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Chapter 929: Elites Assembled

    Chapter 929: Elites Assembled

    More than a million people had witnessed the battle in the Luo clan royal capital, including eminent figures like Prince Crimson Firmament and Bai Yueqing.

    Seeing Chi Zhuiyun being defeated, Bai Yueqing felt as though he had been punched in the face.

    Chu Yunjian, who he counted on, had been defeated!

    “Brother Yunjian!”

    Bai Yueqing’s figure flashed and arrived beside Chu Yunjian to hold on to him.

    It had to be said that although Bai Yueqing was an arrogant person, he was still a person who showed concern to his subordinates. At that moment in time, it could be said that he should have been ashamed since his subordinate, Chu Yunjian, had been defeated by someone at a lower realm than him in front of a million people. However, as heir to the White Fox clan’s throne, Bai Yueqing stood beside Chu Yunjian and weathered the adversity together.

    “I’m fine.” Chu Yunjian looked at Bai Yueqing with a wry smile. “Your Highness, I have disappointed you…”

    Chu Yunjian felt ashamed, but Bai Yueqing waved his hand and said, “Victory and defeat are both common in battle. You do not need to feel remorse. It’s only that Chi Zhuiyun…”

    Bai Yueqing looked at Chi Zhuiyun as the corners of his mouth twitched. Chi Zhuiyun’s strength had far exceeded his imagination. A Dao Domain that could influence a million people was astounding, to begin with.

    It was no wonder that Chi Zhuiyun, a warrior at half-step Dao Manifestation that was able to cultivate his Dao Domain to such a standard, had gained Felicitous Rain Lord’s recognition.

    “It’s a Dao Domain that is related to massacres…” Chu Yunjian said. “In his Dao Domain, my heart of the sword was affected, as though the Dao Domain had triggered my mental demons.”

    Thinking back to his experienced inside the Dao Domain, Chu Yunjian’s heart was still fluttering with fear.

    He looked at Chi Zhuiyun, while Chi Zhuiyun also looked back at him.

    Chu Yunjian had been cultivating for a hundred years. He had always surpassed his peers, but now, he had been defeated by someone at a lower realm than him. In addition, in time to come, the gap between him and Chi Zhuiyun would only grow wider.

    “Ten days later, I, Chi Zhuiyun, will challenge any young elite of the White Fox clan and Luo clan here on these grounds! Whoever has the confidence, come here, and I’ll accept your challenge.”

    After Chi Zhuiyun said this, he left in a beam of light. Luo Sha and Demon Girl followed closely behind.

    The words he said before he left was heard clearly by a million people.

    Chi Zhuiyun had challenged the entire Luo clan and White Fox clan!

    If the young elites of the Luo clan and White Fox clan were wiped out by a single person, all the warriors from both clans would lose a great deal of prestige.

    Bai Yueqing’s eyelids twitched. Prince Crimson Firmament had also come beside Chu Yunjian. “Brother Yunjian, in your opinion, will Princess Xue’er be able to defeat Chi Zhuiyun?”

    With Chu Yunjian defeated, the White Fox clan still had Princess Xue’er!

    Chu Yunjian shook his head, “I can’t predict it. Princess Xue’er’s talent surpasses mine, but… she’s still too young. Her cultivation level is only at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, slightly inferior to Chi Zhuiyun’s, while I’ve lost despite being at the early stages of the Dao Manifestation realm. It will probably not be easy for Princess Xue’er to gain victory over Chi Zhuiyun.”

    Chu Yunjian did not speak with certainty. After all, he could not predict the extent to which Princess White Fox had attained. “However… I have a feeling that during my battle with Chi Zhuiyun, he was not using his full strength. He has more powerful moves he did not use…”

    When Chu Yunjian said this, Bai Yueqing and Prince Crimson Firmament felt their hearts skip a beat. The present generation of the Luo clan and White Fox clan was filled with talent. Princess White Fox and Luo Huo’er, as well as Yi Yun, were the ones with most promise to become Supremacies. Although Prince Crimson Firmament abhorred Yi Yun, he could not deny Yi Yun’s talent.

    Such young talent from the Luo clan and White Fox clan was going to be wiped out by a single person?

    If that happened, the Luo clan and White Fox clan would undoubtedly be dwarfed by others in the alliance against the Fey Phantasm Sect.

    “Let’s hope Xue’er can give us a pleasant surprise…” Bai Yueqing muttered to himself as he shook his head.

    The million people left the desolate plains and returned to the royal capital. In less than a day, the news proliferated throughout the royal capital.

    Chu Yunjian had been defeated, while Chi Zhuiyun had challenged all the young elites of the Luo clan and White Fox clan!

    It instantly caused quite a stir in the Luo clan royal capital!

    People were only aware that Chi Zhuiyun came from the Oracle Fey Empire and that he was very powerful, but they never expected him to be so powerful, powerful enough for him to leapfrog a level to defeat Chu Yunjian.

    Furthermore, his extremely conceited challenge had forced the Luo clan and the White Fox clan into a corner.

    They could not lose. If two large sects were to lose to a single person, the Luo clan and White Fox clan would lose all face.


    “Oh? Chu Yunjian was defeated?” In Fenghua Palace, Dong’er hurriedly informed Luo Huo’er of the news, but Dong’er never expected for Luo Huo’er to begin clapping when she heard the news. “That Chu Yunjian is such a cocky person. I met him back when Father summoned us. I could have turned a blind eye if it was only Chu Yunjian, but his boss, that male fox, had eyes so high that they were stuck on the top of their heads as if they reigned supreme. Serves him right for being defeated!”

    When Luo Huo’er said this, Dong’er was completely dumbfounded.

    The young lass blinked her flickering large eyes as she looked at Luo Huo’er.

    Be it people from the Luo clan or the White Fox clan, they were extremely vexed hearing the news, afraid that the young elites of their respective clans would be wiped out by Chi Zhuiyun alone. But Princess Huo’er was on a completely different frequency.

    “Princess, aren’t you worried?” Even the dull-witted Dong’er began to worry that the Luo clan would lose to Chu Yunjian.

    “What’s there to worry? If he wants a fight, he’ll get one!” Luo Huo’er said nonchalantly.

    As she said that, her lips suffused a sneer. “That Chi Zhuiyun thinks he can create a standard by himself so that Felicitous Rain Lord would understand that he is a true genius. He also wants to let other factions in the alliance know that those weaker than him aren’t even qualified to vie for the spot of Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. It can make him famous and also benefit him. He sure has an ingenious plan.”

    Princess knows so much…

    Dong’er blinked as she pondered. She asked in a staccato manner, “Then…Princess, you are certain that you can defeat Chi Zhuiyun, right?”

    Luo Huo’er’s beautiful eyes glanced at her. “How would I know without fighting him!?”


    If you don’t, why are you appearing so bold and self-assured!?

    “Don’t worry. There are many others who can’t sit idle such as my brother and that male fox. I’ll just watch the show for now. However, why isn’t Little Yun out of reclusion yet? I’m thinking of watching the good show with him.” said Luo Huo’er. Yi Yun had been in the Heavenly Slaughter Array for more than ten days.

    If this were any ordinary reclusion, ten days was nothing. Even more than a decade was no big deal.

    However, the Heavenly Slaughter Array was different. In there, he would have to face endless massacres.

    To be embroiled in killing for more than ten days, especially with those insane figures from the Fey Phantasm Sect, a typical person would not have last so long.

    And Yi Yun’s reclusion continued on for another ten consecutive days without any signs of him coming out.

    And by then, it was the day Chi Zhuiyun had scheduled his challenge to battle the geniuses of the Luo clan and White Fox clan!

    The matter brewed throughout the period that spanned less than a month. After all, the ambassadors of the factions that made up the alliance were still in the royal capital, so they obviously knew of the matter. In addition, the matter had to do with Felicitous Rain Lord’s recruitment of a disciple, so they had used various channels to spread the news out. In about ten days, Chi Zhuiyun’s name had become famous in the entire alliance!

    People from large factions like the World Margin Sect, Cloud Trail Empire, and Eternal Eventide Sea had rushed to the Luo clan in less than a month.

    These people that came from the other factions of the alliance came for a myriad of reasons. Some were here to catch the buzz, eager to see Chi Zhuiyun sweep the Luo clan and the White Fox clan of their elites. There were also young elites from other factions that had their sights on Chi Zhuiyun. Therefore, many gathered in the Luo clan royal capital.

    After all, there were many people who wanted to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. These people had also learned that Chi Zhuiyun was a person who received an approving nod from Felicitous Rain Lord. If they defeated Chi Zhuiyun, wouldn’t that mean they would obtain the recognition of Felicitous Rain Lord? They might even become a disciple of Felicitous Rain Lord!

    Instantly, the Luo clan royal capital was like a raging storm with elites assembled! Emperor Luo, as well as the royal family of the White Fox clan, was stirred by this matter. Many people came because this battle determined the pride of the Luo clan and White Fox clan.

    Under such circumstances, Yi Yun faded from prominence. After all, the matter had reached massive scales. There were too many people to pay attention to. Not only Yi Yun, even the attention on Luo Huo’er and Princess White Fox had diminished.

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