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Chapter 934: I’ve been keeping a really low profile recently

    Chapter 934: I’ve been keeping a really low profile recently

    “That sister of mine is actually over there!?”

    In the southern desolate mountain plains, there were temporary seats of honor. People like Prince Crimson Firmament, Bai Yueqing, goddess Xi Ye, and company were sitting on the seats of honor. Luo Huo’er naturally had the right to sit there, but she had decided to mix in with the crowd.

    “Brother Chuyun, it’s said you have a good eye on abilities. What do you think that the outcome of Yi Yun’s battle against Ye Yi will be?” Prince Crimson Firmament asked.

    Beside Prince Crimson Firmament sat Chu Yunjian. Although he had been defeated by Chi Zhuiyun, no one belittled him.

    Chu Yunjian said, “Your Highness, the talk about my eye is simply rumors as a result of others complimenting it. I have been wrong many times, but this time, there’s little to be speculated. The outcome will be that Yi Yun will win.”

    Although Chu Yunjian did not know what strength Ye Yi had, Yi Yun’s strength was obvious. The second strongest person in the Eternal Eventide Sea wanted to beat a freak like Yi Yun? That was extremely unlikely!

    “Oh? Little to be speculated?” A woman’s voice could be heard. Beside Prince Crimson Firmament sat a exquisite woman with black hair and purple pupils. Her forehead and neck was covered in metallic accessories. Sitting there, she appeared like she was the source of darkness, making her appear distant and mysterious.

    She was the goddess of the Eternal Eventide clan — Xi Ye.

    The second strongest person of the Luo clan and the second strongest person of the Eternal Eventide clan were at similar levels, yet it was said that there was little to be speculated? What arrogance!

    Goddess Xi Ye said coldly, “Your Luo and White Fox clans fell into turmoil because of a single Chi Zhuiyun. What sort of face do you have to say such things? If you could have defeated Chi Zhuiyun, what need would there be for us to be here?”

    The Eternal Eventide clan was able to rival the Luo clan in power with several million people, and Xi Ye was the goddess of the Eternal Eventide clan, so she was obviously pissed when Chu Yunjian said things that belittled the Eternal Eventide Sea.

    “You must be Chu Yunjian. As a Dao Manifestation realm warrior, you were defeated by Chi Zhuiyun, a half-step Dao Manifestation realm warrior. How emboldened are you to make comments here.” Goddess Xi Ye said bluntly.

    Chu Yunjian fell silent. Being defeated by Chi Zhuiyun, a person at a lower realm than him, was indeed a stain on his life, one that he could not refute.


    At this moment on the battle arena, Yi Yun and Ye Yi were a thousand feet from each other. There were cheers from the Luo clan warriors all around the stage.

    “Yi Yun, get rid of that Eternal Eventide Sea punk!”

    “Yi Yun is sure to win!”

    The audience was made up warriors, so their shouts were deafening. Ye Yi frowned when he heard them. Without the fight even beginning, he had been disparaged by the crowd, which pissed him off. “I never expected that a bunch of Fey would cheer for a human like you. However, cheering is useless. The outcome of the battle depends on strength.”

    “A human? Aren’t you human?”

    With his sword in hand, Yi Yun coldly looked at Ye Yi. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, humans were scarce to begin with. They stood alone and powerless, so they needed to be united as one, forging ahead together. However, despite being human, just because they had a different color to their eyes, the Eternal Eventide Sea had taken the initiative to draw a line with other humans, like being labeled human was an insult to them.

    “Do not compare us with the lot of you. We are the Chosen race of the Divinity, while you are the abandoned race. Lowly humans have a less than a one in ten billion chance of producing a genius, millions of times inferior to us. You are one of the cream of the crop, lucky to have won your current position. However, there are even more humans that are lowly beings. With life spans ranging less than a hundred years, they are no different to ants.”

    As Ye Yi spoke, he pulled two black sabers out. The two sabers resembled a pair of wings.

    As for Yi Yun, he began to slowly put his sword away. “Inferior? Lowly? Ants?” Yi Yun shook his head. “You and humans come from the same roots, but that is how you view humans.”

    When Ye Yi heard Yi Yun’s ridicule, he did not respond. Instead, he coldly said, “By putting your sword away, are you planning on throwing in the towel?”

    “Throwing in the towel? No, I’m only planning on switching my weapon. I think that using a sword to deal with you is being too kind.”

    As Yi Yun spoke, he took a rectangular block of metal out of his interspatial ring. It was a rectangular seal, named the Heaven Upheaval Seal. Back in the Tai Ah Divine City, Yi Yun had participated in the rookie ranking tournament and he had used the Heaven Upheaval Seal as a weapon. Back then, Yi Yun was unable to adeptly control his strength. He was afraid of killing his opponent with his saber, but with the passage of time, Yi Yun’s proficiency with energy control became more and more adept, so there was no need for the Heaven Upheaval Seal to be used.

    “That is?”

    Ye Yi frowned. He could sense that the rectangular piece of metal taken out by Yi Yun was a seal that had been previously refined. However, the material that the seal was made out of was extremely terrible. Furthermore, the runes that were engraved on its surface were extremely poor in quality!

    “This is called a brick. It should be enough to deal with you. I think I’ve been keeping a really low profile recently, resulting in me being considered as a substitute. It wasn’t easy for me to get on the stage, and now, random cats and dogs are wailing in front of me.” Yi Yun said lazily.

    He was already bent on becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, gaining the attention of Felicitous Rain Lord. Therefore, it was understandable that he could no longer keep a low profile.

    “What did you say!?” A cold beam flashed in Ye Yi’s eyes.

    “You are courting death!” Ye Yi was incensed.

    How dare a human belittle him in that way? The human did not even know how the word death was written!


    Ye Yi’s sabers roared as they sliced through the wind. The sabers emitted thousands of saber beams that inundated the surroundings!

    Saber domain!

    Saber domain was also another name for the Dao Domain of sabers. Saber Dao was also one of the Dao. It was inferior to Yin-Yang and space-time, but it was not weaker than the five elements. And it was ranked alongside sword Dao!

    Ye Yi had also gained insights into a Dao Domain of his own!

    Upon seeing this scene, the hearts of the Luo clan audience tightened. Indeed, to become the second strongest person of the Eternal Eventide Sea, he had something outstanding about him. It was very rare for a person who had gained insights into a Dao Domain before he reached the Dao Manifestation realm.

    “I never expected a Dao Domain. It’s best if Yi Yun doesn’t underestimate his opponent. As long as he uses his true strength, he will still win.” The Luo clan audience were very confident when it came to Yi Yun.

    However, Yi Yun did not seem to have any plans on switching weapons.


    Yi Yun was enveloped by Ye Yi’s saber domain.

    With Heaven Upheaval Seal in his hand, Yi Yun remained motionless, allowing the saber domain to envelop him.

    “Cha! Cha! Cha!”

    Saber beams began darting around Yi Yun, slashing at his protective Yuan Qi.

    “Is this your Dao Domain?” Yi Yun said nonchalantly.

    He did not think much about it. Dao Domains had different levels. Ye Yi’s Dao Domain was weaker than Princess White Fox’s Dao Domain from eleven years ago, much less comparable to Chi Zhuiyun.

    And eleven years ago, Yi Yun had been enveloped by the Nine-tailed White Fox’s Nine-tailed Dao Domain in the Fey Refining Rock array, and he was able to forcibly crack it, let alone now.

    “It’s sufficient to kill you!”

    Ye Yi used his sabers to attack in unison with the saber beams. All of the saber beams in the saber domain began to merge as one, slashing right at Yi Yun.

    However, before the saber beam landed on him, a golden rune lit up in the middle of the Heaven Upheaval Seal that was in Yi Yun’s hand. It was not one of the runes that was originally engraved in the Heaven Upheaval Seal, it was one of the runes that belonged to the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

    Eleven years ago, Yi Yun was already able to spread the runes of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence onto a hundred flying sabers. So now, it was even easier to inject one into the Heaven Upheaval Seal.


    The rune lit up with a divine light as the Heaven Upheaval Seal came smashing down towards Ye Yi!

    This strike was not aimed at Ye Yi, it was aimed at his saber.

    A brick against a saber!

    On one side, it was a saber strike that had condensed an entire Dao Domain. It contained all of Ye Yi’s insights in the saber Dao, and on the other side, it was a metal brick of dubious quality. But the collision was like a meteorite hitting the ground!


    A brick tore through the void! People could clearly see a huge rift open in the void. Energy surged wantonly in the rift!

    The void of the 12 Empyrean Heavens was extremely firm. There was no way for Heaven Ascension realm warriors to tear the void, and Yi Yun was no exception.

    As such, what broke was not the void, but… Ye Yi’s saber domain!

    A saber domain that had just been conjured was forcefully shattered by a single smash of Yi Yun’s brick!

    Pa! Pa! Pa!

    Large swaths of the Dao Domain had shattered successively, with countless saber beams shattering as well. However, the Heaven Upheaval Seal did not lose its momentum, it continued to remain indomitable!


    Ye Yi’s final saber beam was sent flying by Yi Yun’s smash. The heavy Heaven Upheaval Seal, with immense Yuan Qi wrapped around it, appeared above Ye Yi’s forehead.


    Blood splattered everywhere as the nicely dressed Ye Yi, who had cut facial features, was left trembling by Yi Yun’s brick. His vision turned black as his mind went blank, like everything in the world around him had been forcibly stripped apart by Yi Yun.

    “What… is going on… ?”

    Ye Yi’s legs turned weak. He tried his best to stabilize his body, but he eventually collapsed slowly…

    Translator’s Note: I made a special request to CC for this chapter, so I hope you enjoyed it!

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