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Chapter 950: Shui Ningshuang

    Chapter 950: Shui Ningshuang

    Yi Yun had defeated Chi Zhuiyun! This news spread like wildfire, and in a few hours, the news of the matter was proliferated throughout the royal capital by the millions of warriors that had seen the battle!

    And that was only the beginning. People knew that after Yi Yun defeated Chi Zhuiyun, there was a slim chance that he could become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple!

    Once Yi Yun became Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, it was truly skyrocketing in a single step. In the future, even Emperor Luo would be respectful to him when they met!

    In the coming days, the news of Yi Yun defeating Chi Zhuiyun quickly spread throughout the Luo clan through various channels.

    Yi Yun’s name reverberated throughout the 196 states.

    Many young warriors idolized Yi Yun. His battle with Chi Zhuiyun was recorded on disk arrays, watched by the warriors as a rare collection. It even caused a new craze.

    And in the royal capital, when Yi Yun returned to his residence, his entire viscount residence was surrounded by spirit beasts and spirit ships. Visitors from various factions came with many ambassadors bringing gifts. They came in endless droves.

    Now, even the top ten factions in the Luo clan, such as the Xushui Ran clan and the Donglin family clan, had their ambassadors visit Yi Yun. All of them had to maintain an attitude of humility. They were not vexed, even if they had to line up without being able to meet Yi Yun.

    The gifts filled up several guest halls, but shortly after Yi Yun returned to his viscount residence, he had to leave immediately. The waiting ambassadors did not even get to meet Yi Yun in person, eventually leaving in regret.

    At that moment, Yi Yun had arrived at Empress Xuan’s Fenghua Palace.

    “What? The Third Imperial Uncle has summoned me?”

    The Luo clan’s Third Imperial Uncle was the pillar of the Luo clan. He was constantly in retreat in the vast spirit mountains behind the royal palace. In his constant reclusion, his exact whereabouts were unknown.

    Typically, Emperor Luo was the only person in the Luo clan that could meet the Third Imperial Uncle to inform him of various matters.

    And Emperor Luo would only inform the Third Imperial Uncle of important matters that involved the entire Luo clan.

    Without a doubt, Yi Yun defeating Chi Zhuiyun was reported by Emperor Luo. This meant that Emperor Luo treated this as an important matter that involved the entire Luo clan.

    “Little Yun, I have only managed to meet Imperial Granduncle once. Crimson Firmament did so once as well. Most of the other princes and princesses have not even got a chance to meet him yet! But this time, Imperial Granduncle wishes to host a national banquet himself. Not only does he want to summon you, he wants to convene many important figures in the Luo clan to hold a celebration for you. That is an honor that even Crimson Firmament will be jealous of.”

    Even Luo Huo’er and Crimson Firmament had only met the Third Imperial Uncle once. It was imaginable how seldom the Third Imperial Uncle showed himself.

    Now, him personally hosting a national banquet was completely unprecedented.

    “Little Yun, let me tell you. If Imperial Granduncle wants to reward you, be relentless, take all that you can!” Luo Huo’er winked at Yi Yun as she spoke.


    Today was the day that the Luo clan royal capital ushered in one of the biggest events in the recent ten thousand years!

    Just high in the sky, there were numerous flying creatures of massive sizes, as well as spirit cruisers shuttling through the nebula bands.

    And their destination was the same — the Luo clan royal palace!

    This was the second time that Yi Yun came to the Luo clan’s main royal palace. It was located on a high mountain that was connected by a long imperial staircase.

    The last time he came here, it was the gathering of the various major factions of the alliance. Ambassadors from various clans had come, with numerous people being present.

    Back then, Yi Yun was just one of the many disciples and he was not considered to be remarkable.

    But this time, Yi Yun was no doubt the center of attention!

    At the moment he entered the main royal palace, all eyes were immediately turned on him!

    Yi Yun remained composed. He was dressed in a pale green robe with a sword by his waist, while his hair was tied up with a piece of thread. He had an air that seemed to make him rise up above all others.

    In the main palace, there were gigantic golden columns on both sides that had a circumference that was the combined arm spans of several people. On the ground, there were seats that could accommodate thousands of people.

    And Yi Yun’s spot was impressively in the first row!

    Opposite him was a spot where Prince Crimson Firmament sat facing him.

    To the warriors of the Luo clan, being able to sit at where Yi Yun sat was the greatest desire in life.

    Having rapidly advancing up the social ladder, with him having power and wealth, there were countless beauties who admired him. Everything was at his fingertips!

    And how old was Yi Yun?

    He was famous at a young age, with countless people who were envious of him.

    “So you are Yi Yun.” A sonorous voice suddenly sounded from the regal seat.

    Yi Yun looked over and on the regal seat sat a white-haired man, but he looked extremely young, like he was a teenager. His aura was unfathomable from where he sat.

    The man was also wearing an emperor’s robe, but it was slightly different from the emperor’s robe that Emperor Luo wore.

    As for Emperor Luo, he was sitting on the right hand side.

    Was this person the Third Imperial Uncle?

    Yi Yun took a step forward and said with a salutation, “This junior is him.”

    The Third Imperial Uncle’s eyes were filled with endless vicissitudes as he stared at Yi Yun for a moment.

    Yi Yun felt like he was looking into the mirror as the pair of eyes gazed at him.

    Yi Yun remained calm since the Purple Crystal could not be detected by him. Furthermore, the Third Imperial Uncle was only reading his cultivation realm, constitution and meridians. The more sensitive spots, like the heart and soul sea were avoided by him.

    Having attained such a realm, the Third Imperial Uncle was also a genius with providence bestowed upon him. He too had his own opportunities, so he guessed that Yi Yun must have obtained certain opportunities, but he naturally would not covet the opportunities of a junior.

    If the elders frequently snatched the opportunities of juniors, such a faction was not far from its end. Furthermore, the Third Imperial Uncle knew that he had used up his potential. Most of his lifespan had been depleted, and it was impossible for him to make a breakthrough. The same opportunity in his hand would definitely not be as effective as if it were in the hands of a junior.

    “A minor Seamless pure Yang body and Heaven-Devouring Wyrm bloodline. I’ve also heard that your perception is extremely amazing… ” The Third Imperial Uncle spoke. “Perception is also a form of talent. With superb perception, you can go far down the path of martial arts as well.”

    “Little Yun, my Third Imperial Uncle seldom praises people. It looks like he’s very pleased with you.” Luo Huo’er transmitted her voice to Yi Yun.

    “Is that so? However, your Third Imperial Uncle isn’t as I imagined.” Yi Yun replied.

    “Why? Did you think that he would be some old fogey?” Luo Huo’er giggled. In fact, she was somewhat astonished back when she first met the Third Imperial Uncle.

    When Yi Yun looked at the Third Imperial Uncle again, he noticed that he was looking at a shadow in the palace.

    When Yi Yun looked over, the shadow suddenly began to distort. Following that, a woman stepped out of the shadow.

    The woman looked like a drawing in the beginning, but as she walked out of the shadows, her facial features seemed to suddenly turn clear.

    She was a beautiful woman, dressed in a bright red skirt. Her skin was brilliantly fair, and her eyes were like deep and dark pools, exuding a strange air in them.

    “Indeed, the aura that I just sensed is the arrival of the esteemed ambassador.” The Third Imperial Uncle stood up and said.

    Upon hearing the Third Imperial Uncle’s words, everyone present was astonished. They also realized that even with the woman standing in front of them, they could not sense her presence.

    The Third Imperial Uncle was the only person in the entire palace who sensed the the woman’s appearance.

    “There’s no need to address me in this way. I am Shui Ningshuang.” The red-dressed woman took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of the regal throne. “I’m here on behalf of my master to greet the Third Imperial Uncle.”

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