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Chapter 948: Who is the Shura

    Chapter 948: Who is the Shura

    When Chi Zhuiyun mentioned how he was looking forward to Yi Yun’s growth, it was like he was a senior talking to a junior. This pissed off a great deal of the Luo clan clansmen present.

    But even though they were pissed, no one made any sarcastic comments because Chi Zhuiyun was really formidable.

    War Demon Form! Celestial Demon Form!

    From the beginning of the battle, Chi Zhuiyun had mentioned that the War Demon Form was only his first battle form.

    Other than the bloodlust war demon that attacked Yi Yun previously, even the ‘Ten Thousand Demons’ spear attack that Chi Zhuiyun used at the end, none of them deviated from the War Demon Form!

    A War Demon Form was already so powerful, so to what extent would the Celestial Demon Form signify? According to Chi Zhuiyun, this was his ultimate power, one that he could not control.

    A confrontation of this degree was obviously life-threatening!

    It was not impossible for one’s life to be threatened in an intense battle between top geniuses as they used their full strengths.

    Everyone in the Luo clan was breaking out into a cold sweat for Yi Yun!

    They did not know if Yi Yun was able to withstand Chi Zhuiyun’s final attack.

    In fact, if Yi Yun had reached his limits, he could choose to back down. No one would say a thing. After all, Yi Yun was younger and his cultivation level was lower. As for Chi Zhuiyun, he had already begun his Dao Manifestation. Such a qualitative gap required Yi Yun to possess much greater talent to make up for it!

    However, Chi Zhuiyun was already a paragon prodigy, so to have one’s talent to surpass his?

    It was extremely difficult!

    At this moment, in the Luo clan royal palace, a group of ministers, as well as the lofty Emperor Luo, were viewing the battle though a disk array!

    Emperor Luo was dressed in royal robes, sitting high and mighty. However, he was not feeling relaxed.

    He was concerned about the outcome of the battle, as well as Yi Yun’s safety!

    “Young master Yi can be proud of being able to battle Chi Zhuiyun to such a degree!”

    The Luo clan courtiers and even the ministers, were now addressing Yi Yun courteously, adding the deferential title of ‘young master’.

    “That’s right! Since Chi Zhuiyun can’t even control his Celestial Demon Form himself, clashing with him would be a grave risk. In fact… ending it here would be for the best. There is still time. With the talent that Young Master Yi has presented, he is in no way inferior to Chi Zhuiyun.” Another elderly minister said.

    As he spoke, his palms were sweaty.

    He was feeling very nervous!

    Not only was he nervous, many of the other important figures of the Luo clan were extremely nervous.

    It wasn’t easy for the Luo clan to recruit such a peerless genius. He was the Luo clan’s treasure. Even if Yi Yun did not become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, he was bound to shine in the future, adding strength to the Luo clan!

    This was particularly important to the Luo clan that was in the midst of a crisis.

    But now, Yi Yun wanted to take on Chi Zhuiyun’s strongest move. If there were any accidents, even if he did not die, he might be severely injured, possibly affecting his future achievements!

    However, ending the battle was only the hope of the elderly Luo clan minister. After a few moments of silence, Yi Yun’s energy was churning. His aura was constantly rising like he was a mountain with an endless peak!

    Yi Yun did not need to answer. His aura was already an answer.

    “Good! You should be honored. This is the first time that I am forced to use the Celestial War Demon against a peer ever since I stepped into the Yuan Opening realm. Even Senior Felicitous Rain Lord gave me his approval because of my Celestial War Demon! I’ll let you see the anger of the Celestial Demon!”

    A foul aura surged from Chi Zhuiyun’s body as he held his spear!

    The foul aura surged into the sky, dyeing the firmaments dark red.

    Chi Zhuiyun’s body was completely immersed in the foul aura as his skin turned azure. His body became more burly and taller. His eyes turned cold and heartless as well.

    At this moment, it was like Chi Zhuiyun had become a demon himself!


    With a demonic roar, a Shura demon that was a hundred feet tall appeared behind Chi Zhuiyun. This Shura demon had absorbed all of the energy in the Shura Dao Domain, and at this moment, it was like the sovereign of the heavens and earth!

    “What a terrifying stance. Chi Zhuiyun has perfectly combined his Dao Domain, his spear attacks, and bloodline into one. Is that the final Celestial Demon Form!?” On a seat of honor, Chu Yunjian could tell very clearly. Although he was no match for it, he was still able to assess it well.

    “It’s difficult to resist it!” Bai Yueqing said as well.

    The terrifying killing intent prevented people from looking straight at it. The millions of people present felt their hearts being stirred by the demonic aura, like they were about to explode.

    “Everyone has a demon in their mind!” Chi Zhuiyun’s voice sounded like it came out of hell.

    It was like the whispers of demons, arousing the emotions and passions of people!

    “Yi Yun, the inducement of mental demons in everyone’s mind and the stirring of the demonic auras of the heaven and earth, this move will be the result of your glorious defeat!”

    As Chi Zhuiyun spoke, he merged with the Shura Demon behind him. The spear in his hand appeared like it would cut through the world!

    “Celestial Demon Form — Hellblood Stupa!”

    Chi Zhuiyun struck with his spear!

    A thrust as fast as lightning stirred the rolling power of foul sanguine energies. Chi Zhuiyun’s figure instantly traversed the blockade of space and arrived in front of Yi Yun.

    Hellblood Stupa! The first blow eradicates all mortal life, the second wipes out ghosts and spirits, and the third slays the Gods and Buddhas themselves!

    This was a spear that was indomitable. Nothing could withstand it.

    All of Chi Zhuiyun’s aura was gathered on the spear.

    Even if gods and buddhas were in front of him, they would be penetrated into dust!

    And at this moment, Yi Yun’s surging aura completely burst out!


    From around Yi Yun, 999 flying sabers shot out together. The flying sabers were not aimed at Chi Zhuiyun, they hummed in the air, exposing the Dao patterns hidden on the flying sabers.

    At the same time, Dao patterns on the pure Yang broken sword burst with light as well!

    Countless dark golden Dao patterns danced in the air, illuminating the sky!

    “What a coincidence. Your move is a Shura Demon, but so is mine!”

    As Yi Yun spoke, all the nomological Dao patterns in the air merged into one!


    The Dao pattern resonated as a gigantic Shura phantom appeared in the infinite divine light. This Shura Celestial Demon was slowly pushing a gigantic wheel.

    In this wheel, there were countless demons and wraiths engraved on it. They were in all shapes and sizes. Some were wailing, some were hissing, and some were killing. A terrifying demonic aura burst into the sky, glazing the eyes of everyone who saw it. They found it difficult to extricate themselves, like they would sink into it if they were not careful.

    “This move… ”

    “What is that!?”

    In the southern desolate mountain plains, the millions of people spectating this battle were alarmed! Yi Yun’s 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was something only a few people like Bai Yueqing had seen.

    However, back when this move was seen in the Fey Refining Rock array, Yi Yun’s 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was only a tiny wheel. Although it was very powerful, it did not have a shocking appearance. It was unlike its present incarnation of it being pushed by a hundred-foot-tall Shura Demon.

    Yi Yun’s attack was similar in form to Chi Zhuiyun’s, but it felt completely different!

    What sort of Dao was that?

    People had seen the Dao of Wind, Rain, Lightning, swords and sabers, killing intents and all sorts of different Dao. However, Yi Yun’s Dao did not belong to any one of them.

    It was like it only happened during the annihilation of the world when all things experienced Nirvana!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s spear had thrust straight down at the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence’s core!

    A Celestial Demon against another Celestial Demon!

    Who was the Shura?


    An explosive clash echoed throughout the plains after the two split off.

    In between Yi Yun and Chi Zhuiyun, the ground shattered into dust as a gigantic crater appeared. The sky above them was dyed red!

    The clouds in a radius of a thousand miles had been pushed away. This apocalyptic scene left many warriors silent for a long time.

    Who won?

    No one expected that Yi Yun’s final attack was so similar to Chi Zhuiyun’s!

    The blood aura remained congealed together for a long time before it dissipated. Only then did people see Chi Zhuiyun standing with his back facing Yi Yun. His body was stiff and his face was pale. Although he did not look like he had received any physical wounds, people could tell that he was in a terrible state!

    As for Yi Yun, he was not in a much better situation. It was even worse. His body was covered in blood, and there was a shocking hole of blood on his left shoulder!

    It was just an inch or two away from his heart!

    Although this strike had failed to rip through Yi Yun’s body, if it wasn’t for the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence blocking it, the spear would have pierced through Yi Yun’s heart. If that was the case, the consequences were unthinkable!

    Even if Yi Yun did not die, he would be debilitated. By losing a great deal of life blood, he would require several years and countless treasures to recover.

    What Chi Zhuiyun said about his strike being possibly fatal was not a lie.

    Seeing Yi Yun in such a state, the foreheads of the elderly ministers of the Luo clan oozed with sweat.

    Emperor Luo was slightly relieved as well.

    Close! It was too close!

    Thankfully, Yi Yun was fine. The injury in his shoulder was nothing fatal.

    “Did Chi Zhuiyun win? Or is it a tie?”

    Around the arena, members of the Luo clan asked. Based on Chi Zhuiyun’s condition, it was hard to tell.

    If the two still had the strength to fight, they could continue battling!

    Now, no one from the Luo clan wished for the battle to continue. They were afraid that harm would befall Yi Yun!

    At this moment…


    With a light ring, the clothes on Chi Zhuiyun’s upper body burst open, revealing his cut muscles. At this moment, people could see that a black wheel was imprinted on Chi Zhuiyun’s chest!

    There were demon kings, wraiths, heretic gods imprinted on the wheel. It was the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence that Yi Yun had used!

    This wheel had been imprinted on Chi Zhuiyun’s flesh?

    “What… is this move of yours?” Chi Zhuiyun said with great difficulty as his voice trembled.

    As he spoke, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence engraved on his chest seemed to start moving. The demons and wraiths on the wheel seemed to come alive. They hissed and cackled. The power of the Shura Celestial Demon was annihilating Chi Zhuiyun’s life force!

    Chi Zhuiyun gripped his spear tightly.


    The spear’s tip was stabbed into the mostly annihilated ground, but it still failed to support Chi Zhuiyun’s body!

    Everyone was astonished when they saw this scene!

    “That move is so terrifying!? What the hell is it!?”

    “It’s destruction! I sensed destruction from the wheel. It’s the power of destruction!” An elder with a profound cultivation level said in astonishment.

    It was the Dao of Destruction!?

    Everything in this world, be it a boundless world, dragons, phoenixes or ants, they could be born, but they could be destroyed as well!

    Nothing in the universe was seemingly eternal.

    Destruction was a law that nothing could escape from!

    The move might have ended when the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was imprinted on Chi Zhuiyun’s body, but it was still destroying Chi Zhuiyun’s life force!

    Destruction was endless!

    Even though Chi Zhuiyun’s life force was immensely powerful, he found it more and more difficult to withstand the power of destruction. Finally, as he gripped the pole of his spear, he slowly fell to the ground…

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