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Chapter 957: Cutting the weeds and digging up the roots

    Chapter 957: Cutting the weeds and digging up the roots

    “Gulan, you haven’t improved in all these years. I failed to behead you in our last battle, but today, I’ll kill you as well!” Gui Huazi said coldly.

    “Preposterous!” Supremacy Gulan thrust his sword out as the two Supremacies engaged in an intense battle.

    This was a battle that completely exceeded Yi Yun’s realm. The battle of the two Supremacies created an independent space. The Dao Domain of Supremacies already formed nomological worlds. A battle created a world!

    Gui Huazi attacked with all his strength, but Supremacy Gulan had to protect the spirit cruiser!

    Supremacy Gulan and Supremacy Gui Huazi were close in strength. In order to protect Yi Yun, Supremacy Gulan was heavily restricted. As things went on, Supremacy Gulan was quickly repressed and he was in a disadvantageous position.

    “This is the territory of the alliance and the entrance to the Oracle Fey Empire. Gui Huazi can’t engage in battle for too long. He will leave very soon.” Elder Duanmu said as beads of sweat oozed off his forehead.

    Yi Yun was in their hands, and not a single blunder was allowed.

    They watched as the two Supremacies battled, but they did not leave Yi Yun’s side.

    They were no help in a battle between Supremacies. By staying beside Yi Yun, they could withstand any periphery aftershocks from the battle so they could protect Yi Yun.

    But at this moment, there was a sudden spatial fluctuation, giving the world that they were in a strong sense of oppression.

    Yi Yun felt a strong sense of danger once again. As for Elder Shi, his heart tightened and his expression changed drastically.


    Elder Shi smacked out with his palm, like he did not use any strength.

    But in front of Yi Yun, there was a micro-world that suddenly appeared. There were living creatures in it, with lush forests and tiny river streams. It was bustling with life.

    This was Elder Shi’s Dao Domain. Although he had yet to condensed nomological worlds, he had already attained the second realm of a Dao Domain — Great Dao.

    However, when the shock wave struck the microcosm, Yi Yun watched as the biological beings in the world began to wither and die quickly.

    Elder Shi’s body convulsed as his face went pale and his blood drained from his face.

    “Who is it!?”

    Elder Shi was appalled. Gui Huazi was still fighting Supremacy Gulan, so it was not Gui Huazi’s attack. It was from someone else.

    For a person to be able to easily destroy his Dao Domain, severely injuring him, it was most likely another Supremacy!

    “Two Supremacies in an assassination attempt!?” Elder Shi’s heart sank. He never expected that Yi Yun would be targeted by the Fey Phantasm Sect in such a manner. Did they need to go that far?

    He was just a junior. Even with the title of the number one genius of the Luo clan, there was no need to go so far!

    They previously believed that it would be enough to protect Yi Yun with Supremacy Gulan, along with Elder Shi and Elder Duanmu. There were few Supremacies in the Luo clan to begin with. Other than those in reclusion, sending a Supremacy to protect Yi Yun was already the limit. After all, the Luo clan royal capital also required Supremacies to guard it. The Luo clan never expected that the Fey Phantasm Sect would send such a large killing squad. A Supremacy was not even enough to protect Yi Yun!

    “Eight-floor Dao Palace? You aren’t young, and you have expended your potential. Your obstruction is nothing in front of me.”

    With a indifferent voice echoing, a pure-white figure appeared in the void.

    The white figure neither looked male nor female. The figure’s facial features were blurred, resembling a ghost.

    “Daoist You Ming! Shit, Junior Brother, combine forces with me!” Elder Shi turned extremely nervous. There was Gui Huazi and another, Daoist You Ming!

    Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were both Dao Palace realm warriors, but their combined forces was still not enough for them to be an obstruction for Daoist You Ming!

    “Since both of you yearn death, I shall fulfill your wishes. Feihua, I’ll leave that junior to you.” The white figure said.

    At that moment, a young man dressed in a crimson-colored robe walked out from the white figure. He had delicate features and he exuded a soft and effeminate aura.

    “Yes, Father.” The effeminate man said.

    His tone had a hint of disdain. He had accompanied his father to watch a battle between Supremacies and he hoped to gain insights from it. Now, he had to kill Yi Yun, a task that was to be done as a matter of convenience. His cultivation level was at the six-floor Dao Palace realm. Killing a Heaven Ascension realm warrior was as easy as slaughtering chickens.

    Having a six-floor Dao Palace meant that he was on the same level as Elder Duanmu. If he fought Yi Yun, it was simply incomparable!

    Two Supremacies and a six-floor Dao Palace warrior!

    Yi Yun felt his body be constricted. Yi Yun did not have very deep feelings for the enemy known as the Fey Phantasm Sect, but today, he had encountered them for the first time. They were perverse opponents.

    He had yet to form a vendetta with the Fey Phantasm Sect, but they were planning to nip all possible threats in the bud!

    A super sect, whose strength went far beyond the Luo clan, did things meticulously by cutting the weeds and digging up the roots as well. They showed no mercy, so it was no wonder that despite the Fey Phantasm Sect being up to all kinds of evil, they still managed to remain steadfast in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven for so many years!

    At this moment, the white figure had attacked. He stretched his hand out and waved it. A profound seal appeared in his hand as it flew at Elder Shi.


    A terrifying shock wave immediately blasted at the two Elders who bellowed loudly. They burnt their blood essences as they combined forces to face the attack!

    They were out of options. Even if they burnt their blood essence, they were still no match for a Supremacy.

    At this moment, You Feihua looked at Yi Yun.

    He touched the void in front of him and immediately, a guqin appeared and floated in front of him.

    The guqin exuded a strange aura. As You Feihua’s fingers flicked the guqin gently, it made sounds, sending sound waves out, immediately making Yi Yun’s blood surge wantonly.

    Music was the style of a gentleman, but this warrior gave one a very sinister feeling. The strum of the guqin sent sound waves that were mingled with the sound of wailing ghosts.

    “Vanquishing you in one strike!” You Feihua’s voice was cold and indifferent.

    His fingers strummed against the strings of the guqin and immediately, a sharp sound of the guqin resounded as a dark shadow appeared in the sound wave. The ferocious and pained face opened its mouth as it grabbed at Yi Yun with its sharp claws.

    It was like the wraith shadow was about to grab at Yi Yun’s soul!

    What seemed like a casual strike was actually one of You Feihua’s proficient moves, God Vanquishing Sound. Even Elder Duanmu would have to carefully withstand it!

    You Feihua had a six-floor Dao Palace cultivation level. Against a junior at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, it would be an easy task to do anything to him. But in order to quickly settle the problem, he immediately used God Vanquishing Sound. He did so to waste little time, so that he could finish the deed before the arrival of the people from the Oracle Fey Empire.

    The wraith shadow’s attack immediately made Yi Yun feel that his life was being threatened. It was like his throat was being held and he was quickly being suffocated!

    He would die!

    Yi Yun felt that the wraith shadow was something difficult to withstand!

    Be it Supremacy Gulan or the two Elders, they were completely embroiled in their battles with the Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies. They could not rescue him.

    This was the greatest crisis that Yi Yun had ever faced ever since he came to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven!

    There was no way for him to block against such a move!

    With his life on the line, Yi Yun did not resist the strike head on. He immediately summoned the Draco First True Gold avatar as it charged at the ghastly shadow!

    “Cha! Cha! Cha!”

    999 Thousand Snow flying sabers flew out. But at that second, the flying sabers were defiled by the wraith shadow, losing a great deal of their agility. The wraith shadow rushed straight into the Draco First True Gold avatar!

    “Branched soul, return!”

    Yi Yun decisively pulled his Draco First True Gold avatar’s branched soul back. At that moment, the Draco First True Gold avatar was trembling violently. It could not resist the attack at all!

    “Oh? An avatar?”

    You Feihua was slightly surprised, but he did not mind it. The God Vanquishing Sound from his Heavenly Wraith Guqin could vanquish any target with life in it. By using his avatar to attract the attention of the sonic wraith, Yi Yun had managed to escape the crisis, but there was no way to avoid it again.

    Just as You Feihua was about to use the God Vanquishing Sound again, there was a divine beam that flashed in the distance. Someone was coming!

    People from the Oracle Fey Empire?

    It was war time now. The Oracle Fey Empire’s level of alertness was extremely high, and with the Fey Phantasm Sect appearing at their country’s doorstep, they naturally discovered it very quickly.

    “They came so fast.” Daoist You Ming frowned. Although he knew that carrying out an assassination at the doorstep to the country would result in gaining the attention of the Oracle Fey Empire, they could only do so. This was because they could only be certain that the entrance to the Oracle Fey Empire was where Yi Yun would have to pass on his trip to the Oracle Fey Empire.

    “Feihua, come back!”

    Daoist You Ming no longer needed Feihua to attack. He did not wish to stay long in the Oracle Fey Empire. After all, Felicitous Rain Lord was residing in the Oracle Fey Empire!

    Of course, Felicitous Rain Lord was located very far away. He would not notice the battle here immediately, but it was unknown what tricks a Divine Lord had up his sleeve. If they stayed in the area any longer, they would definitely die here if Felicitous Rain Lord were to appear here!

    In order to end the battle quickly to ensure no mistakes, Daoist You Ming decided on attacking himself!

    At this moment, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi had already been severely injured by Daoist You Ming! Especially Elder Shi, his face was pale and he was bleeding from all seven orifices. He was barely alive, so they could no longer stop Daoist You Ming!

    Daoist You Ming beckoned his hand in the void, and in a distance, a tiny star vibrated gently because of Daoist You Ming’s summoning. The energy essence from the star was induced by Daoist You Ming through such a move, and had large amounts of energy extracted from it!

    A nonchalant wave of the hand extracted the power of stars!

    Yi Yun’s body was ice-cold. At this moment, Daoist You Ming’s attack was aimed at Yi Yun.

    A strike that contained the power of stars!


    The spirit cruiser that Yi Yun was in began to shatter! Although the spirit cruiser was a national treasure of the Luo clan, it was still a spirit cruiser after all. It was only used to travel through space, a tool for motion. So how could it withstand the blow from a Supremacy?


    The spirit cruiser exploded breaking into fragments in the storm!

    And spatial chaos immediately surged out, merging with the power of the stars, resulting in a fierce explosion!

    Such a terrifying strike would instantly kill even an eight-floor Dao Palace realm warrior! There was no need to even talk about a Heaven Ascension realm warrior. He would definitely be reduced to smithereens!

    “Yi Yun!”

    Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi’s eyes turned red. All these years, Yi Yun had been in reclusion in the Primordial Space. They already treated Yi Yun as half a disciple and they were desperately fighting to protect him. Even if Yi Yun could not become a Divine Lord’s disciple in the future, he would definitely become a mighty figure of the Luo clan, or he might even become a spiritual leader of the Luo clan disciples, but now… everything was gone!

    “Let’s go!”

    Daoist You Ming flicked his sleeves and took You Feihua away. As for Gui Huazi, he used a move to send Supremacy Gulan retreating. The two Supremacies tore through the void and entered it, vanishing from the area!

    This was the power of Supremacies. They could come in and leave the entrance to an empire as they wished!

    Only at this moment did the people from the Oracle Fey Empire arrive. In front of them, there was only a shattered void, as well as the debris of a spirit cruiser in the spatial turbulence.

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