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Chapter 947: Celestial Demon Form

    Chapter 947: Celestial Demon Form


    A sword that was burning with pure Yang flames came straight at Chi Zhuiyun’s face!

    Chi Zhuiyun was alarmed as he swiped his spear that could wipe out armies!


    The sword and spear beams clashed, resulting in a furious explosion. A visible shockwave quaked the Shura Dao Domain, as the Dao Domain began to turn chaotic.

    “Your War Demon Form is just that and nothing more!” Yi Yun’s voice echoed throughout the southern desolate mountain plains!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s pupils constricted, but he did not retort.

    Yi Yun’s strike had indeed caught him by surprise, it had annihilated his war demon!

    In Chi Zhuiyun’s Shura Domain, the war demon was undying, it could be said to be invincible!

    All opponents would have suffered defeat from a battle of attrition unless they could break through his Shura Domain. However, Chi Zhuiyun had no peer who had such strength.

    But now, the war demon that was slain by Yi Yun had its vitality withered, so it could never be reborn!

    The Shura Domain did not breakdown, but the War Demon Form had collapsed. This was the first time that Chi Zhuiyun encountered such a situation.

    “What kind of attack is that?” Chi Zhuiyun asked in a solemn voice.

    “Withering concept.” Yi Yun did not conceal it. There were millions of people present, with old freaks that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years. There was bound to be someone who could recognize it.

    The withering concept was able to directly extinguish vitality, preventing it from recovering.

    There were numerous elixirs in this world that could regrow broken limbs, or reconnect meridians, but there was no elixir in the world that could increase the lifespan of a person unless that person’s life force potential had yet to end.

    This was the power of the ages. Withering was unstoppable. The world would not last forever, and it was difficult for warriors to gain immortality — at least that was what it seemed at this moment in time.

    “So it’s the Withering concept. That concept is extremely strange and very rare.” A warrior said in awe.

    On his seat of honor, Yu Tianfeng’s eyebrows pricked up slightly. He never expected that Yi Yun would possess a few tricks up his sleeves. Yi Yun had used the Withering concept to tear Chi Zhuiyun’s War Demon Form down.

    Previously, Chi Zhuiyun had declared that the War Demon Form was sufficient in his battle with Yi Yun. But now, the fact of the matter was that it was far from sufficient using the War Demon Form!

    “It looks like I have underestimated you. I take back my words. Then, I want to see if you can handle my next move!” Chi Zhuiyun raised his spear high.

    Yi Yun grunted coldly and said, “There’s no reason for me to break through your moves, you can try to see if you can withstand my sword and sabers!”

    A sword beam flashed around as a thin sword edge tore through a huge blackened rift in the ground like a large and terrifying claw!

    At the same time, 999 Thousand Snow flying sabers flew out from Yi Yun’s interspatial ring. The Thousand Snow Domain was set up in place!

    Intense saber aura and sword beams were things that the Shura Dao Domain could not longer contain. Warriors who were slightly weaker and stood in the direction of Chi Zhuiyun could not help but take a few steps back.

    Their protective Yuan Qi had been invoked by the sword beams and saber aura!

    Yi Yun’s offensive was too terrifying. Even without a Dao Domain, just that attack alone was enough to cause Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain to experience tremors. However… it still did not collapse!

    “A good sword! A good saber! But that’s only because you have good weapons!” Chi Zhuiyun bellowed as he slammed his spear into the ground.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The ground blasted upwards!

    Rubble flew up as soil filled the sky!

    Following the landing of Chi Zhuiyun’s spear, the Shura Domain beneath his feet abruptly contracted, converging back into his spear.

    A ferocious demonic phantom surfaced on his spear. This demonic phantom seemed to blend with the spear as one.

    The spear was trembling as it issued bloodthirsty cries.

    Many warriors felt their eyes start to hurt. It was a peerless weapon of murder!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s spear tip swept the ground, and immediately, the ground burst into flames and it was dyed crimson.

    “Ten Thousand Demons!”

    The spear produced rapid shadows, as the spear tip clashed with the sword beam!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s sword encountered Yi Yun’ sword and sabers!


    A burning hell appeared as Chi Zhuiyun and Yi Yun’s figures were immediately deluged by the color of blood.

    The entire arena was immediately consumed by a sea of blood.

    And in this sanguine color, countless wraiths appeared and pounced on Yi Yun. They let out cackles that sent shivers down the back!

    This spear attack was a form of purgatory!

    Many warriors felt their heartbeats racing. They were not immersed in purgatory, but their minds were affected.

    It was too powerful. The Shura Domain’s power could even be augmented on the spear beam. It was like there was no way to see Chi Zhuiyun’s full power!

    “This time, Yi Yun should be defeated,” said Demon Girl.

    He was one who was qualified to make Chi Zhuiyun produce such an attack. Furthermore, Chi Zhuiyun was the number one genius of the Oracle Fey Empire.

    Yi Yun’s strength had astounded her. But at this stage in the battle, could Yi Yun still withstand it?

    The Luo clan disciples held their breaths as they watched intently. What had happened to Yi Yun?

    At this moment, a sword beam tore through the sea of blood. The blood hell seemed like ice that encountered fire. It constantly melted as the wraiths let out shrill screams before turning to dust.

    Yi Yun’s figure dashed out of the sea along with his sword beam.

    His sword was humming while the space around the sword was distorted. The sword was augmented with the Dao patterns of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    The Dao patterns meandered in a undefinable but abstruse manner.

    Chi Zhuiyun’s eyebrows pricked up. He had previously seen Yi Yun’s mysterious sword that was augmented by the Dao patterns. The Dao patterns were extremely abstruse. A slash with such an augmented sword varied in strength. A weak strike was no different to an ordinary strike, but when it was strong enough, it could defeat Tianya Haoyue!

    Previously, Chi Zhuiyun believed that that was the limit to the Dao-patterned strike. But now, from the looks of it, it was far from the truth. Therefore, in the battle with Yi Yun, the Dao-patterned sword was enough to rip through his Ten Thousand Demons!

    What attack was it, and why was it so powerful?

    This was the first time that Chi Zhuiyun encountered an opponent that belonged to the younger generation whose limits he could not fathom. Furthermore, it was only a single attack!

    At this moment, Chi Zhuiyun was alarmed, but Yi Yun was surprised as well!

    The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existences’s Dao-patterned sword power was as powerful as he wished it to be. It only became stronger against a stronger opponent!

    However, Chi Zhuiyun was too powerful. Chi Zhuiyun’s Ten Thousand Demons attack had consumed a great deal of Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi!

    Yi Yun had obviously not used the entire 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, but Yi Yun did not want to use his trump card too easily. Furthermore, he wanted to force his strength to its limits. Besides, he knew that Chi Zhuiyun had an ace up his sleeve!

    Chi Zhuiyun had previously said that the War Demon Form was sufficient to deal with him.

    Although it was later proven that the War Demon Form was insufficient, it also meant that Chi Zhuiyun had a stronger form!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s style of battle was like a predator approaching its prey. He would close in and finally issue a critical strike!

    In such a battle, it was not a simple battle to determine whose attack was stronger. This was because Yi Yun did not have the confidence in the fact that he could beat Chi Zhuiyun in a single move!

    Once his strongest move failed to end the battle, he would be the one that was defeated!

    “You are quite an impressive opponent!” said Chi Zhuiyun. “Ever since the Yuan Opening realm, I have never been defeated by any peer. Today, I will not be defeated either! Your Dao-patterned sword must have a limit. As for me, I will use my strongest move. It is one that I have not fully grasped — Celestial Demon Form!”

    “Here’s a warning. At the moment that the Celestial Demon Form is used, it will be difficult for me to control due to its power. I might accidentally kill you. There’s still time for you to throw in the towel! Your cultivation level is lower than me by half a level after all. Such an opponent like you is rare and I look forward to your growth.”

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