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Chapter 928: Chuyun’s Battle

    Chapter 928: Chuyun’s Battle


    Accompanying resonating sounds that gave one a chill, the black worms flew out of the Fey Phantasm Sect elder’s body like a black storm and flew straight at Yi Yun.

    There were thousands of worms, and it was unclear how they were stored in the Fey Phantasm Sect elder’s thin frame.

    “Thousand Snow Domain!”

    With a thought, 999 flying sabers materialized around him. The saber array clashed with the black worms as swaths of black worms were sliced apart by the flying sabers.

    In the Heavenly Slaughter Array, the flying sabers used by Yi Yun were standard issue weapons of the Luo clan, not the original Thousand Snow flying sabers. Therefore, when they were stained by the worms’ blood, they lost a lot of their agility, as they showed signs of being corroded.


    With another thought, a three-legged Golden Crow flew out from behind him. The power of pure Yang surged into his sword which he slashed out. A burning inferno befell as though the sun was descending, burning the worms to a crisp wherever the tongues of the burning flames licked.

    The sword beam pierced through the swarm of worms, straight for the thin elder’s throat!

    At this moment, the Fey Phantasm Sect elder had a cold sneer on his face. A large black mist burst out from the front of his chest and after gaining freedom from the Fey Phantasm Sect elder, it streamed straight at Yi Yun!

    Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

    They were ten forbidding black bone needles!

    Each bone needle was as long as a forearm, as though each one had a life of its own. As they drew out twisted black trajectories in the sky, they shot at Yi Yun.

    Seeing the bone needles, a thought flashed across Yi Yun’s mind. Since the bone needles came from the elder’s chest, were they refined from the elder’s rib bones? The Fey Phantasm Sect’s cultivation techniques were strange and appalling. He would definitely have suffered if he was taken by surprise by such attacks.

    The elder’s bone needles sealed Yi Yun’s sword off and any path he could use to dodge them. A cruel smile suffused across the elder’s face, as though he had already seen Yi Yun’s terrible death.

    Yi Yun did not retreat and he accelerated instead. Yuan Qi spread out as the nomological fragments of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence augmented his sword. Instantly, a golden light blasted straight into the bone needles.


    Yi Yun’s figure went from extreme motion to extreme stillness as the bone needles were minced by the sword.

    A thousand-foot sword beam tore through the void, penetrating the thin elder’s body!

    Yi Yun flew with his sword in hand as he angled the sword tip to the ground. As for the Fey Phantasm Sect elder, he stood motionless on the spot. A huge gaping hole had appeared in his chest. His innards looked as though they had been burned by lava, but what flowed wasn’t lava, it was boiling blood.

    The Fey Phantasm Sect elder was reduced to flying ash after he issued a vicious and indignant cry.

    Yi Yun exhaled slightly. The sword from before looked simple, but it was a sword move that Yi Yun had come up in the eighteen years he spent in the Primordial Space.

    The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was something that he could not fully wield, but being able to use the laws in the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence flexibly gave Yi Yun’s sword moves a power that made them completely different from before.

    It could be considered that Yi Yun had created his own Sword Dao.

    The deeper he went into the Purple Crystal, the more the images he saw from the Purple Crystal’s memories made him marvel at the complex martial paths and the grandness of the world.

    Previously, before seeking an audience with Emperor Luo, someone had said that the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was only a mystic technique, which made it impossible to be condensed into a Dao fruit. However, as a cultivator of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, Yi Yun knew very well that this was not just a mystic technique. Yi Yun was looking forward to what the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence would condense into when he truly stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm.

    “Continue!” Yi Yun faced his next opponent, knowing nothing about what happened in the outside world.

    At this moment, the southern desolation mountain plains were filled with people. Everyone was here to witness the battle of Chi Zhuiyun and Chu Yunjian.

    One was an Oracle Fey Empire disciple that suddenly arrived to instantly wipe out the Luo and White Fox clan disciples, while the other was a space-time swordsman, who had long established his name.

    The people who came to watch the battle were basically members of the Luo clan and the White Fox clan. They hadn’t heard about Chi Zhuiyun much, but they had long heard of Chu Yunjian’s fame.

    Chi Zhuiyun had challenged the famous Chu Yunjian, and with him being a realm lower, they were here to see how Chi Zhuiyun would pay the price for his arrogance.

    However, no one was happy when they truly witnessed the battle process.

    The intense battle had been going on for fifteen minutes, but the scene that they imagined of Chu Yunjian trampling Chi Zhuiyun did not happen.

    Indeed, Chi Zhuiyun looked as though he was suppressed by Chu Yunjian’s keen sword moves. He defended more than he attacked, as though he was steadily losing ground, but he remained unbeaten.

    As this went on, the audience turned anxious, like it was just shy of the final shove that would determine the outcome.

    “Is that all you have? This is all your strength?” During the intense stormy battle, Chi Zhuiyun suddenly spoke. His words were extremely clear as sword and spear clashed. It could be heard throughout the desolate plains.

    “Oh?” Chu Yunjian’s sword-like eyebrows pricked up.

    “If that is the case, I’m very disappointed. A White Fox clan genius at the early stages of the Dao Manifestation is nothing much after all.” As Chi Zhuiyun said this, the Yuan Qi around him changed.

    It turned rich with bloodlust that even people dozens of miles away could sense it.

    It was like they had entered hell. Wherever their eyes landed, it was a gray background. Crimson clouds filled the sky, burgeoning to a point of them bleeding blood. And the ground was now filled with rugged rocks, with minced meat hanging on them. The ground was scattered with bone fragments.

    It was a Shura battleground!

    Dao Domain? This was Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain?

    People had heard that Chi Zhuiyun had used his Dao Domain to gain Felicitous Rain Lord’s attention, allowing him to be summoned by Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Now, with his Dao Domain being activated, it had immersed a million warriors within it, and it was like they had all fallen into a trance.

    A so-called Dao Domain was actually a tiny world formed by laws.

    In the Universe, before every boundless world was formed, the laws were first fixed in place.

    Chaos evolved into Yin-Yang and space-time, before forming the five elements, followed by all matter.

    When a warrior’s nomological insight reached a certain realm, they could create worlds. Of course, creating a world was impossible for a Dao Manifestation realm warrior. They could only create a domain.

    A Dao Domain’s effects were very limited, but to be able to influence a million people instantly like what Chi Zhuiyun had done was quite astounding!

    “It’s over. As long as you are within my Dao Domain, no one at the same realm as me can undertake my spear. Your cultivation realm may surpass me, and you may have insights into space-time Great Dao, but unfortunately, your space-time laws did not integrate themselves. You are not my match.” As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, he thrust his spear out!

    All the bloodlust and killing aura in the Dao Domain gathered around his spear as it swept towards Chu Yunjian.

    Chu Yunjian’s eyes flashed.

    “Even if my space-time laws did not integrate themselves, it is still enough!”

    Space-time Sword Dao — River of time!

    In the sky, a surging river appeared out of nowhere. One of the 12 Fey Gods of ancient times — River of Forgetfulness. Its manifestation was that of a river of time.

    The river of time that Chu Yunjian cast was far inferior to the standard of the River of Forgetfulness, but it had reached a nascent stage.

    A sword went upstream against the river of time, like a swimming fish in the river that stabbed straight at Chi Zhuiyun’s throat!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s expression turned cold. The spear that he wielded thrust out like a flood dragon in the river!


    The desolate plains rumbled as the million warriors felt the surging bloodlust. Their vision turned a deep shade of red.

    They tried their best to widen their eyes to focus, but all they saw in the sky was Chi Zhuiyun. Standing mid air with spear in hand, he looked cold.

    As for Chu Yunjian, he had been pushed dozens of miles back. Although he was also flying mid air, his robes were stained with blood and his face was pale. He could not curb the trembling of his sword-wielding hand.

    Upon seeing this scene, all of the million warriors in the desolate plains fell silent.

    Chu Yunjian had been defeated? This was not a life-and-death battle. It was just a challenge. Being defeated by one strike was also defeat.

    Chu Yunjian had been suppressing Chi Zhuiyun from the very beginning, with victory at hand. However, the moment that Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain appeared, the outcome of the battle was reversed. The audience never expected that.

    A Dao Manifestation warrior… and a White Fox clan genius at that that had lost to Chi Zhuiyun, who was at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm.

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