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Chapter 924: Heavenly Slaughter Array

    Chapter 924: Heavenly Slaughter Array

    The Luo clan’s royal palace covered an extremely expansive area. And in this wide area, the palaces and buildings only took up an extremely tiny portion of that area. Behind the royal palace, there was a wide expanse dotted with immortal mountains and spiritual grounds.

    These immortal mountains was where Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered. It was a perfect place for cultivation.

    “This is the back of the Luo clan’s royal palace. Here, there are a hundred thousand immortal mountains. The deeper you go, the richer the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is, but the more restricted the area is as well. In the deepest depths, even Mother lacks the authority to enter.” Luo Huo’er accompanied Yi Yun as she said along the way.

    “Oh?” Yi Yun was taken aback. “A restricted zone that even Her Majesty isn’t allowed in?”

    Luo Huo’er nodded and said, “Yes, the Luo clan royal palace itself is atop a land with the clan’s greatest spirit root. And it is because of this spirit root that this place was designated as a site for the royal palace.”

    “Behind the royal palace, there are three Luo clan Supremacies in reclusion. One of them is the true person in power of the Luo clan — Third Empyrean Granduncle. He has been in reclusion for a hundred thousand years. During this period, only Father can communicate with him.”

    The Third Empyrean Uncle!

    Yi Yun exhaled lightly. He obviously knew about the Third Empyrean Uncle being the person who enjoyed the highest status in the Luo clan.

    The emperor of the Luo clan could be changed. Be it Luo Huo’er or Prince Crimson Firmament, it would not deal much of an impact to the Luo clan as the Third Empyrean Uncle was the figure that represented the Luo clan’s soul.

    The Third Empyrean Uncle did not clearly indicate any support for any of the heirs to the throne. If he were to make any indication, there was no need for Prince Crimson Firmament and Luo Huo’er vie for it.

    Luo Huo’er took Yi Yun deep into the expanse behind of the royal palace before stopping in front of a canyon.

    On the side of the canyon, there were Luo clan royal palace guards guarding the area. After Luo Huo’er flashed a token, the guards knelt down in respect, allowing Yi Yun to enter the canyon.

    This was where the Luo clan’s Heavenly Slaughter Array was located.

    The Heavenly Slaughter Array could simulate a Shura battlefield. Constant battles would happen upon entering the Heavenly Slaughter Array. Through battle, one’s combat will was honed while pushing them to their limit.

    Although the Heavenly Slaughter Array was partially an illusionary array, the battle process was completely realistic. This was because the opponents that appeared in the Heavenly Slaughter Array were not simple illusions, they were true existences.

    Luo Huo’er said, “Decades ago, the war between the Luo clan and the Fey Phantasm Sect allowed the Heavenly Slaughter Array to become richer. Many of the fiends of the Fey Phantasm Sect, be they young or old, were captured alive after they lost their ability to fight. Their souls were refined into the Heavenly Slaughter Array, becoming corpse puppets of the Heavenly Slaughter Array!”

    “Little Yun, when you enter the Heavenly Slaughter Array, you will be able to fight those fiends of the Fey Phantasm Sect!”

    When Luo Huo’er made this remark, her eyes revealed a rare coldness.

    Although it was not considered to be merciful to refine a live person into the Heavenly Slaughter Array, it was a war that determined the survival of a clan, so how could they show kindness to the enemy? They had to be cruel when needed.

    Refining the fiends of the Fey Phantasm Sect into the Heavenly Slaughter Array was a pretty wise choice. It allowed the Luo clan disciples to experience a simulated battle with strong Fey Phantasm Sect members during their cultivation. It would also prevent them from being caught unprepared on the battlefield.

    Yi Yun never expected to be able to witness the strong Fey Phantasm Sect members so soon. This filled his heart anticipation. The Fey Phantasm Sect’s cultivation methods were different to the Luo clan’s.

    By being able to see the different cultivation methods and combat styles of the world was extremely beneficial for Yi Yun.

    The array flashed as Yi Yun stepped into the it…


    In the bustling Luo clan royal capital, there was a street named Luo Water Street. The street was not straight and it was filled with bends like a meandering river. This gave it its name.

    Luo Water Street was flourishing and it could be said that every inch of ground here was worth its weight in gold. A small shop that was ten square feet in size was worth more than ten thousand World Stones.

    Beside the entrance of Luo Water Street stood a restaurant that was famous in the entire Luo clan royal capital. Its name was Luo Water Restaurant, and it did not allow entry to typical patrons. Just wealth enough was insufficient, one needed sufficient status as well.

    The prices in Luo Water Restaurant were extremely high, and for the lounge on the seventh level, it was only given to the most important patrons. A simple dish would be worth more than a thousand World Stones. People who could sit here to dine were typically members of large family clans or even princes and princesses.

    At this moment, on the seventh level of Luo Water Restaurant, there was a table filled with spiritual food made out of the most valuable ingredients as well as ambrosia that contained the richest Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

    “For Felicitous Rain Lord to take in a disciple, it is truly an extraordinarily grand occasion. It was just him revealing a tiny bit of his intentions without affirming it, yet it has stirred the entire alliance. It seems there were many geniuses from everywhere coming to the Luo clan royal capital over the past few days. They probably do not wish to miss this grand event.”

    The person who spoke was holding a wine glass in his hand that swirled with wine. He was dressed lavishly in a yellow robe. If Yi Yun were here, he would recognize him to be Prince Pingnan, who had recommended Yi Yun to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials!

    Although Prince Pingnan was not Empress Xuan’s son, he was one of her cadres. In order to help Luo Huo’er gather geniuses to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials, he had gone through a great hassle. Having recruited Yi Yun, Empress Xuan had rewarded Prince Pingnan greatly.

    Beside Prince Pingnan were a few people. According to their pecking order, their statuses surpassed Prince Pingnan. One of them was Supremacy Gulan’s disciple, Jian Zhu as well as the White Fox clan genius, Wufeng.

    In the warrior’s world, strength determined the pecking order. Although he was a prince, he was inferior to Jian Zhu and Wufeng because his strength was only average.

    “They are here just to join in the fun. If they were told that they could become disciples of a Divine Lord, they might not even believe it themselves.” Wufeng shook his head. “From my point of view, the most promising ones below a hundred years old are Princess Purple Spirit, Princess Xue’er, and if another is to be added, it would be Yi Yun. But between a hundred to three hundred years old, there are a lot more. For example, Chu Yunjian, Lin Xuanji… However, these are only people from the Luo and White Fox clans. The other large clans do not lack people either. I wonder what the chances of us winning are.”

    Wufeng estimated that a Divine Lord would not accept someone more than three hundred years old as a disciple. The older one was, the more of their nomological cultivation was in place, so it was harder to nurture them.

    “Princess Xue’er and Princess Purple Spirit? Interesting, but unfortunately, the chances of you winning is probably close to zero.” Suddenly, the fluttering voice of a woman with a teasing hint echoed.

    Jian Zhu, Wufeng and the people at the table turned their heads around. They saw four people sitting on a table not far from them.

    The person on the left was a beauty with malt-colored skin. Her voluptuous figure gave her a wild nature.

    On the right was a bare-chested, muscular man, but his muscles were covered in scars. His weapon was extremely special. It was a pole axe.

    And in between the two sat an ordinary-looking young man wearing azure-colored clothes.

    In a warrior’s world, due to Yuan Qi nourishing one’s body, it resulted in plenty of handsome men and beautiful women. This young man was considered out of the ordinary. Although he looked ordinary, his eyes were extremely sharp. Furthermore, his pupils were red, as though they were two red clouds floating in the sky.

    Beside the azure-clothed young man sat an old man. He wore a bamboo hat and he was covered in a cloak. He looked sinister and mysterious. There was a table of dishes placed in front of him, but the bowl and eating utensils in front of him were untouched, as though he did not even touch any of the food.

    The female voice was the enchantress with malt-colored skin.

    However, the enchanting woman was most likely a subordinate in this group of people. The person who was the leader was the ordinary-looking young man with red cloud-like pupils.

    “Who are you?” Wufeng asked with a frown. He was an admirer of Princess Xue’er. The frivolous comment had incurred the wrath of Wufeng. He did not tolerate others to mention Princess Xue’er in a dismissive manner.

    “I’m Chi Zhuiyun 1, from the Oracle Fey Empire.” The man with the red pupils said with a calm voice, but it carried a sharpness of a sword that penetrated straight to the eardrums.

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    1. Literally means Crimson Chasing Clouds

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