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Chapter 941: Have some fun with you

    Chapter 941: Have some fun with you

    It was not that there was nobody there, but Demon Girl had turned invisible!

    Yi Yun sensed the distortion of the space around him under the influence of laws.

    “It’s spatial dimension laws.” Luo Huo’er could tell very clearly from her seat of honor.

    “It’s not easy to change the 12 Empyrean Heavens’ spatial dimension laws at the Heaven Ascension realm.” Yi Yun thought.

    This most likely had something to do with Demon Girl’s bloodline. Different Ancient Fey grasped different laws, so it was likely that Demon Girl’s bloodline was related to an Ancient Fey that grasped spatial dimension laws.

    Spatial dimension laws were extremely odd. Demon Girl seemed to enter the void, making it difficult to locate her whereabouts. People who did not know spatial dimension laws would not even be able to put up a defense.

    But at this moment in time, Yi Yun had brandished his sword.

    Yi Yun slashed out at an empty space in front of him.

    Dao patterns condensed on the sword’s blade and as the beams sliced through space, distortions immediately appeared in the space.

    What was Yi Yun doing? Was he trying to crack Demon Girl’s spatial dimension laws by taking the initiative to attack?

    In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had slashed dozens of times successively!

    Distortions could be seen everywhere in space as Yi Yun ignored when or from where Demon Girl would attack. He just slashed out again and again!

    Wherever there was an energy fluctuation, Yi Yun would slash in that direction.

    He had spent a great deal of time in the Heavenly Slaughter Array, fighting countless opponents in it. Hence, he was very keen when it came to energy fluctuations.


    At this moment, a sound similar to a chicken egg cracking was heard as Demon Girl suddenly appeared nearby.

    Her expression was ugly when she appeared. She was also retreating without any qualms, like she was trying to open up a gap between her and Yi Yun.

    However, Yi Yun was already pursuing her with his sword pointed at her.

    There were Dao patterns appearing beneath his feet, and although Yi Yun’s speed did not appear to be fast, every step allowed him to traverse a great distance. In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had appeared behind Demon Girl.


    Demon Girl immediately turned around and swiped with her sharp claws. Ten spatial rifts immediately appeared in front of Yi Yun.

    However, Yi Yun did not dodge the spatial rifts.

    He slashed down with a sword beam that resembled lightning!

    Above the sword beam, Dao patterns trembled, vanquishing the ten spatial rifts, reducing them to countless black dots, and Yi Yun passed through these black dots.

    His sword was pointed straight at Demon Girl’s throat!

    Demon Girl retreated again and again!

    But the sword beam caught up to her at an even faster speed.


    Demon Girl came to a stop, her face ashen.

    Just in front of her throat, the slightly quivering sword came to a stop. Yi Yun just needed to move his hand slightly forward, and her throat would be penetrated.

    “I’ve lost.” Demon Girl said in a whisper.

    She had defeated Tianya Ping in a devastating manner. Similarly, Yi Yun had defeated her with his indomitable sword that undermined her efforts.

    Only then did the warrior audience manage to react. Yi Yun had been using the same move from the beginning, never taking a step back.

    They were both geniuses, but there was a huge gap between them!

    If anyone of them had fought Yi Yun, they would not have been able to even withstand a single strike.

    On the Eternal Eventide Sea’s side, Ye Yi watched Yi Yun standing on the arena with his sword in hand. It was unknown what was on his mind.

    Even their Goddess Xi Ye had been eliminated, but Yi Yun had solidly come up on top, as one of the top talents. Even if he were to be defeated later, he would definitely garner the appreciation of the alliance.

    Yi Yun had used a brick to humiliate him, and it was foreseeable that Yi Yun’s future would be more promising than his. Now, Yi Yun was receiving the kudos of the Luo clan after trampling on him and Demon Girl. Just as Luo Huo’er mentioned, a warrior’s world depended on strength. Ye Yi had a strong feeling that the gap between him and Yi Yun would only grow wider in time.

    “Little Yun, not bad at all!” Luo Huo’er gave Yi Yun a smile from afar.

    At this moment, Yi Yun had also came to the seats of honor.

    Chi Zhuiyun and Princess White Fox’s battle was still ongoing!

    Princess White Fox stood mid air, as her skirt fluttered in the wind while her silvery-white hair moved around freely in the wind. Maintaining a Lightning Domain and Nine-tailed Domain, as well as the Eye of the Skyfox simultaneously was very taxing on Princess White Fox.

    At this moment, a Nine-tailed White Fox phantom image appeared behind Princess White Fox. Simultaneously, lightning flashed as a blinding bolt of lightning condensed into a sword in her hand.

    Princess White Fox held the sword and she thrust at Chi Zhuiyun from afar.

    At the same time, a lightning bolt that manifested as a sword appeared above Chi Zhuiyun as it slashed down at him!

    “Heaven’s Prison Electro-penance!”

    When this strike appeared, it was like divine lightning struck from heaven from out of nowhere. The millions of spectating warriors could feel a tingling sensation on their skin despite standing far away.

    If it were them at the same cultivation realm, there was nothing that they could do but face death against this terrifying strike, considering how Chi Zhuiyun was sealed in a Nine-tailed Domain and being stared at intently by the Eye of the Skyfox!

    And in the Nine-tailed Domain, Chi Zhuiyun, who was facing this strike head on, had the surrounding space around him sealed, with no room for him to dodge!

    Chi Zhuiyun clenched his spear tightly as he was not planning on dodging as well!

    Chi Zhuiyun roared as the Shura Domain beneath his feet suddenly contracted.

    A dark crimson color gathered on his spear, like it was forged out of a blood pool in hell. Just a look at it gave people a jolt through their very souls!

    “This strike is called Shura!”

    Chi Zhuiyun’s aura surged violently as terrifying killing intent emanated from his body. He thrust his spear out at the strike above him!

    The sword and spear clashed in a blink of an eye!

    However, the terrifying collision resulted in a moment of silence.

    After the silence, the energy from the two strikes burst outwards in a circular shockwave! The ground quaked and wherever the energy passed, everything was flattened.

    Princess White Fox’s face turned white as blood seeped from the corner of her mouth.

    The contrast that the scarlet blood created over her fair skin was a captivating pathos.

    The warriors held their breaths as they looked in Chi Zhuiyun’s direction.

    Who was the winner and who was the loser?

    In the raging dust storm, a red figure holding a spear slowly walked out.

    His figure was as straight as his spear.


    With a tremble of his spear, Chi Zhuiyun said with a cold expression, “You have lost!”

    Princess White Fox eventually lost to Chi Zhuiyun!

    The battle process was extremely intense, causing others to feel shortness of breath.

    There was a long moment of silence on the southern desolate mountain plains.

    In the seats of honor, Bai Yueqing clenched his fan tightly as he stared intently at Chi Zhuiyun.

    Beside him, Chu Yunjian also exhaled gently. “Chi Zhuiyun is too strong! I have never seen such talent in my life before.”

    Chu Yunjian’s words were not exaggerated. He too was a top genius, but Chi Zhuiyun gave him a feeling that he was the strongest person of the same generation.

    Chi Zhuiyun was indeed extraordinary for him to gain the recognition of Felicitous Rain Lord!

    “Xue’er’s cultivation realm is still a bit too low.” Bai Yueqing said with a sullen expression.

    “Heh heh, Chi Zhuiyun is at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm, while Princess White Fox is at the Heaven Ascension perfection real, with a rich Nine-tailed White Fox bloodline. There is a gap, but even if Princess White Fox were to enter the half-step Dao Manifestation realm, do you think that she will be able to defeat Chi Zhuiyun? I think it’s very unlikely!”

    “What a pity that Princess White Fox would lose her first round. She previously mentioned that she wanted to teach me a lesson, but it looks like she no longer has the chance to.”

    Tianya Haoyue emotionless voice came from the side. It wasn’t said softly and many people present could read between the lines.

    Princess White Fox, who had just returned from the arena, also heard it clearly.

    She faltered slightly. She could ignore Tianya Haoyue’s verbal humiliation, but he had deliberately injured Nongying and he still remained so arrogant.

    Unfortunately, she had been defeated in a single battle, no longer having the chance to battle Tianya Haoyue.

    “Haha! Goddess Xi Ye and Princess White Fox have both been defeated. It seems that the both of them do not live up to their reputations. Now, there’s only Chi Zhuiyun and the two from the Luo clan. I’m rather interested in how Luo Huo’er will fare.”

    Tianya Haoyue’s tone was extremely arrogant, so arrogant that the White Fox disciples wanted to brutally beat him up. As for the defeated Eternal Eventide clan, they were feeling vexed as well.

    “To dare say he is rather interested. Who does he think he is!?”

    The Luo clan disciples were infuriated as well. This person was too good at posturing.

    At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. “Curb your interest. I’ll have some fun with you in the next round.”


    Tianya Haoyue’s eyes turned serious as he looked towards Yi Yun. He saw Yi Yun heading towards the arena on the desolate plains once again after defeating Demon Girl!

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