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Chapter 945: The direction in which the sword points

    Chapter 945: The direction in which the sword points

    After Yi Yun defeated Tianya Haoyue, there was a moment of silence before deafening cheers came from the surrounding Luo clan warriors.

    “Yi Yun!”

    “Yi Yun!”

    To the Luo clan warriors, the battle that just happened in the southern desolate mountain plains was truly rousing. The dark clouds that came from Chi Zhuiyun’s declaration of sweeping the Luo clan was wiped clean!

    Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er had defeated Tianya Haoyue and goddess Xi Ye respectively. They could be called the Luo clan’s Gemini Gods of War!

    Furthermore, people realized that not only was Yi Yun powerful, even the sword in his hand was extraordinary. With that sword, Yi Yun had managed to slash through the Dragon’s Roar Purple Armor that should not have been broken in the Dao Manifestation realm.

    “I wonder what history Yi Yun’s sword has… ” Someone asked curiously.

    However, people shook their heads in response to this person’s question. An elder with quite an impressive cultivation level said, “Since the weapon that Yi Yun has has been corroded so badly, it must be a weapon left behind from primordial eras! However, there are just too many divine weapons from primordial eras. The 12 Empyrean Heavens is so large, so to suddenly reveal one of them, who can guess its history. Many weapons exist in books of legend, having existed for hundreds of millions of years, or even billions of years. They might be buried in a ruin, yet to be discovered. The day that it sees the light of day again, those who had seen such a divine weapon might have already been dead for dozens of generations. It’s impossible to recognize them based on the description in records, unless one knows where the ruin was and infer based on the ruin’s history.”

    “That’s right! If there is a precise location of the ruin, especially if the ruin’s master leaves behind notes or cultivation manuals, only then is there a chance to barely infer from those materials. However, over billions of years, the description in the books might not all be true.” Another elder said.

    Although they had inferred that the weapon in Yi Yun’s hand was of primordial origin, it was apparent that Yi Yun’s strength was lacking for entering a primordial ruin in an escapade.

    Then, the most likely possibility was that a mighty figure had taken the sword out of the primordial ruin, and eventually died from age or an accident, leaving behind a new ruin. Such an event might happen several times, and for some reason, this sword had eventually landed in Yi Yun’s hands.

    In that case, trying to probe its origins was truly nearly impossible. Of course, its power was beyond doubt.

    “This should have been an opportunity that Yi Yun encountered. Only a genius with providence augmented on him can go further. If our Luo clan wants to become strong, we have to try our best to nurture and protect such a genius.”

    The Luo clan had existed in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven for a very long time, but compared to a Divine Lord level faction, the Luo clan was still greatly lacking. And now, with the Fey Phantasm Sect looming in the horizon, it threatened the survival of the Luo clan. At such a juncture, the Luo clan had to use whatever hidden capabilities it has. If not, it was not impossible that the Fey Phantasm Sect would wipe them out.


    At this moment, Tianya Haoyue, who had been knocked unconscious by the brick, had been hastily removed from the arena by people from the World Margin Sect. However, Yi Yun remained standing on the arena, while cheers continued!

    As one of the Luo clan’s Gemini Gods of War, Yi Yun’s popularity surged, with him nearly catching up to Luo Huo’er.

    Now, the Luo clan had already defeated the Eternal Eventide Sea and World Margin Sect, leaving only the Oracle Fey Empire, which also had the strongest person, Chi Zhuiyun.

    Chi Zhuiyun had obtained the approval of Felicitous Rain Lord and he had previously defeated Princess White Fox. Furthermore, people could tell that Chi Zhuiyun had yet to go all out.

    He was able to defeat Princess White Fox without doing his best. In addition to how he had defeated a White Fox clan genius that had been famous for a very long time, Chu Yunjian who was at the Dao Manifestation realm, Chi Zhuiyun’s strength was unfathomable.

    Now, the two genius of the Luo clan, Luo Huo’er and Yi Yun, were going to fight Chi Zhuiyun, but the members of the Luo clan were still uncertain.

    What was the limit of Chi Zhuiyun’s strength, considering how his cultivation level had reached half-step Dao Manifestation?

    Many people had such questions in mind, but the outcome would be revealed almost immediately. The only people who remained undefeated was Luo Huo’er, Yi Yun and Chi Zhuiyun. Regardless of it was Luo Huo’er or Yi Yun, the fight any one of them had with Chi Zhuiyun was enough to send ardor and zeal coursing through their blood!

    “Princess Purple Spirit will fight first. Maybe Princess Purple Spirit will be able to defeat Chi Zhuiyun!”

    “Don’t be too optimistic. Although I adore Princess Purple Spirit, truthfully, the feeling that Chi Zhuiyun gives me is that he’s very strong. That person is unfathomable, or else why do you think that Felicitous Rain Lord would approve of him? It is Felicitous Rain Lord, an important person that leaves even our Luo clan’s Third Imperial Uncle in the dust!”

    In fact, during Luo Huo’er’s battle with Xi Ye and the battle between Yi Yun and Tianya Haoyue, many people had observed Chi Zhuiyun’s reaction. From the beginning to the end, he did not reveal any looks of surprise. It was like everything was well within his grasp!

    Especially in the seats of honor, Chu Yunjian and Prince Crimson Firmament had been monitoring Chi Zhuiyun from the very beginning. The way that Chi Zhuiyun remained so calm and composed, having that expression like he was confident about facing any sudden turmoil, was extremely irritating. But at the same time, it also cast a dark cloud over them.

    A possibility for Chi Zhuiyun to remain so calm could very be that Luo Huo’er and Yi Yun’s strength had never exceeded his expectations. He had the ability to deal with them!

    “According to the rules, Princess Purple Spirit will fight Chi Zhuiyun first! Princess Purple Spirit is extremely gifted, but her cultivation level and age are her disadvantage. Even if Princess Purple Spirit is no match for Chi Zhuiyun, she will be able to drastically expend Chi Zhuiyun’s stamina. In the following match, it would be Yi Yun, and he should be on par with Princess Purple Spirit in terms of strength. With the two of them fighting one after another, I don’t believe that Chi Zhuiyun would remain undefeated!”

    A few Luo clan courtiers discussed in private. Although Emperor Luo and Empress Luo were not present, it was only because they needed to consider their stature. For such an important showdown, everyone in the Luo clan attached a great importance with it, so the Luo clan courtiers naturally would not be absent. They were only standing amongst the ordinary spectators, without revealing their identities.

    Chi Zhuiyun wanted to sweep through the geniuses of the Luo clan with his blatant challenge, so he certainly had to accept challenges by the Luo clan geniuses one after another. Since the rules were as such, there was nothing about it being unfair!

    “It should be Chi Zhuiyun and Princess Purple Spirit’s turn now.”

    The Luo clan courtiers discussed in private, but they realized that Yi Yun remained in the arena.

    “What is Yi Yun doing?”

    Many people failed to understand.

    “Hmph! That punk probably has never experienced the cheers coming from millions of people and he is probably intoxicated by it!” In the seats of honor, Oracle Fey Empire’s ambassador, Yu Tianfeng said disdainfully.

    As long as Yi Yun remained in the arena, the fervent audience of the Luo clan would not stop with their cheers. Each burst was louder than the previous one, like it was a tsunami or landslide!

    With millions of people watching the duels, the battles allowed one to make a name of oneself. Millions of warriors were cheering, reverberating the lands, tearing through the cosmos!

    Such glory was the dream of countless people!

    At this moment, it was Yi Yun’s new peak in life, but it was not necessarily a good thing for young people. The moment that one was intoxicated in it, it was easy to lose oneself and make it difficult to extricate oneself from the situation. It might even put a halt to any progress!

    Yu Tianfeng apparently had such a thought as he said with a sneer, “That punk has only defeated an arrogant man from the World Margin Sect, and he thinks he’s the strongest in the world? He has probably forgotten who he is. He has immersed himself in the cheers for nearly a minute. How long does he want to stand there?”

    Yu Tianfeng’s words were not said with a voice transmission, so Chu Yunjian, Prince Crimson Firmament, Bai Yueqing and company, who were sitting in the seats of honor, heard him clearly.

    Prince Crimson Firmament’s face sank. Although he disliked Yi Yun, he was very irritated by the way that Yu Tianfeng spoke.

    “Huo’er, it’s time for you to go on up. Tell Yi Yun to return. Standing there for too long isn’t good.” Prince Crimson Firmament did not want Yi Yun to continue standing there either. It would illustrate that the Luo clan geniuses were overly arrogant. Now, there was exuberance, but if Yi Yun was to be defeated by Chi Zhuiyun later, it would disgrace the Luo clan completely. When the time came, the irritating Yu Tianfeng would jump out and say something like “All of you shouted too fervently, in the end, he’s not even able to withstand a hit”.

    “Get Yi Yun to return? The reason why Yi Yun hasn’t returned is because his conversing with me in a transmission!”

    When Luo Huo’er said this, Yu Tianfeng guffawed and said, “Right! It’s best to discuss how to expend Zhuiyun’s stamina. If the two of you work well together, there might be that glimmer of hope. Everyone should always have hope, shouldn’t they?” Yu Tianfeng said with a teasing tone as Luo Huo’er’s eyebrows pricked up.

    She gave Yu Tianfeng a teasing look as her lips moved slightly, as she transmitted her voice to Yi Yun: “Little Yun, proceed as you proposed.”

    “Alright!” On the arena, Yi Yun gave a heavy nod.

    At this moment, the arena in the vast wilderness had an audience of millions who were in fervor!

    Yi Yun stood proudly amid the millions of cheers, and at that moment, Yi Yun was extremely ready!

    Suddenly, he lifted his sword and pointed it straight at Chi Zhuiyun!

    “Chi Zhuiyun! I’ll be the only one battling you today! Come on down!” Yi Yun’s roar echoed in the vast wilderness, abruptly drowning out the cheers from the millions of people!

    “Come on down!”

    “Come on down!”

    “Come on down!”


    The loud voice reverberated again and again as millions of people held their breath. The cheers had also come to an abrupt halt.

    Yi Yun was planning on challenging Chi Zhuiyun alone today!?

    Millions of pairs of eyes instantly gathered on Chi Zhuiyun who was sitting on a seat of honor!

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