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Chapter 953: Yi Yun’s Dao Domain

    Chapter 953: Yi Yun’s Dao Domain

    After Shui Ningshuang said this, a shadow began to envelop her, starting from her feet. Following that, her figure blended into the shadow as the shadow rapidly converged, disappearing completely in the blink of an eye.

    The ground was left empty, like nothing had been there previously.

    Seeing Shui Ningshuang disappear, the palace hall fell into silence. Many people looked at Yi Yun.

    Some frowned, while others felt a sense of regret. There were also people from other factions who were gloating at the turn of events.

    “Fairy Ningshuang is simply being difficult.” Someone from the Luo clan said unhappily.

    “Do you think Fairy Ningshuang is someone that you can disparage?” A dignified voice resounded. The person who spoke was the Third Imperial Uncle. “This time, Felicitous Rain Lord is planning on taking in a personal disciple and it involves the inheritance of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, so it’s natural for his standards to be very high! Don’t forget that a Divine Lord’s lifespan is extremely long. Felicitous Rain Lord hasn’t become a Divine Lord for very long. He still has millions, if not tens of millions of years to choose a disciple. There’s no hurry at all! Even if he can’t find one, it wouldn’t matter to him. He can just wait till he meets someone when fate permits it. Quality comes before quantity in this case, so Felicitous Rain Lord will definitely not lower his standards.”

    Although the Third Imperial Uncle felt sorry for Yi Yun, he knew that Fairy Ningshuang was definitely not making it difficult for Yi Yun. Instead, by doing so, it revealed how much importance Felicitous Rain Lord placed on his personal disciple. He was truly looking for someone to pass on the mantle to.

    With the Third Imperial Uncle saying this, everyone fell silent.

    Indeed, a Divine Lord’s standards were different from theirs!

    A Divine Lord could live for very long, allowing them to traverse countless worlds and see countless geniuses. To them, Yi Yun was already amazing enough, but if he was placed in the vast Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and over millions of years?

    Even someone as amazing as Yi Yun might perhaps be nothing!

    Without a Dao Domain, impressive perception or an outstanding bloodline, it was indeed difficult to meet the Felicitous Rain Lord’s requirements.

    The Third Imperial Uncle said again, “Our Luo clan has existed for a hundred million years. We do not need to sell ourselves short. Yi Yun, do you understand?”

    As the Third Imperial Uncle said this, he looked at Yi Yun, apparently afraid that Yi Yun would suffer a setback.

    Yi Yun said with a smile, “This junior understands.”

    After hearing the information provided by Shui Ningshuang, as the concerned party, Yi Yun did not have any wild mood swings. He was extremely calm, and this pleased the Third Imperial Uncle greatly.

    By not being easily pleased or depressed, while still having a strong will and a steadfast heart for martial arts, a warrior like him could go even further.

    “Little Yun, why are you so calm? Aren’t you a little bit disappointed?” Luo Huo’er asked Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun shook his head and said, “There’s nothing much to be disappointed about. My martial path ultimately depends on myself.”

    “What you said isn’t wrong, but… why haven’t you gained insights into your own Dao Domain all this time? I feel that shouldn’t be the case with your nomological insights.”

    With Luo Huo’er asking such a question, many people looked at Yi Yun. That’s right, it’s too strange that Yi Yun had yet to condense a Dao Domain.

    From the Yuan Opening realm, warriors began to grasp laws and by the Dao Manifestation realm, the laws would condense into Dao fruits, it was a qualitative leap.

    Yi Yun’s laws were outstanding to begin with, so how could he lag behind his peers?

    “There are some problems that I haven’t managed to figure out… ” Yi Yun’s response tightened the hearts of the members of the Luo clan. There was indeed a bottleneck?

    “This junior wishes to request to enter the Primordial Space once again. Perhaps, my Dao Domain will be completed.” Yi Yun said seriously.

    Yi Yun had yet to condense a Dao Domain. The main reason was because Yi Yun’s initial goal was set extremely high. He wanted to condense a Destruction Dao Domain!

    The Dao of Destruction was divided into the Minor Dao of Destruction and the Major Dao of Destruction.

    Yi Yun did not know which Dao of Destruction that the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was from, but his intuition told him that it was definitely not as simple as the Minor Dao of Destruction!

    If it was the Major Dao of Destruction, it was simply unthinkable.

    Condensing such a Dao Domain was understandably difficult.

    Yi Yun’s attempt was a crazy challenge of course.

    If Yi Yun had condensed a Pure Yang Dao Domain during his eighteen years in the Primordial Space, he would have condensed a Pure Yang Dao Domain long time ago.

    Pure Yang was also a Great Dao law. A Pure Yang Dao Domain would be more powerful than Princess White Fox’s Lightning Dao Domain, but Yi Yun did not do so. He placed all his efforts in the Destruction Dao Domain!

    Typical warriors only focused on one law, naturally being able to condense a single Dao Domain.

    As for top geniuses, they were able to condense several Dao Domains, but they were divided into major and minor Dao Domains.

    The first Dao Domain that would be condensed would be augmented by the Heavenly Dao, resulting in it being the most powerful!

    However, due to the difficulty of it, even the first Dao Domain condensed by a top genius would typically not be a Great Dao Dao Domain. It would be one of the easier five-elemental Dao, or the creational Dao.

    However, Yi Yun had chosen the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence’s Destruction Dao. The difficulty of doing so was imaginable!

    However, the Purple Crystal was something that Yi Yun could rely on. Hence, he wanted to attempt such a crazy idea.

    Originally, Yi Yun believed that he would be able to condense his Destruction Dao Domain in another three or five years.

    However, after the battle with Chi Zhuiyun, Yi Yun had several new insights. He believed that if he returned to the Primordial Space again, he would have a chance of success!

    “To the Primordial Space?” Emperor Luo’s eyebrows pricked up. The Primordial Space was in the Luo Divine Hall, and the Luo Divine Hall trials had already ended. Yet, Yi Yun wanted to return to the Primordial Space again.

    “Yi Yun, you might not know, but to take you to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven now, it requires ten times the amount of World Stones.” An elderly courtier of the Luo clan said.

    It was not a small figure.

    “Oh?” Yi Yun was stunned.

    “The Luo Divine Hall trials take place once every sixty years and they last for eighteen years each time for a reason. Because after eighteen years, the barriers to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven would become stronger. Tearing through them would require a greater price.” The Luo clan courtier explained patiently.

    He already felt that Yi Yun no longer had the chance to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. Even if he returned to the Primordial Space, so what? The World Stones could not be spent for nothing. They were all resources.

    Before Yi Yun said another word, the Third Imperial Uncle said, “Take him there! It’s just entering the Primordial Space once. That bit of World Stones is something that our Luo clan can afford. Even if he can’t become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, it wouldn’t matter. As long as it allows him to become stronger, the expenditure of those World Stones would be worth it.”

    The Third Imperial Uncle’s order was something that no one would refute. Many people from the younger generation of the Luo clan, including Prince Crimson Firmament, were jealous when they heard this. Yi Yun was receiving top treatment. Even Crimson Firmament himself did not receive such treatment in the past!

    “Thank you, Senior.” Yi Yun said solemnly as he took a deep breath.

    He took note of the favor that was bestowed to him.

    The insights from the battle with Chi Zhuiyun needed to be digested back in the Primordial Space. As for the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, he needed to use the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone to verify it again. Yi Yun believed that he would definitely have new insights this time.

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