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Chapter 925: Chi Zhuiyun

    Chapter 925: Chi Zhuiyun

    “Chi Zhuiyun? Oracle Fey Empire!?”

    The people present did not have much of an impression regarding Chi Zhuiyun’s name when they heard it. After all, the Oracle Fey Empire and the Luo clan were far apart geographically. Before the advent of the Fey Phantasm Sect, the two powers did not interact much. They would know the names of the Supremacies on each side and other general information, but they did not know anything about the younger talents.

    “Who is Chi Zhuiyun? I’ve never heard of him!” A White Fox disciple who idolized Princess Xue’er sneered.

    So what if he was an Oracle Fey Empire’s genius? Be it the Luo clan or the White Fox clan, neither of them were inferior to the Oracle Fey Empire. How dare an ordinary genius of the Oracle Fey Empire belittle the flawless Princess Xue’er? Did he think that he was a paragon of excellence?

    Chi Zhuiyun was unperturbed by the young disciple’s disdain for him. He only said slowly, “It’s alright even if you have never heard of it. All of you will soon remember my name.”

    Chi Zhuiyun said these words with extreme confidence, but they were said in such a calm manner, as though he was not flaunting himself, but merely stating a fact.

    Jian Zhu narrowed his eyes. He could tell that Chi Zhuiyun’s cultivation realm was extremely terrifying, but he could not tell the how terrifying it was.

    He exchanged glances with Wufeng. Wufeng remained silent, but he agreed with Jian Zhu’s judgment.

    Upon hearing Chi Zhuiyun’s words, the White Fox disciple that had previously spoken said scornfully, “Remember your name? Hmph! Ever since Felicitous Rain Lord revealed his intention of taking in a disciple, all sorts of cats and dogs have jumped out, believing about their magnificence. Do you think that I do not know that Felicitous Rain Lord is in the Oracle Fey Empire? Aren’t you also from the Oracle Fey Empire? If you were that good, is there a need for you to come to the Luo clan? You could have just stayed in the Oracle Fey Empire. Even if you didn’t get selected as a Divine Lord’s disciple, you should have participated in the selection. You were eliminated early on and you are coming here to the Luo clan to find some sense of existentialism!”

    The White Fox disciple was extremely vicious with his words. Since Felicitous Rain Lord was in the Oracle Fey Empire, why didn’t he stay in the Oracle Fey Empire if he were so confident? Why did he come to the Luo clan?

    And what he said infuriated the group from the Oracle Fey Empire.

    Chi Zhuiyun did not say a word, but the man sitting beside him who was covered in scars, suddenly threw out a punch!


    Violent energies burst out of his fist. This punch stirred up a storm that swept through the seventh level of the Luo Water Restaurant!

    The tables and cutlery in the seventh level were embroiled by the storm, but strangely, the storm left them unscathed. It was like the tables and chairs were in an alternate dimension, isolating them. However, the White Fox disciple who was targeted by the core of the storm could clearly feel an intense pressure. He was like a leaf in the middle of a terrifying storm, one that could be torn apart at any time.

    There was no way for him to defend himself!

    The White Fox disciple felt a deep sense of helplessness. All of his Yuan Qi had been sealed, preventing him from using any of his strength.

    “Make way!”

    At this moment, a shout resounded in the dazed White Fox disciple’s ears. Wufeng had made a move!

    Wufeng was appalled at the moment. The scarred man looked burly, so he was a strength-based warrior most likely, but the precise control that he had exhibited was staggering.


    A heavy sword slashed out, tearing the storm apart! A dense sword beam shot forward, flying at the scarred man’s face!

    But under the wanton assailment of the storm, the sword beam weakened as it progressed. It was constantly enervated to the point of being like a gentle breeze when it reached the scarred man, ruffling his hair.


    The sword beam and the storm vanished simultaneously, turning into nothingness. The tables, cutlery and dishes remained untouched, as though the killing intent and the explosion had never existed to begin with.

    This was a manifestation of Wufeng and the scarred man’s precise energy control. However, the scarred man was unarmed, but Wufeng had already used his sword!

    Wufeng had a heavy expression. The scarred man was extremely strong, one that he would have difficulty handling.

    At this moment, the scarred man chuckled and he grabbed the pole ax that was hanging on his back!

    To use a weapon like a pole ax in a restaurant showed the absolute confidence that the scarred man had in controlling it.

    Although he knew that the scarred man was redoubtable, Wufeng could not weaken his stance at this moment in time. It was tied to the White Fox clan’s honor.

    Wufeng stood up with his heavy sword in hand. At this moment, his shoulder was held by Jian Zhu. “Let me do it.”

    Jian Zhu was much stronger than Wufeng!

    He had already sensed that Wufeng was probably not the scarred man’s match. Although Wufeng had seemingly controlled his energy through the slash of his sword perfectly, he was actually inferior to the scarred man. If this battle continued on, Wufeng was bound to lose.

    Even Jian Zhu himself did not have the confidence of beating the other party.

    Furthermore, this was only the scarred man. Chi Zhuiyun was still sitting down and drinking wine.

    The difference was already apparent. Chi Zhuiyun was much more terrifying than he had imagined, someone that he was absolutely unable to handle.

    Seeing Jian Zhu stand up, the elder beside Chi Zhuiyun leaned over and whispered a few words in his ear.

    Chi Zhuiyun’s sword-like eyebrows pricked up, “Oh? Supremacy Gulan’s disciple?”

    Chi Zhuiyun glanced at Jian Zhu and said with a laugh, “So you are Jian Zhu. Before I left to come to the Luo clan, my housekeeper had given me a list of the geniuses in the White Fox clan and Luo clan. You should be honored to be listed on the list.”

    “Actually, I do not care who is on the list, but with a list, it will save me a lot of trouble. At least I would not need to find an opponent one after another. But now, it seems like the people on the name list are only average, just like you. It is slightly disappointing for me. Luo Sha is more than sufficient to defeat you.”

    The Luo Sha that Chi Zhuiyun mentioned was the scarred man beside him.

    As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, pride flashed across the scarred man’s face. Clearly, he disparaged Jian Zhu.

    Jian Zhu’s face sank. He was a calm person and he did not enjoy the thirst of prevailing over others. But today, he was suppressing the angry pangs of fire in his heart as well.

    “No match? Then let me learn from this!”

    “Hahaha! You are free to pick the venue. Here, or the arena!” Luo Sha said with a guffaw.

    “Just here, take this!”

    Jian Zhu attacked with his sword. He was the strongest person among the White Fox clan and Luo clan disciples that were sitting here. If he could not even beat Luo Sha, he would be too embarrassed to continue sitting here today.

    Jian Zhu used all his strength with that strike. And at this moment, Luo Sha brandished the pole ax and he cleaved it forward, as though he was collapsing a mountain. Such power made it feel like the restaurant was about to collapse!

    The pole ax shimmered with a sanguine halo. On the long pole of the pole ax, a coiling blood snake materialized, cleaving heavily onto Jian Zhu’s sword.

    In a head-on clash between a sword and an ax, it would appear as though the sword was at a disadvantage, but Jian Zhu’s sword beam was extremely sharp. He tapped thrice with his sword, splitting Luo Sha’s coiling blood snake on his pole ax apart with three swords beams, piercing straight towards Luo Sha’s throat!

    Seeing the sword beams about to reach him, Luo Sha suddenly stretched his hand out and made a grabbing gesture with his fist.


    The sword beam directly shattered, and maintaining the momentum, Luo Sha punched at Jian Zhu!


    Jian Zhu’s expression changed. He had never expected his opponent’s fist to be so hard, to the point of resisting the sword beam. His guess from before wasn’t wrong. His opponent was an extremely accomplished master when it came to physique cultivation.

    Jian Zhu slashed once more, augmenting the sword momentum that clashed with Luo Sha head on.


    The continuous fighting evoked a violent explosion. But under the two people’s restraint, the explosive energy that had nowhere to go seemed to have eyes as it blasted out of the seventh floor’s windows, turning into a massive light pillar that shot into the void!

    Countless people on the bustling Luo Water Street saw this scene. The light pillar was like a radiant sun beam that was miles wide and shot towards the sky. People realized that there was a huge battle happening in Luo Water Restaurant!

    Who were the ones fighting?

    This was the Luo Water Restaurant, yet they were fighting inside?

    People were curious, but the seventh level of the Luo Water Restaurant was not a place that they were qualified to enter.


    Seven pieces of cutlery shattered above the table in front of Jian Zhu!

    Three plates were cleaved in half. The cuts were straight and smooth, as though they had been measured by a ruler.

    As for the other bowls and plates, they completely turned to dust, splashing the food onto the table.

    The energy control of the duo was still in no way perfect.

    Although it could be said that this was a combination of Jian Zhu and Luo Sha’s attacks, the shattered plates were on Jian Zhu’s table, while everything was fine on his opponent’s side.

    In the previous foray, Jian Zhu was at a complete disadvantage!

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