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Chapter 937: Eternal Eventide Star

    Chapter 937: Eternal Eventide Star

    Half a minute had passed before the flames gradually dissipated. Everyone focused their eyes, but the scene in the arena stifled their breaths.

    There was a gigantic purple eye floating above the arena. In the eye’s pupil, there was what seemed to be a vast and endless spiraling galaxy.

    The large and dazzling stars drifted through the galaxy in such a manner that they seemed to have a grip on anyone who glanced at them. They pulled at them with no means of escape.

    This was definitely no ordinary illusion, but it was also impossible for an eye to contain a true galaxy. Instead, it was a distant sector of the universe that had been projected into the pupil.

    This technique was very astounding.

    “The collapse of stars… the descent of the eternal night. You should be proud that you were able to force me to use the Eternal Eventide Star Technique.”

    The black-dressed Xi Ye slowly landed in front of the gigantic eye. Her clothes were fluttering gently, while her hair was being blown around in the wind, making her look exceedingly elegant.

    “Eternal Eventide Star Technique? What sort of technique is that?”

    The members of the Luo clan were puzzled regarding this matter. Ancient factions like the Luo clan and the Eternal Eventide Sea, that had existed for more than a hundred million years, would have explored countless mystic realms. It would not be surprising to find remnant copies of mystic techniques that were on the Divine Lord level in them.

    However, despite having these ancient mystic techniques present in the faction, they were usually extremely demanding and difficult to comprehend. Coupled with the lack of available instruction, the number of people that could master such techniques were exceedingly scarce!

    For the Eternal Eventide Star Technique to have such an astounding effect when being conjured by someone with a cultivation level at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, to the point of being able to project a galaxy that was located in the far reaches of the Universe, it was most likely an ancient heritage obtained by the Eternal Eventide Sea from a particular mystic realm.

    Such a heritage was most likely incomplete, so it definitely needed extraordinary perception just to gain some basic mastery in it.

    With the Eternal Eventide Star Technique being used, the entire arena was shrouded in darkness. It was like an eternal night had fallen as darkness penetrated every inch of the area.

    When Luo Huo’er was enveloped by the Eternal Eventide, she felt like the world external to her became increasingly unreal, and the darkness became more and more extensive and viscous, like it was engulfing everything and isolating her from everything.

    Luo Huo’er suddenly sensed that the southern desolate mountain plains were moving far away from her, and the surrounding warriors had also opened up a distance from her, like she was being isolated.

    A seal!?

    Luo Huo’er immediately realized what had happened.

    And at this moment, the audience was seeing a completely different scenario. What they saw was that the viscous darkness was gradually shrinking again and again under the envelopment of the gigantic eye.

    It went from shrouding the entire arena to a vortex of darkness that was several feet wide.

    Next, the dark vortex had shrunk to a few inches in size… a black ball the size of a peach. When this happened, Xi Ye grabbed it with her hand.

    “That is!?”

    The millions of spectators had witnessed this spectacle. An expansive zone of perpetual eventide had been shrunk to the size of a peach. No! It was already smaller than the size of a peach, and Luo Huo’er, who had been enveloped by it, had already vanished along with it!

    Could Luo Huo’er be trapped in that tiny black ball!?

    Everyone looked at the black ball. Having great eyesight as warriors, they could discern all of the details of the black ball despite the large distance.

    It resembled a mini-universe. On the boundary of the darkness, there was a projection of uncountable stars. Despite it being small in size, it gave people a sense of magnificence.

    “Princess Purple Spirit!”

    “What did you do to Princess Purple Spirit!?”

    The millions of spectators could not remain calm. Princess Purple Spirit, the most talented person in the Luo clan, had been sealed in a ball of darkness. With a ball the size of a peach or smaller, who knew what had happened to Princess Purple Spirit!

    “Hmph! Luo Huo’er has been sealed in my Eternal Eventide Star. Without me willing it, she will forever be lost in a chaotic space, never to escape! Over time, her power will be gradually eroded by the darkness, turning her into a cripple. Or with a simple thought of mine, her body will be devoured by the darkness!” Xi Ye said brightly as the surrounding members of the Luo clan had turned anxious.

    “Let Princess Purple Spirit out!” People shouted. It was fine even if the battle was lost, but Princess Purple Spirit was not to be harmed.

    “Let her out? Heh heh heh heh!” Xi Ye laughed out in a clear and charming manner. “I will let her out, but not yet. She has to pay the price for her arrogance. This is the outcome of challenging me and challenging my Eternal Eventide clan! In two hours, I will release her from the Eternal Eventide Star. Considering how talented she is, she should be able to endure it for two hours.” Xi Ye said with a sneer.

    As she spoke, she looked at Yi Yun. “The next person will be you. Do you think that your strength is heads and shoulders above the Eternal Eventide Sea after defeating Ye Yi? I will let you know how hopeless the gap between the two of us is. You will experience a hopelessness that resembles sinking into the eternal and infinite eventide!”

    Xi Ye’s words were extremely arrogant. Yi Yun frowned slightly. She really was detestable, making him feel like beating her up.

    Just as he was pondering about how the Eternal Eventide Star Technique could be cracked, Yi Yun suddenly uttered a light cry.

    He looked at the black ball in Xi Ye’s hand. The darkness energy that was stable had suddenly become chaotic.


    Xi Ye felt a jolt as she looked at the completely sealed Eternal Eventide Star. As its creator, she could clearly sense that the world of darkness that she had built up was collapsing from the inside!


    The Eternal Eventide Star was equivalent to a small world that was created by Xi Ye. In this small world, she was the overlord, but now, the world was collapsing!

    Cha! Cha! Cha!

    Fiery-red beams burst out of the ball of darkness, riddling the boundary of the ball with hundreds, if not thousands, of holes. From afar, the Eternal Eventide Star looked like a radiant sun.

    “How could this be possible!?”

    Xi Ye’s expression changed drastically. As one of the few people in the Eternal Eventide Sea who could master the Eternal Eventide Star Technique, Xi Ye understood how powerful this mystic technique was, but now, it looked like it was being dismantled!

    Was it Luo Huo’er? How could she crack it!?

    Xi Ye had no time to ponder about it as the amount of red light that burst out of the Eternal Eventide Star increased and grew in intensity. It was like the Eternal Eventide Star had been ignited. Without any choice, Xi Ye leaped back because the peach-sized Eternal Eventide Star was emitting thousands of beams of dazzling light at this moment. The entire arena was blinding!


    A violent explosion could be heard as a phantom image of a goddess of war dressed in armor charged out of the exploding Eternal Eventide Star. She was as tall as the mountains, and she had a broadsword in her hand. The gold armor that covered her shone brilliantly!

    Goddess of the River Luo! It was the Luo clan’s totem — the Ancient Fey, Goddess of the River Luo!

    Millions of Luo clan clansmen exclaimed. The Goddess of the River Luo which could only be seen during rituals had appeared in front of their very eyes!

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