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Chapter 943: Purple Dragon’s Roar

    Chapter 943: Purple Dragon’s Roar

    Catoptric Deflection used by Tianya Haoyue was a top-grade martial technique that the World Margin Sect retrieved from the Sinkhole mystic realm. Regardless of the cultivation technique that attacked Tianya Haoyue, it would be replicated and reflected.

    With this martial technique, Tianya Haoyue was considered invincible against his peers.

    However, Catoptric Deflection had failed to replicate Yi Yun’s sword technique!

    What could be the reason?

    If it wasn’t for his enchanted armor, Tianya Haoyue would have already been defeated! This was not a life and death battle after all. If he was injured, losing by one move was also considered to be a defeat.

    “What the heck did you just do?” Tianya Haoyue coldly questioned Yi Yun. He refused to believe that Catoptric Deflection was ineffective against Yi Yun. This was something that he had never encountered before!

    “Is there a need to explain what I did?” Yi Yun sneered. Catoptric Deflection definitely had its limits. It could reflect moves and laws, but if the attack was too powerful or the laws involved were too profound, it would not be able to reflect them.

    Yi Yun’s attack from before had been augmented with a Dao pattern from the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. This mysterious Dao pattern was something that even mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven failed to understand, much less Tianya Haoyue. So what if it was Catoptric Deflection? How was Catoptric Deflection going to reflect it?

    Of course, Yi Yun would not explain such matters, but instead, he said with derision, “Isn’t the Catoptric Deflection very awesome, so awesome that it makes you invincible? Why is there a need to wear armor?”

    The spectating warriors found it humorous when they heard this. Yi Yun remained unsparing with his words and he specifically targeted Tianya Haoyue’s soft spots.

    No one could have seen the armor worn by Tianya Haoyue previously, but now, it was exposed to millions of pairs of eyes.

    Upon hearing Yi Yun’s mockery, Tianya Haoyue felt that everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

    Tianya Haoyue was accustomed to being in the limelight, but it was not with gazes of distrust and cynicism!

    Tianya Haoyue clenched his teeth and said, “So what if there’s an armor? In a life-and-death battle between warriors, would you complain that the opponent was wearing armor after being killed? What a joke! Weapons, puppets, pills and relics are a part of a warrior’s combat strength!”

    As Tianya Haoyue said this, he ripped off his tattered shirt, revealing a layer of soft purplish-golden armor. A duel between warriors was not like a trial. Any weapon or armor was free to be use.

    “Yi Yun, curb those words of yours because the person that will lose will be you!” Tianya Haoyue took a step forward as he spoke before slashing with his moonblade.

    “Dance of the Full Moon!”

    Immediately, a cold netherbeam tore through the void, forming a silverish-white beam that shot towards Yi Yun.

    Countless blade beams descended from the sky like the pouring of moonlight or the surge of a galaxy.

    The spectating warriors found it stifling when they saw such an attack. It looked like there was no room for escape, with every angle of retreat being sealed off.

    Every blade beam looked captivating, but they contained extremely terrifying killing intent.

    Indeed, as the top disciple of the World Margin Sect, Tianya Haoyue was still very powerful without relying on Catoptric Deflection!

    From Yi Yun’s point of view, it was like he saw a gigantic moon crushing down on him. As the moon rapidly approached him, the dim moonlight became thousands of blade beams , like they would tear him into pieces.

    “Golden Crow totem!”


    A gigantic three-legged Golden Crow shot out from behind Yi Yun as a pure Yang inferno consumed the moon. Instantly, there was a burst of light above the southern desolate mountain plains!

    The blinding light made it difficult to look straight at it. And the intense sounds of collision was resembled the pattering of rain in a storm.

    Fiery beams of light filled the sky like countless scars. What was a clear and beautiful sky now looked as though the firmaments were rupturing.

    This scene was astounding!

    Suddenly, a figure charged out of the fiery storm in a dazzling brilliance. Yi Yun thrust his sword straight at Tianya Haoyue!

    Yi Yun had withstood Dance of the Moon and his strike was aimed straight at Tianya Haoyue’s lower spine!


    The sword penetrated Catoptric Deflection’s defence and proceeded forward in an indomitable fashion!

    Despite seeing the sword approaching him and Catoptric Deflection failing once again, Tianya Haoyue was not alarmed. With a sneer, he focused and circulated his Yuan Qi.


    A gigantic shield of light appeared in front of Tianya Haoyue, blocking Yi Yun’s strike!


    The sword beam shattered into what seemed like snowflakes. The millions of people that filled the desolate plains held their breaths at this moment.

    Tianya Haoyue retreated several steps back, but he remained unscathed.

    The reflection of Catoptric Deflection had failed, but the shield was able to withstand every attack from Yi Yun.

    This shield came from the armor.

    It was the armor again!

    “Your attack… is nothing much after all!” Tianya Haoyue waved his hand and he wiped away the remaining pure Yang flames in front of him. “I’m not afraid to tell you that this is a supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor of my World Margin Sect, the Purple Dragon’s Roar Armor. It is indestructible at the Dao Manifestation realm. Let’s see what you can do to me!”

    In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, it was not uncommon for large factions to prepare top-grade protective items to protect their elite disciples. Protective items were different from assault weapons. Weapons only needed to be sharp and hard, used for killing.

    However, protective items, even if they were full-bodied armor, would fail to withstand the intrusion of Yuan Qi and laws. They would be ineffective for protection. In order to withstand fatal energy attacks, they needed the warrior to inject Yuan Qi into them as well.

    As such, armors had an effective cultivation level for use. It allowed a warrior of the corresponding level to push the armor’s defensive capabilities to its highest point.

    Regardless of the cultivation level classification, armors that were considered to be supreme-grade were few and far between. It was not commonly seen even amongst large factions. The value of a supreme-grade Heaven Ascension realm armor could even be hundreds of times higher than a top-grade armor at the Dao Manifestation realm.

    But now, Tianya Haoyue was wearing a supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor!

    Tianya Haoyue’s cultivation level was at the Heaven Ascension, but in terms of strength, he was not weaker than Dao Manifestation realm warriors. Therefore, he was also able to produce the full defensive capabilities of the Purple Dragon’s Roar Armor.

    It was not considered bragging to claim that a supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor was indestructible at the Dao Manifestation realm!

    Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Yi Yun’s offensive strength was extremely perverse, allowing him to barely break through the supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor’s defense, how much of his offensive strength would there be left after that? It was probably 20-30%!

    How was one to win if one’s attack was reduced by 70-80% while battling the top genius of the World Margin Sect?

    “To think that he is using a supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor. That Tianya Haoyue is shameless!”

    The Luo clan disciples hailed invectives at him.

    “How can clinching victory using an armor be considered talent!?”

    “If you have the guts, take off your armor!”

    Many Luo clan disciples booed at Tianya Haoyue, but Tianya Haoyue scoffed. “Getting one to take off one’s armor in a duel between two warriors? How retarded can the words the lot of you be? One’s background is also a part of one’s strength. Yi Yun, if there is anything to blame, blame yourself from coming from a lower realm, making you as poor as dirt! Hahaha!”

    Tianya Haoyue guffawed.

    “Supreme-grade armor? Indestructible at the Dao Manifestation realm?” Yi Yun picked his ears and he put the sword in his hand away. As he wiped his interspatial ring, he said, “Then, I want to see if this sword of mine will be able to slash through that supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor of yours.”

    Just as his voice faded, a rusty ancient sword appeared in Yi Yun’s hand. It was in a miserable state and what rendered people speechless was that the sword was broken. It was only half of a sword.

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