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Chapter 922: Felicitous Rain Lord

    Chapter 922: Felicitous Rain Lord

    Sitting in the hall, Yi Yun could sense Emperor Luo’s commanding gaze sweep across all of them.

    “In order to resist the Fey Phantasm Sect, all of our factions will form an alliance from today henceforth! The various Fey empire’s strength will be united so we can fight against the Fey Phantasm Sect.” Emperor Luo said.

    With the Fey Phantasm Sect’s forces growing stronger, the number of factions that were threatened by the Fey Phantasm Sect would increase as well. Now, the Fey Phantasm Sect was making a comeback, and the Fey Phantasm Sect had a Divine Lord in it. If these factions did not form an alliance, they would probably be destroyed one after another.

    However, could an alliance alone gain victory over the Fey Phantasm Sect?

    “The various Fey empires have reclusive Elders and hidden techniques. It is no different for our Luo clan. It won’t be so easy for us to be taken down.” Luo Huo’er’s voice transmission echoed in Yi Yun’s ears.

    However, she had a rare sense of seriousness in her expression.

    Back then, the Fey Phantasm Sect did not have a Divine Lord and the Luo clan nearly suffered annihilation. This time…

    Emperor Luo continued, “After the alliance is established, the Cloud Trail Empire will offer an ancient array formation, named the Ten Thousand Fey God-slaying Array. This array is no trifling matter. Back in ancient times, it is said that more than ten thousand mighty figures of the Fey race in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven formed this large formation to slay the Ancestor Gods. That was how the array got its name. The Cloud Trail Empire has obtained it, but even though it is just a replica of the Ten Thousand Fey God-slaying Array created in ancient times, it is still extremely impressive!” Emperor Luo said, “This Ten Thousand Fey God-slaying Array replica will have a Divine Lord at its core, with other positions allocated to Supremacies to preside over it. The entire array will have more than ten thousand people powering it.”

    Divine Lord?

    Upon hearing Emperor Luo’s words, the crowd was stunned. When did their alliance have a Divine Lord!?

    Be it the Luo clan or the White Fox clan, none of them had Divine Lords. If there was a Divine Lord holding down the situation, there would probably be no fear of the Fey Phantasm Sect.

    Emperor Luo continued, “The activation of the Ten Thousand Fey God-slaying Array is extremely draining on the people presiding over it, so it will be the last measure against Ji Wuhen, used only as a last resort. It’s one of the means that will not be used unless its necessary.”

    Having the Ten Thousand Fey God-slaying Array as a trump card, it made most of the disciples present heave a sigh of relief. Even without a Divine Lord, it was most likely still possible to barely use the array formation?

    However, would a castrated array formation that lacked a Divine Lord presiding over it truly be able to withstand the Fey Phantasm Sect?

    However, Emperor Luo had mentioned just one of their means, so there was likely other corresponding solutions.

    The lofty important figures had discussed it behind closed doors, so it was unlikely that they would reveal everything to these disciples.

    “This array formation also requires a large number of Dao Manifestation and Heaven Ascension realm warriors. In the future, you might be selected to partake in this array formation.” Emperor Luo said.

    Selected to partake in the array formation?

    Being able to fight alongside Supremacies and these mighty figures was an absolutely perfect opportunity for many people present.

    And with danger at hand, they had to rise up as warriors. Many disciples could not help but reveal a look of anticipation.

    Yi Yun was silent. It was most likely very dangerous for lower-level disciples to participate in combat at that level. However, with him now being a member of the Luo clan, there was no way for him to avoid it. If he wanted to ensure his well-being during the war, he had to quickly improve his strength.

    “There is another matter to be announced.” Emperor Luo switched gears and looked at someone from the Oracle Fey Empire. “Brother Tianfeng, why don’t you tell us about it?”

    Emperor Luo’s extremely polite tone surprised Yi Yun slightly. The people that came from the various factions were only ambassadors. None of the sovereigns themselves came.

    Emperor Luo’s status was arguably the highest, but now, with Emperor Luo addressing the person as ’Brother Tianfeng’, it was apparent that something was different. Furthermore, the person’s position in the hall was most prominent, with him being just beside Emperor Luo.

    “Alright.” Yu Tianfeng tersely responded and he had a harsh expression. His gaze swept across everyone as he calmly said, “Most of you probably know that the person truly presiding over my Oracle Fey Empire is the Oracle Imperial Patriarch. In his youth, Imperial Patriarch toured the world and he had the privilege to befriend a Divine Lord. Back then, the esteemed Divine Lord’s strength was similar to Imperial Patriarch’s, and through the machinations of fate, the esteemed Divine Lord owed a favor to Imperial Patriarch. After he became a Divine Lord, he remembered this favor and he promised to help out when the Oracle Fey Empire is ever in danger but only once!”

    “Most of you should have heard of this Divine Lord’s title. He is Felicitous Rain Lord.”

    Just as Yu Tianfeng’s voice faded, the young disciples present were left stunned.

    A Divine Lord was indebted to the Imperial Patriarch of the Oracle Fey Empire?

    This was no trifling matter!

    At the cultivation level of a Divine Lord, it was atypical to be indebted to others as it tainted their karma. If a Divine Lord were to help the Oracle Fey Empire, the position that the Oracle Fey Empire enjoyed in the alliance would be completely different. It was no wonder that Emperor Luo was so courteous to Yu Tianfeng, who was just an ambassador!

    “Felicitous Rain Lord?” Yi Yun asked with a voice transmission.

    Luo Huo’er answered, “Felicitous Rain Lord is a rather young Divine Lord in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. He became a Divine Lord tens of thousands of years ago. The sect that he was in was destroyed before he attained the rank of Divine Lord. Now, he is touring the cosmos and he does not belong to any faction. He is a wandering Divine Lord, but it is precisely because of this that his fame is exuded.”

    Yi Yun nodded. He had seen the Azure Yang Lord’s memories, and the Azure Yang Lord had also established an empire.

    By running a faction, it was more convenient for one’s cultivation. It also allowed one to acquire more power. A wandering Divine Lord sounded free, but by being a lone person, it was easier for others to challenge them.

    “After Felicitous Rain Lord became a Divine Lord, he was constantly challenged, but it has reduced a lot in recent years. The reason is none other than those who challenged him never returned.” Luo Huo’er said.

    Yi Yun’s questions were clarified. A Divine Lord, especially one that was reigning high, allowed the Oracle Fey Empire to ascend higher than the other factions in the alliance because of his debt. It made the Oracle Fey Empire a supernatural existence in the alliance.

    It could even be said that the entire alliance would be led by the Oracle Fey Empire. These ambassadors that had gathered in the Luo clan royal capital were not here to negotiate the matters of the alliance with Emperor Luo, but they were mainly responsible for the passing of messages.

    With the threat of the Fey Phantasm Sect, Emperor Luo would not refuse any condition unless they were too punitive.

    When Yi Yun understood this point, he finally understood why Yu Tianfeng sounded so proud.

    Just being the receiver of a debt of a Divine Lord gave them such value, so if it was the Divine Lord himself…

    Upon thinking about this, Yi Yun felt extremely wistful. The 12 Empyrean Heavens was a world where strength was supreme. Becoming a Divine Lord was extremely glorious in the 12 Empyrean Heavens!

    At this moment, Yu Tianfeng added, “This is not the only news regarding Felicitous Rain Lord. What shall follow is information that has much to do with all of you!”

    When Yu Tianfeng said this, everyone pricked up their ears. Has much to do with them?

    “Felicitous Rain Lord has been touring my Oracle Fey Empire recently. When Felicitous Rain Lord met Imperial Patriarch, he mentioned his intentions of taking in a disciple. Felicitous Rain Lord might choose one disciple from our alliance! The Imperial Patriarch ordered us to inform you all of the intentions of Felicitous Rain Lord. This is a great opportunity for all of you.” Yu Tianfeng said this sentence rather grudgingly.

    He actually felt that Felicitous Rain Lord could have chosen a disciple from the Oracle Fey Empire itself. As the saying went, keep the benefits within the family, but Felicitous Rain Lord insisted on spreading a wider net for his selection.

    When the young elites present heard this news, it was as though a burning meteorite had hit a calm water surface!

    A Divine Lord was accepting a disciple!?

    Many disciples immediately turned excited!

    What did it mean to become a disciple of a Divine Lord?

    As long as one became the disciple of a Divine Lord, that was truly a single leap into success! Regardless if you were a Supremacy’s disciple or an heir to the throne, they were nothing comparable. And as for the lesser status of being a disciple of a large family clan, they were equivalent to shit in front of of a Divine Lord’s disciple.

    Without a doubt, as long as they became a disciple of a Divine Lord, they would become the best amongst the younger generation of all the factions present. Even the emperor of the faction that the person resided in had to treat the Divine Lord’s disciple politely as a guest.

    A Divine Lord controlled a great deal of resources. Even a tiny bit that leaked out of his fingers would benefit them all their lives!

    Even Yi Yun was tempted. There were too many benefits to becoming a Divine Lord’s disciple. Even the Fey Phantasm Sect probably did not dare to kill a Divine Lord’s disciple without any thought.

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