Yi Yun’s ears.

    “Yi Yun, I know you verbally say it as if you don’t care, but you actually feel indignant in your heart. Do not think that it’s something impressive defeating the fifth Ancient Fey with a mystic technique. A mystic technique is not a law after all. It’s just from a mystic manual, a move only. After you step into the Dao Manifestation realm, your laws can be condensed into Dao fruits, but mystic techniques can’t.”

    “The Dao Manifestation largely determines your future success. If the Dao fruit that you condense is lacking in quality, so what if your mystic technique is powerful? Xue’er had attained Dao Domain during the first seven years of the Luo Divine Hall trials. Can you?” Bai Yueqing said those words softly, but it could be heard from afar.

    Many people could not help but agree with them when they heard this.

    Indeed, a mystic technique could not condense a Dao fruit. It was not very helpful for a warrior’s foundation. It could only increase one’s combat power.

    “Hmph, how do you know that the Dao fruits that Yi Yun will condense will be poor in quality? Bai Yueqing, be careful of what you say, for they might smack you right back in the face.” Before Yi Yun even said anything, Luo Huo’er had spoken first.

    Bai Yueqing chuckled and said, “Princess Purple Spirit, you seem unconvinced. This isn’t only just my view. I was just discussing with someone what would happen when the both of you step into the Dao Manifestation realm… ”

    As Bai Yueqing spoke, he glanced at a pavilion nearby.

    Not far away, there was a small ivory-colored pavilion. It was much smaller than the pavilion where Bai Yueqing and Prince Crimson Firmament were sitting.

    Yi Yun glanced in that direction and he saw two people sitting in the pavilion.

    One of them was in black clothes, with his back facing Yi Yun. As for the other person, he was dressed in fox fur, with a pair of swords, one long and one short, beside him.

    The person wearing fox fur had delicate looks. His bright eyes had a life to them. He was sitting there drinking wine, as though he was integrated with the surroundings.

    These two people, especially the man in the fox fur facing him, caught Yi Yun’s attention.

    “It’s Chu Yunjian… ” Luo Huo’er’s eyebrows pricked.

    “Oh? Is he very famous?”

    “Sort of.” Luo Huo’er nodded. “He used to be a itinerant cultivator before settling down in the White Fox clan, becoming a White Fox disciple. He had participated in the previous White Fox trials. As for this time, as his age had exceeded a hundred years old, he could not participate in it again.”

    “Chu Yunjian stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm a few years ago. He condensed a four-leaf Dao fruit and two seven-leaf Dao fruits.”

    “Three Dao fruit?” Yi Yun was slightly surprised. Three Dao fruits was indeed quite a lot. However, having one four-leaf and two seven-leaf Dao fruits did not seem to be up to the standard of a worldly genius…

    Luo Huo’er could tell what was on Yi Yun’s mind as she said, “A seven-leaf Dao fruit is already pretty powerful. Furthermore, the crux of the matter was that the seven-leaf Dao fruits that Chu Yunjian condensed were extraordinary!”

    “The four-leaf Dao fruit was a condensation of Sword Dao, as for the other two seven-leaf Dao fruits, they were both Great Dao — one a condensation of time, and the other a condensation of space. By gaining insights into both space-time laws, he had managed to condense two seven-leaf Dao fruits at the age of a hundred. That’s already very amazing.”

    “Space-time laws together with Sword Dao, so Chu Yunjian’s strength is rather terrifying. If he were ten years younger, he would have been in time for the recent Luo Divine Hall trials. Yi Yun, you would have had another strong opponent.”

    “Dao of space-time with Sword Dao?”

    Yi Yun was taken aback momentarily. Space-time was born along with the formation of the universe. It was just like Yin and Yang. They were the Great Dao amongst the Great Dao. They were much harder compared to the Dao of the five elements — Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth — or the Creation Dao —Wind, Rain, Lightning. After comprehending them, a warrior’s strength would also be even stronger!

    Comparing the same seven-leaf Dao fruit, a fire-elemental seven-leaf Dao fruit was naturally inferior to space and time seven-leaf Dao fruits.

    As for Sword Dao, although it was inferior to the Dao of space and time, it was not a lowly Dao either. With a sword, one could wield a Divine Lord Royal Seal, becoming a Divine Lord. There were many such instances in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. For example, the Azure Yang Lord was one of them.

    At this moment, Luo Huo’er added on, “Chu Yunjian’s status in the White Fox clan is extraordinary, so Bai Yueqing views him as a high level guest. Not only is he very strong, his eyes are sharp as well. He must have evaluated you just now, but who knows how he evaluated you… ”

    Luo Huo’er was somewhat concerned about this. She did not see the process of Yi Yun’s Luo Divine Hall trials. As for the effects of Yi Yun’s reclusive retreat, she did not know either.

    Although she had an inexplicable sense of confidence when it came to Yi Yun, she was still curious about how a keen-eyed person like Chu Yunjian would evaluate Yi Yun.

    “I do not need others to evaluate me.”

    Yi Yun shook his head. During Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er’s conversation, Chu Yunjian was constantly drinking wine with the person across him. He did not even glance at Yi Yun, as though whatever was happening around him did not concern him.

    This was not arrogance, but a swordsman that was dedicated to martial arts. He paid no attention and he was indifferent to everything that happened around him.

    To them, all they needed was having a sword in the heart and laws.

    Just as Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er were conversing, the door to the Luo clan’s royal palace slowly opened.

    A majestic and luxurious aura emanated as Yi Yun looked at the slowly opening palace doors. He did not know why so many powerful factions were gathered at the royal palace and as to what had happened. But now, there was most likely an outcome.

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