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Chapter 933: You are Yi Yun?

    Chapter 933: You are Yi Yun?

    Instantly, there was a commotion. Yu Tianfeng was infuriated by this. Previously in the Luo clan royal palace, Emperor Luo had been extremely polite with him, but here, a bunch of juniors were showing him little respect.

    Compared to the lofty Emperor Luo, these juniors were nothing!

    Although Yu Tianfeng was angry, he could not do anything about it. Emperor Luo did not dare offend the Oracle Fey Empire because Felicitous Rain Lord owed a favor to the Oracle Fey Empire. It was destined to be critical in the alliance against the Fey Phantasm Sect, but these juniors could ignore any of that.

    At this moment, Chi Zhuiyun walked forward. In fact, Yu Tianfeng, who had been conferred a nobility title in the Oracle Fey Empire but had relatively low talent, did not have as much weight when speaking compared to Chi Zhuiyun.

    Chi Zhuiyun said, “Regardless if it’s me challenging you, or all of you challenging me, it’s the same thing. I don’t care at all! Today, I have set the stage for combat, only to fight the strongest person from each faction so we don’t waste time. I don’t care who you wish to battle, but I’ll only fight four people today — Tianya Haoyue! Princess White Fox! Princess Purple Spirit! Goddess Xi Ye!”

    Chi Zhuiyun directly named four people, and they happened to be from each of the four major factions. They were nearly the strongest.

    “You alone want to battle us four?” Tianya Haoyue scoffed. “Chi Zhuiyun, I know that you are very strong, but if you want to fight one against four, aren’t you being too overbearing!?”

    Tianya Haoyue was a proud person. He did not think of himself as being worse than Chi Zhuiyun. To deal with Chi Zhuiyun in a tag-team with the other three geniuses was something that Tianya Haoyue was unwilling to do. After all, even if he beat Chi Zhuiyun, it was nothing worth being proud about, much less talk about gaining the recognition of Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Chi Zhuiyun gave Tianya Haoyue a glance and said, “It is up to you to do battle or not. I am open to fighting anyone of the four of you!”

    “Chi Zhuiyun, do not think that you are the center of the alliance’s younger generation, with everyone revolving around you. I’m the one who wants everyone to challenge me!” Tianya Haoyue said coldly, “My take on this is we should choose a few more people, making up eight or even sixteen people. We can each do battle. Winning allows the next battle to happen, and the loser has to forfeit their place!”

    The rule that Tianya Haoyue proposed had received a great number of people’s approbation.

    In such a battle, no one was the center of attention. It was a completely fair tournament, and it would not accentuate Chi Zhuiyun.

    Chi Zhuiyun sighed slightly and said, “If you want to, make it eight then. Having too many people is just a waste of time.”

    If there were only five people, it was difficult to decide on the order of battle. By finding three ‘substitutes’, it would make it easier to assign the fights with eight people.

    However, Chi Zhuiyun kept arrogantly insisting that it was a waste of time, inciting the wrath of others.

    “Senior Brother Haoyue, let us join the foray! I want to see how impressive Chi Zhuiyun is for him to be this overbearing!” In the World Margin Sect, a disciple spoke.

    His name was Tian Yaping, he was definitely one of the leading figures in the World Margin Sect.

    Although being a substitute did not sound pleasant to the ears, they were able to do battle after all. Many people wanted to do so. But in that case, there was a new problem. There were five factions present, but only three substitute spots. If each faction chose a person, there would be two additional people.

    At this moment, Chi Zhuiyun spoke again, “Choose one person from each faction. Among the five, fight it out to decide on the three places!”

    After saying that, Chi Zhuiyun did not speak another word. The crowd also nodded in agreement.

    Luo Huo’er smiled as she looked at Yi Yun. “Little Yun, it sure sucks for you to end up being a substitute!”

    Being ridiculed by Luo Huo’er, Yi Yun helplessly stroked his chin. He could only accept being a substitute. He could only blame himself for not participating in the Luo Divine Hall trials to the very end. It resulted in him not even appearing on the Luo Divine Hall’s final ranking.

    In order for the other factions to understand the Luo clan and the White Fox clan’s geniuses, they would first look at the rankings, so it was common for them to be unaware of Yi Yun’s name.

    Yi Yun was representing the Luo clan, and him taking the second spot was no surprise. Even Prince Crimson Firmament would not disagree to it.

    With that, the name list was decided.

    The second person each of the five factions chosen respectively were — Luo clan’s Yi Yun, World Margin Sect’s Tianya Ping, Oracle Fey Empire’s Demon Girl, White Fox clan’s Nongying and Eternal Eventide Sea’s Ye Yi!

    The five people were competing for three spots.

    “Oh? So you are Yi Yun, and you must be… Princess Purple Spirit!?”

    At the tea stall, Ye Yi and the two Eternal Eventide Sea disciples that had their tongues burnt finally learned about Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er’s identity. They never expected that they had entered a conflict with Luo Huo’er, the person ranked first in the Luo clan!

    It was no wonder that her attainment in fire-elemental laws had reached such an impressive level. A simple fire-elemental conjuration had been mysteriously drunk by them, resulting in their tongues being burnt.


    Ye Yi looked at Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er. Luo Huo’er was in the first echelon. Before becoming one of the three people qualified to do battle, he had not right to challenge Luo Huo’er. As for Yi Yun… he was completely confident fighting against him!

    Ye Yi was famous in the Eternal Eventide Sea. In fact, Ye Yi was eager to spar even with a person like Luo Huo’er!

    So what if she was the number one genius in the Luo clan? The place of his birth only numbered several million people, yet the Eternal Eventide Sea was able to rank alongside various large factions. The level of the geniuses that his clansmen were at was nothing that the other factions could compare with.

    Even if he failed to defeat Luo Huo’er in the end, Ye Yi believed that he would not be too inferior when compared to Luo Huo’er.

    “Since you are Yi Yun, that’s perfect. Leave the first battle to us! I wish that you will not disappoint me too greatly!” As Ye Yi spoke, he leaped and flew towards the battle arena stage.

    “Senior Brother Ye Yi, teach that punk an unforgettable lesson!”

    “Screw him badly! Beat him up until his parents can’t even recognize him!” Behind Ye Yi, the two Eternal Eventide disciples that got tormented by Luo Huo’er said with red faces.

    However, as a result of their burnt tongues, what they said sounded muffled, and somewhat amusing.

    They hated Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er to death. They could not offend Luo Huo’er, but Ye Yi could avenge them.

    Seeing that Ye Yi was already on the arena stage. Yi Yun followed him in a very slow manner.

    In this battle of geniuses, Yi Yun believed himself to be an expert as well, but he had been delegated as a substitute. Furthermore, typical experts would usually appear as a finalist, appearing only at the last few matches, but now, he was the first one to do battle. He was at quite a loss.

    The moment that Yi Yun landed on the arena stage, the stage’s surroundings erupted into a flood of cheers.

    “Yi Yun! Yi Yun!”

    This was the Luo clan’s home ground after all. Most people in the southern desolate mountain plains came from the Luo clan.

    In the Luo clan, Yi Yun had a high popularity, just second to Luo Huo’er’s. The recognition that the Luo clan disciples had for Yi Yun had not much to do with how Yi Yun did not complete the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    “The cheers that you receive are rather loud! It appears that you are quite popular in the Luo clan.” Ye Yi nonchalantly said, as though he disparaged the Luo clan’s cheers. This was the confidence that he had in the Eternal Eventide clan.

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