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Chapter 959: The Event Begins

    Chapter 959: The Event Begins

    The news of Yi Yun being attacked by Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies at the entrance to the Oracle Fey Kingdom quickly proliferated throughout the alliance.

    The two Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies, as well as Daoist You Ming’s son, You Feihua, quickly received the news not long after they left the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

    “What!? That punk didn’t die? Impossible!”

    Daoist You Ming was the one who had personally dealt the strike. He knew the power of that one strike very well, so how did Yi Yun survive?

    “That is the fact. Now, Yi Yun is still all fine and dandy in the Oracle Fey Kingdom. Felicitous Rain Lord’s recruitment meet for an in-name disciple will soon proceed. Yi Yun would likely not be absent. If you don’t believe, you can always make a visit and also revel in the magnificence of Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment drive.” Beside Daoist You Ming, Gui Huazi said in a queer manner.

    Although he frequently worked with Daoist You Ming, they often threw snide remarks at each other. Their relationship wasn’t harmonious.

    Daoist You Ming’s face sank. He would not dare to go to the meet where Felicitous Rain Lord was taking in a disciple, even if he had an additional life. Gui Huazi was just poking fun at him.

    It was humiliating to fail to kill a junior in one strike as a Supremacy!

    “I’ll finish that Yi Yun!”

    “Heh! You speak so lightly of it. If he were to become an in-name disciple of Felicitous Rain Lord, would you dare to touch him?” Gui Huazi quipped sarcastically. Even an in-name disciple of a Divine Lord represented a Divine Lord’s honor. If one were to rashly kill a Divine Lord’s in-name disciple, it was very likely that the Divine Lord would get revenge for their disciple!

    Daoist You Ming could not afford the risk.

    “So what if he’s Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciple? There are other methods to kill Yi Yun, as long as Felicitous Rain Lord doesn’t realize that it was done by me.” Daoist You Ming said in a cold voice as his eyes flashed with killing intent.


    At this moment, in the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s capital, Yi Yun’s name had once again caused quite a stir.

    After all, Yi Yun was a person who had defeated Chi Zhuiyun. He garnered a great deal of attention in the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

    “He actually managed to survive a strike from a Supremacy?”

    In the Brocade Spring Court of the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s capital, a youth dressed in a black robe was playing the zither. A tune like flowing water was being played.

    After hearing the news, the zither music slowly turned silent. But immediately after this, he shook his head and said, “It’s impossible for a Heaven Ascension realm warrior to withstand a strike from a Supremacy. Ignoring the Heaven Ascension realm, even a peerless genius at the Dao Manifestation perfection realm would definitely die! That Yi Yun must have had some life-saving means, such as an extremely valuable protective charm in order to survive.”

    The youth dressed in the black robe was one of the top in-name disciples of Felicitous Rain Lord, Song Wuchen.

    This ranking was not a ranking of strength, it was a ranking of talent and opinion.

    Song Wuchen’s cultivation level had already broken into the Dao Manifestation realm. Amongst Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciples, his cultivation level was considered low. But typically, the number of in-name disciples that could meet Felicitous Rain Lord at any time numbered two. Song Wuchen was one of them.

    “So it’s a protective charm. That wouldn’t mean anything.” In front of Song Wuchen, there were two other in-name disciples of Felicitous Rain Lord. They were the two who had argued with those warriors in the restaurant previously. Their names were Feng Zheng and Feng Qi. They were not brothers, but their identical surnames was a result of them coming from the same family clan.

    They had vague notions of people like Yi Yun and Chi Zhuiyun to begin with. It was only recently that they heard about their stories. For instance, just not long ago, they had heard how Yi Yun was being assassinated by Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies and how he finally managed to escape. They were astonished, so they came to report it to Song Wuchen.

    “I heard that Yi Yun is a warrior from the lower realm. How did he have such a valuable protective charm?” Feng Zheng said unhappily. He came from a major faction, but a poor rascal like Yi Yun had things that were much better than his.

    Song Wuchen said, “He must have his own opportunities, but for such opportunities to have supported his growth up to this point, it is likely that they have been mostly depleted. Now, it’s most likely that Yi Yun wants to become Master’s in-name disciple for the resources provided by Master.”

    As Song Wuchen said this, Feng Qi and Feng Zheng naturally did not feel happy.

    As disciples of Felicitous Rain Lord, they obviously wished that there were fewer fellow disciples. That way, the amount of resources they were be allocated would be a greater amount of the resources available.

    “Senior Brother Wuchen, you are the examiner for the in-name disciple test, right?”

    “That’s right, I’m just one of the examiners.”

    “Senior Brother Wuchen, you must be strict. It’s best if that motley crew is barred from becoming our fellow disciples.” Feng Zheng said.

    Actually, if it was possible, he did not even wish that there would be even be an additional disciple. It was best if they were all eliminated. However, he knew that people like Chi Zhuiyun and Yi Yun were exceptional. It was very likely that they would become in-name disciples.

    Song Wuchen lightly pondered before saying, “If his qualifications really make the cut and pass my test, I will give him a chance… ”

    “Alright… Senior Brother Wuchen is truly fair.”

    Feng Zheng and Feng Qi exchanged some niceties before leaving. Song Wuchen put his zither away.

    “There are so many people trying to become Master’s in-name disciple again!” Song Wuchen frowned. All of the years that he had been an in-name disciple, he had always been hoping to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple, but he had failed to gain Felicitous Rain Lord’s approval.

    Although he was still a distance away from becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple, by being one of the top in-name disciples, the resources that he enjoyed was also the best provided by Felicitous Rain Lord.

    He did not wish for anyone to threaten his position.

    A person like Tian Xun already pissed him off greatly. If there were other people, the room for his growth would be further suppressed.

    Song Wuchen did not show it over the past few years, but he was a person with ambition. He believed that when he was constantly ranked first amongst the in-name disciples, there would be a day when he would become Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple if Felicitous Rain Lord failed to find a personal disciple that he found suitable!

    “Chi Zhuiyun… Yi Yun… You want to get a piece of this, then let’s see if you can complete my test!” Song Wuchen muttered to himself as he flew away…


    Ten days later, in the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s Brocade Spring Court, the event began — Felicitous Rain Lord’s recruitment of in-name disciples.

    Brocade Spring Court was originally one of the venues that hosted the grandest events in the Oracle Fey Kingdom. And for Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment, it was even hosted by the country’s king.

    Having the head of the country host this grand event and Shui Ningshuang being in attendance, the lineup was enough to stir the minds of the elites from various countries.

    However, it was unfortunate that Felicitous Rain Lord did not appear.

    “What a pity to not be able to see Felicitous Rain Lord.” A young genius said in dismay. To people like him, it was impossible to even hope. They were just hear to take a look.

    “It’s normal to not even see him. Felicitous Rain Lord’s recruitment of an in-name disciple might not mean that he would personally give them pointers. Only a few of the top disciples might obtain the true teachings of Felicitous Rain Lord. Now, it’s already sufficient to have Fairy Ningshuang manage the recruitment of in-name disciples. Furthermore, I heard that two of the examiners are Song Wuchen and Tian Xun, two of the best in-name disciples. I wonder what their tests will be.”

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