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Chapter 940: Chi Zhuiyun’s Round

    Chapter 940: Chi Zhuiyun’s Round

    A killing intent flashed in Princess White Fox’s eyes when she saw Nongying’s state. “You knew that Nongying was not your match, but you remained so heavy-handed.”

    “I’m really sorry.” Tianya Haoyue laughed heartily. “I did not expect this outcome as well. The power of Catoptric Deflection depends completely on the attacker, reflecting any move after it is enhanced in power. Who knew that she was unable to withstand a fight? Yet, she insisted on using such a move without understanding her own strength. It’s only normal for her to be severely injured.”

    Tianya Haoyue’s words infuriated the White Fox disciples.

    Tianya Haoyue was pushing it too far!

    “I’ll mark your words of it being only normal!” Princess White Fox stood up with Nongying in her arms. Her expression was cold as she said, “I’ll make you pay the price.”

    “Oh? I’ll be waiting!” Tianya Haoyue did not seem to mind Princess White Fox’s threat. “I’ve long heard that Princess White Fox has a powerful bloodline. It’s something I want to see!”

    As a haughty person by nature, Tianya Haoyue completely belittled Princess White Fox.

    Princess White Fox handed Nongying to Nongyue before feeding Nongying a relic. But at this moment, a red cloud descended upon the southern desolate mountain plains.

    “I can agree to your wish to battle Tianya Haoyue, but you might no longer have a chance. We are the only two left that has not fought.”

    The person who spoke was Chi Zhuiyun!

    He shook his spear in one hand as he emanated an unstoppable aura!

    From the beginning of the matchups, Yi Yun, Luo Huo’er and company had each fought once, leaving only Chi Zhuiyun and Princess White Fox.

    With Chi Zhuiyun saying this, millions of warriors turned their heads to look at him.

    The situation was filled with twists. Princess White Fox had just challenged Tianya Haoyue, but Chi Zhuiyun wanted to battle her first!

    If Princess White Fox were to lose, there was no need for her to battle Tianya Haoyue.

    Chi Zhuiyun was publicly acknowledged to be extremely mighty!

    Princess White Fox took a deep breath as her face turned sullen. Her figure vanished and with an accompanying electric flash, her figure appeared across Chi Zhuiyun.

    “I’ll fight you,” said Princess White Fox.

    As a representative of the entire White Fox clan, she had to accept the challenge from anyone.

    Above the southern desolate mountain plains, millions of warriors were feeling their blood boil with excitement.

    Chi Zhuiyun versus Princess White Fox!

    Previously, Luo Huo’er’s stunning performance was an eye-opener for everyone, and with Princess White Fox on par with Luo Huo’er, how magnificent would she be?

    “Princess Xue’er! Princess Xue’er!”

    The White Fox disciples cheers resounded.

    At this moment, Tianya Haoyue had returned to his seat.

    Tianya Haoyue flapped his fan, ignoring the cheers of adoration the White Fox disciples gave their princess.

    Princess White Fox wanted to defeat Chi Zhuiyun? That was unlikely as Chi Zhuiyun was someone who had gained the approval of a Divine Lord!

    At this moment, Chi Zhuiyun made his move!

    He vibrated the tip of his spear, causing flames to twirl around the spear immediately.


    A blinding flare burst above the southern desolate mountain plains, as Chi Zhuiyun’s figure, appeared in front of Princess White Fox in a blink of an eye. The burning spear thrust straight towards the middle of Princess White Fox’s eyebrows!

    Princess White Fox’s white hair fluttered as energy surged in front of her!

    However, she remained composed. Lightning bolts flashed all over her body as her slender finger tapped the spear tip gently.

    Princess White Fox’s snow-white finger collided with the flaming spear that was indomitable. The spear seemed like it could pierce through everything and demolish mountains.


    A thundering blast caused the ground to quake!

    Flames and lightning bolts blast out simultaneously as red and bluish-white Yuan Qi radiated in all directions from the explosive center.

    Countless cracks appeared on the ground. After one strike, half of the area where Princess White Fox and Chi Zhuiyun stood had charred, while every plant in the other half withered.

    Princess White Fox’s white finger was left with a bloody wound!

    “Again!” Chi Zhuiyun carved the ground with his spear as his Shura Dao Domain appeared once again. In the Dao Domain, his killing intent raged!

    Princess White Fox crossed her hands, and in the middle of her palms, a strange eye suddenly appeared.

    The eye seemed to come from ancient times. When the spectating warriors saw this eye, they could not help but shudder in fear!

    Eye of the Skyfox!

    At the same time, Princess White Fox closed her eyes slightly, and when she opened her eyes, her eyes resembled the Eye of the Skyfox.

    Princess White Fox mouthed the words, “Nine-tailed Domain.”

    Under the Eye of the Skyfox’s watchful eye, Chi Zhuiyun, as well as his Shura Dao Domain, was enveloped by the Nine-tailed Domain.

    “Her Highness has already grasped the Nine-tailed Domain!” In the seats of honor, Chu Yunjian was astonished. “Her Highness had a Lightning Dao Domain, to begin with, and now, with the Nine-tailed Domain, wouldn’t it be a dual Dao Domain!?”

    Bai Yueqing nodded and revealed a look of satisfaction. The Nine-tailed Domain was a Dao Domain exclusive to the Nine-tailed White Fox. It was a Dao Domain of an Ancient Fey’s, much more powerful than a Lightning Dao Domain!

    “What terrifying talent. Princess Xue’er has far exceeded me at the same realm.” Chu Yunjian said with a sigh.

    Chu Yunjian was also a top genius and he was not wrong. This was indeed a match between two extremely talented elites. The two did not probe the other or hold back their skills. They were using their true skills from the onset.

    “Chi Zhuiyun has been sealed in the Nine-tailed Domain. Xue’er plans on winning in one move, so she did not hold back at all.” Bai Yueqing’s eyes turned serious. It was possible to defeat Chi Zhuiyun by combining the Nine-tailed Domain with the Eye of the Skyfox!

    In the Nine-tailed Domain, Princess White Fox’s figure had quickly shrunk and disappeared. Only a gigantic Eye of the Skyfox was left in the Nine-tailed Domain that stared intently at Chi Zhuiyun!

    At this moment, Luo Huo’er looked elsewhere. “Eh?”

    Demon Girl, who belonged to the Oracle Fey Empire like Chi Zhuiyun, was stepping up as well!

    She had previously defeated Tianya Ping, and after a short break, she had her sights on Yi Yun.

    “Come on.” Demon Girl wiggled her finger.

    She had a wild kind of beauty, so her wiggling finger did not appear frivolous at all.

    The southern desolate mountain plains were extremely wide, and with the spectating warriors leaving ample space for the battle participants, two battles could be simultaneously carried out.

    “First things first, I will not be giving you a chance if you want to use that metallic seal to whack me.” Demon Girl said.

    Yi Yun chuckled. If a clan’s genius were to be defeated by a brick in public, it would indeed leave a psychological scar.

    Similarly, Yi Yun was not planning on using the Heaven Upheaval Seal to deal with Demon Girl. After all, a weapon like a brick was only used by Yi Yun when the person pissed him off.

    Yi Yun wiped his interspatial ring as a sword immediately appeared in his hand.

    Seeing Yi Yun switch weapons, Demon Girl did not look relaxed either. On the contrary, her eyes squinted like a beast as she stared intently at Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun was very strong!

    Demon Girl slowly lifted her arms and with a whoosh, long claws stretched out from her hands. At the same time, her entire form changed, looking more like a Fey beast than human.

    “Watch it!”

    Just as Demon Girl’s voice faded, her figure had disappeared from where she was standing!

    Immediately following that, Yi Yun sensed an intense energy source coming from in front of him, but there was only an emptiness in front of him. There was no one!

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