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Chapter 930: Eternal Eventide Sea

    Chapter 930: Eternal Eventide Sea

    As the date of Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge loomed, all of the Luo clan royal capital’s hotels and motels were filled to the brim with people. People could not even obtain a room, despite the amount of wealth they had. Many warriors ended up meditating on the southern desolate mountain plains, as they waited for the event to begin.

    Some warriors even began to construct houses on the southern desolate mountain plains or they even began to erect their immortal abodes. Instantly, the uninhabited southern desolate mountain plains began to bustle. It was like a city was built overnight.

    Now, the battle was no longer just a matter pertaining to the Luo clan and the White Fox clan. More and more people were embroiled in the matter, with many hoping to become famous from a single battle so they could gain Felicitous Rain Lord’s attention.

    “Zhuiyun, there are many people targeting you. You being in the limelight has now made you a target to become a stepping stone.” Yu Tianfeng said to Chi Zhuiyun as they sat in the Oracle Fey Empire’s Ambassador Palace.

    As an ambassador of the Oracle Fey Empire, Yu Tianfeng was very pleased to see Chi Zhuiyun cause such a stir in the Luo clan royal capital. This was a manifestation of the power that the Oracle Fey Empire had.

    Chi Zhuiyun was sitting on a futon meditating. A nine-foot spear was silently floating in front of him.

    “These people want to trample over me to gain fame, but that saves me the trouble. I was planning on going to the other factions and have a nice meeting with each and every one of them. Now it’s even better, it can be done once and for all.”

    As he spoke, Chi Zhuiyun grabbed the spear. The cold sheen on the spear flashed in the darkness of space, like it was a fleeting star that appeared in the night sky before disappearing.

    The spear’s name was Bloodthirst, a name that originated from Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain.

    Chi Zhuiyun looked up at the battle arena in the desolate plains. His eyes flashed with fighting spirit.

    “I will definitely gain your recognition. I know that a simple bout alone might not be enough to let you think otherwise of me even if I were to defeat everyone, but that is only just the beginning. I will definitely make you take me in as a disciple.”

    As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, his figure flashed. Like a meteor that streaked through the sky, he flew towards the southern desolate mountain plains.


    “Little Yun, stop staying in reclusion. You’ve been in there for so many days. It’s turmoil out here, yet you are still in there. Hurry up and come out!”

    Yi Yun had just undergone a bloody battle in the Heavenly Slaughter Array when he heard Luo Huo’er calling him from outside.

    Yi Yun thought. Turmoil?

    He walked out of the Heavenly Slaughter Array and he saw that Luo Huo’er was beaming, like she was extremely excited.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “There’s no time to explain. Hurry up and follow me. I’ll tell you along the way!”

    How could Luo Huo’er miss such a grand event that happened so rarely in the Luo clan?

    When Yi Yun accompanied Luo Huo’er to the southern desolate mountain plains, he was astounded by what he saw.

    Was this the legendary southern desolate mountain plains? There were too many people here!

    Not only was there a large number of warriors. Houses, immortal abodes, and even hotels were erected on the plains.

    To warriors, buying a portable abode was not expensive. With more people gathering, it was only natural that businessmen began to open restaurants. They just needed to erect a mobile abode on the desolate plains.

    “Oh? There are quite a number of humans here… ”

    Yi Yun seldom saw humans in the Luo clan, while humans were nearly extinct in the White Fox clan. But now, Yi Yun saw several humans wearing black robes. However, they were quite different from the humans in the Tian Yuan world. They had black hair and purple eyes. Their facial features were more prominent and exquisite. They were good looking, regardless of their gender. Furthermore, they wore V-shaped golden accessories on their necks and the accessories had had unknown gems embedded in them. They had quite a mysterious beauty to them.

    “They are people from the Eternal Eventide Sea.” Luo Huo’er said.

    “Are they humans?” Yi Yun asked in surprise.

    Luo Huo’er shook her head, “They may look human, but they don’t consider themselves to be human. Instead, they call themselves the Chosen of the Divinity. According to the records of the Eternal Eventide Sea, their ancestors were the chosen race of the Divinity. As they continued to multiply in numbers, they barred marriage with other humans in order to ensure that their bloodline wasn’t diluted. From their point of view, ordinary humans are people who were abandoned by the Divinity, greatly inferior to their nobility.”

    “The Chosen of the Divinity?” Yi Yun chuckled. It sounded like a religion from a different world.

    “Don’t scoff.” Luo Huo’er could tell what was on Yi Yun’s mind. “They are quite capable. The Eternal Eventide Sea’s strength is in no way weaker than the Luo clan. Although they are of equal strength, there are only a few million members in the Eternal Eventide Sea.”

    “Oh? A few million?” Yi Yun was taken aback. How many people did the Luo clan have? The population numbered a trillion with 196 states, the royal capital, and the large family clans at least.

    The Eternal Eventide Sea only had a few million people, but its strength was comparable to the Luo clan’s?

    Yi Yun knew that in a warrior’s world, the number of people had little impact on strength. What truly mattered was the number and quality of mighty figures and geniuses. The former determined the faction’s present strength, while the latter determined its future strength.

    This meant that the number of mighty figures and geniuses that appeared out of a few million people in the Eternal Eventide Sea was comparable to the number produced by the Luo clan’s population that numbered a trillion!

    Yi Yun saw a few people from the Eternal Eventide Sea and indeed, amongst their younger generation, Heaven Ascension perfection and Dao Manifestation were the common cultivation realms. Furthermore, their auras were converged, making them seem unfathomably strong.

    Under the same conditions, to be able to achieve this stage in the Luo clan meant a chance of entering the Luo Divine Hall trials. And this qualification was one in a billion!

    The Eternal Eventide Sea was not a power to be belittled.

    With this thought in mind, he saw a few young men from the Eternal Eventide Sea drinking tea while chatting in a makeshift tea hut.

    “Who does that Chi Zhuiyun think he is? After merely winning a few battles in the Luo clan and beating a few tiny factions in a trial, he dares to claim that he will sweep the alliance!? What a joke. With our Eternal Eventide Sea here, we will teach him a lesson!”

    “That’s right, our Eternal Eventide’s goddess is peerless. Chi Zhuiyun is nothing. The Oracle Fey Empire relies on the massive number of people that it has and they choose one or two geniuses that can barely make it from that number. That’s how they prevent themselves from having too few geniuses.”

    “As for the Luo clan, it’s even worse. I heard that the Luo clan takes in any type of people. They can be Earth Fey, human, or even someone from the lower realms! How much distrust do they have of their bloodline? Despite having such a model, the ratio of geniuses that they have is just pathetic. Furthermore, the people that are selected aren’t impressive either. There’s no need to even talk about our Eternal Eventide goddess, just the two of us can reign supreme in the Luo clan. As for Senior Brother Ye Yi, he will be ranked top three in the Luo clan.”

    Ye Yi, who the two youths from the Eternal Eventide clan were talking about, was sitting in the middle of the two.

    Ye Yi looked young with black hair that cascaded down his body like a waterfall. He had the beauty of a woman and jade like fingers that were long and slender.

    He was a beautiful young man with extremely exquisite looks. The accessory across his chest were different from the others. Unlike the V-shape ones that the others had, his accessory was a black pair of wings. It seemed like he enjoyed a different status.

    Ye Yi did not comment on the duo’s compliments, but Luo Huo’er could not stand hearing this.

    “I was wondering where the two toads came from. Black all over, and their croaks are so harsh on the ears!”

    “Oh!?” With Luo Huo’er’s words fading away, the two men from the Eternal Eventide Sea, who had just spoken, immediately looked at Luo Huo’er!

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