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Chapter 946: A Sword Through Nirvana!

    Chapter 946: A Sword Through Nirvana!

    Chi Zhuiyun immediately became the focus of attention.

    As for Yi Yun’s voice, it constantly echoed throughout the desolate plains.

    Only after Yi Yun’s voice faded away did Chi Zhuiyun slowly speak. His voice wasn’t loud, but it was easily able to suppress the din from millions of people, reaching the ears of everyone.

    “You want to challenge me alone?”

    Chi Zhuiyun’s words were like he was of supreme stature, with a condescending arrogance.

    “Hahahaha!” Chi Zhuiyun burst out laughing. “To continue to challenge me after experiencing an intense battle, you are really biting off more than you can chew!”

    As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, he stood up from his seat of honor. Putting his hand out, his spear landed in his palm.

    He turned around and looked at Luo Huo’er, who was sitting on a seat of honor as well. “You know that you will lose to me, so you aren’t going to fight?”

    “Tch!” Luo Huo’er scoffed. “Who do you think you are? Does every genius of the alliance revolve around you? You think that we want to engage in a tag-team battle? Today, Yi Yun alone will battle you so that you won’t come up with excuses after losing!”

    Luo Huo’er was merciless in her mockery, but the crowd was secretly horrified when they heard her. Luo Huo’er was too bold with her words!

    In fact, even though many members of the Luo clan were cheering for Yi Yun, they were actually a little flustered. With Luo Huo’er saying such things, how was she going to get out of the situation if they lost in the end?

    “Princess Purple Spirit, your words seem certain that Zhuiyun will lose? Is it because of Yi Yun?” The person who spoke was Yu Tianfeng. It was like he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

    Luo Huo’er could not be bothered with the retard as she looked at Yi Yun and sent a voice transmission. “Little Yun, I’m counting on you. I’ve already helped you take the step forward.”

    Yi Yun was speechless. “You have so much confidence in me, but you don’t even know the limits to my strength, right?”

    “I really do not know. In a while, if you were to lose, we will be bearing the brunt of it together, so I hope that you can give me a pleasant surprise.” Luo Huo’er said nonchalantly. She always had such a rash personality. So what if they lost?

    When Yi Yun heard Luo Huo’er’s words, a smile flashed in his eyes. “Alright!”

    “Since you want to challenge me, I’ll grant you your wish!” As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, he took a step out into the void, and he walked towards Yi Yun, who was standing in the middle of the arena!

    Every step he took caused fluctuations in the void, like it was the rhythm of the Dao.

    It was tens of thousands of feet away from the seats of honor to where Yi Yun was in the middle of the arena. However, in a few steps, Chi Zhuiyun had already landed in the arena, just a hundred feet away from Yi Yun.

    “If you and Purple Spirit had joined forces to fight me one after another, I might have to be slightly serious. But now… if I’m just dealing with you alone, the War Demon Form is sufficient!”

    War Demon Form?

    No one understood what War Demon Form Chi Zhuiyun was referring to, but without a doubt, it was definitely not Chi Zhuiyun’s full strength.

    Yi Yun laughed and said, “Really? Usually, people who say such things raise death flags and die even faster.”

    The conversation between the two was sharp and biting, stirring the emotions of the audience.

    This was exactly what it meant to be young and crazy!

    “Cut the nonsense!”

    Chi Zhuiyun raised his spear as his Shura Domain spread out!

    In an instant, a crimson patch emanated from beneath Chi Zhuiyun’s feet, instantly engulfing the entire arena!

    This sanguine energy enveloped Chi Zhuiyun and his spear. There were countless phantom images of wraiths and demons struggling and wiggling above the spear as they emitted intermittent howling and wailing.

    For such a scene to appear suddenly in the eyes of millions of warriors, it was like Chi Zhuiyun had charged out of a hellish prison!

    Even as spectators, they felt a sense of horror when they saw such a scene.

    “It’s Chi Zhuiyun’s Shura Dao Domain!”

    In the eyes of everyone, it was as if the entire southern desolate mountain plains had disappeared. There was only Chi Zhuiyun in this world, like he was the center of the universe, the source of all massacres! Just looking at him made people feel like they were lost in nightmares, unable to extricate themselves.

    Just a Dao Domain alone had enveloped millions of people, impeding their mental processes. Chi Zhuiyun’s Shura Dao Domain was simply amazing!

    “Yi Yun has been engulfed by the Dao Domain!”

    “Say, it seems that Yi Yun has yet to demonstrate his own Dao Domain!”

    People thought about it carefully, and indeed, Yi Yun still did not have a Dao Domain. A Dao Domain was the attainment of a certain nomological cultivation level. It was able to affect the surrounding space, forming a small world.

    Dao Domain was a realm of Dao, but Dao Domains might not be suitable to be used in battle because a Dao Domain itself did not have any offensive capabilities.

    Even the members of the Luo clan had to admit that Chi Zhuiyun’s Shura Dao Domain was terrifying. It was like it permeated all of existence, slaughtering gods and killing buddhas, like the entire world had fallen into darkness!

    As for Yi Yun, he had been engulfed by the darkness. In their perception, they could not even locate Yi Yun anymore.

    The members of the Luo clan felt their hearts tighten. If Yi Yun was completely suppressed by Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain, there was no need to carry on the fight.

    And at this moment —


    A dazzling light flashed as pure Yang flames burst out from the darkness and shot straight towards Chi Zhuiyun like it was the light of dawn that pierced through the twilight.

    This was a sword beam that pierced the heart.

    Pure Yang Sword Intent!

    Back then, the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner had used this strike to cleave a Great World apart, and now, in Yi Yun’s hand, this strike pierced through the Shura Dao Domain, moving forward in the darkness in an indomitable fashion!


    When Chi Zhuiyun thrust his spear forward like a dragon, the swirling wraiths lingering around the crimson spear headed straight for Yi Yun!

    An intense clash between spear and sword beams!


    With an explosion, the wraiths were consumed by the pure Yang flames, vanishing into nothingness!

    “Not bad! But in my domain, the power of bloodlust that I have is endless. I want to see how much you can burn!”

    As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, he stirred the clouds and the wind with his spear. The wraiths that were incinerated by the pure Yang flames crawled out once again. They struggled to come together and they increased in size, like they were emanating a devilish fire.

    This is…

    It was alarming. How could they reappear again after being burnt to ash by the pure Yang flames?

    This was probably what they meant by the resurgence of dying embers.

    What Chi Zhuiyun said that the power of bloodlust was endless in the Shura Domain was nothing but the truth!

    If the power of bloodlust could constantly be reborn, how were these demons going to be vanquished?

    The crowd began to worry for Yi Yun.

    At this moment, the demons had combined with each other to form a war demon that had bare fangs protruding out of a hideous face in front of Chi Zhuiyun. The war demon went from a genuflection before slowly standing up. Its body was hundreds of feet tall, and in front of Yi Yun, it resembled a small mountain.


    The war demon suddenly gave an angry bellow.

    The angry roar caused the minds of the warriors present to quiver, as their lifeblood churned in turmoil.

    What is that!?

    “War Demon Form!”

    Chi Zhuiyun hooked his spear up and immediately, a sea of blood was stirred!

    At the same time, the terrifying war demon raised the spear in its hand, its actions identical to Chi Zhuiyun.

    Like a gigantic pillar, the spear was thrust ruthlessly at Yi Yun. Thick bloodlust caused the surrounding air to turn viscous and sticky.

    “It’s time for your defeat!”

    The spear struck out as the world faded in color!

    “Just nice!”

    At this moment, Yi Yun struck out with his sword as well.

    The rusty broken sword, a lonely figure, charged at the war demon, like a moth heading into the fire.

    However, just as Yi Yun was about to clash with the war demon’s spear, a dazzling brilliance burst out from behind him!

    The Golden Crow screeched as the Nine Neonate howled!


    An explosive clash immediately caused a shockwave to burst out into the surroundings.

    In the sky above Yi Yun, shockwaves burst out incessantly, penetrating the clouds, and leaving a gigantic hole above the arena in the desolate plains.

    It was just the beginning of that single strike.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Both sides exchanged attacks again and again. Terrifying power and astounding speed were possessed by the two figures as thunder-like claps echoed from their exchanges!

    It was so fast that the warriors spectating the battle found it overwhelming.

    They held their breaths as their hearts leaped to their throats.

    “Yi Yun doesn’t have a Dao Domain, but every one of his nomological sword strikes is able to cleave the Shura Dao Domain in front of him apart,” said Bai Yueqing.

    Chu Yunjian was also surprised seeing this battle. In the previous battles, Yi Yun did not even use his true strength. The speed at which his sword was slashed and the power in his strikes were too amazing. It had assumed formlessness.

    However, Yi Yun’s cultivation realm was lower than Chi Zhuiyun’s. If they continued to expend their energies in such a manner, the road ahead for Yi Yun would be bleak. The crux of the matter was that Chi Zhuiyun’s Shura Dao Domain’s bloodlust power was endless.

    If this continued on, Yi Yun would be lacking in stamina.

    At this moment, a desolate aura suddenly surged out of the Shura Domain!

    Yi Yun was calm, as an ancient and lifeless concept was augmented on his sword.

    This strike thrust straight at Chi Zhuiyun and accompanying it was a stance of the soteriological annihilation of everything!


    The broken sword clashed with the gigantic war demon’s spear, and time seemed to freeze at that moment!

    A crisp crack sounded, like a mirror breaking. The war demon and its spear appeared like a statue that had experienced eons in an instant.

    First, it turned gray before shattering, and finally, it was reduced to smithereens!

    Withering concept — A Sword Through Nirvana!

    In front of time, even a demon would wither and decay. A demon could be reborn after being slain, but once they turned to ash because of time, they would experience complete nirvana.

    With the war demon soteriologically annihilated, Yi Yun’s sword maintained a slashing pose, but there were no longer any barriers. His sword was aiming straight at Chi Zhuiyun!

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