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Chapter 963: Destroying Energy Nodes

    Chapter 963: Destroying Energy Nodes

    “Isn’t this assessment too difficult? That was just the first level, I’ve only cleared one palatial hall and I’m already overwhelmed. Could there be nine palatial halls… ?”

    Many of the participants were not stupid. By connecting the dots, the Nine Palatial Array’s name easily told them that the palatial halls were connected one after another.

    The difficulty of their assessment was naturally easier than Yi Yun’s, but it was still not easy to pass.

    This was an array formation created by Song Wuchen after all. So how could he let all these people easily clear his array?

    “The difficulty is too high. Few will definitely pass it. It was said that this array formation was created by Song Wuchen himself. An array formation that tests nine thousand people while being powered by one person is still able to eliminate so many people. Is this the strength of an in-name disciple of a Divine Lord… ?”

    Many people had such thoughts in mind and they felt disheartened. The gap between them was too large.

    If a Divine Lord’s in-name disciple was so powerful, they could forget about becoming a Divine Lord’s in-name disciple.

    The nine thousand participants were struggling through each palatial palace.

    The weaker ones were even stuck in the first palatial hall, with no means of escaping.

    The stronger ones had already reached the fourth or fifth palatial hall. Although their energies were greatly drained, they were still struggling to forge ahead.

    All of them realized that it was not possible to finish the Nine Palatial Array in a short period of time. They even had to rest midway so they could recover their energy before continuing.

    In that case, it was impossible to finish it in less than three or four days.

    People like Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue were stronger, but as they were given special treatment by Song Wuchen, they had only reached the third palatial hall. They were not the fastest.

    By then, it was nearing dusk outside the Nine Palatial Array. As the sun slowly set, it dyed the sky red, making the surroundings more beautiful and gorgeous.

    The palace maids of the Oracle Fey Kingdom were serving exquisite fruits and wine to the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king, Song Wuchen, Tian Xun and others.

    These fruits were supreme-grade spirit fruits grown in Brocade Spring Court. They were sweet and delicious, and they were abundant in energy, allowing them to benefit one’s cultivation level.

    As for the wine, it was brewed from spirit fruits and had a bold flavor, and it could be described as ambrosia.

    Song Wuchen plucked a grape as he watched the Demon Defying Bead float mid-air while it enveloped Brocade Spring Court. He began to savor the fruit’s flesh that melted the moment it entered his mouth.

    Such an assessment gave him a feeling that he was twiddling talented peers around his fingers.

    He reveled in such a feeling and he was very pleased with the effects of the Nine Palatial Array.

    “Young master Wuchen, the first round of assessment has already lasted for six hours. How long more will it take?” The Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king asked.

    “At least three days. If the first person to clear the assessment does it in three days, that person will be extremely talented.”

    By saying it in this manner, although it seemed like he was praising the talent of the person that was going to exit the array formation at that time, he was actually praising himself.

    “Hahaha, Young master Wuchen is truly a master of arrays. This Nine Palatial Array is truly exquisite.” The Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king complimented. He was hoping that as Song Wuchen presided over the assessment, he would spare the disciples of the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

    Song Wuchen smiled slightly as he calmly accepted the compliments. He said nonchalantly, “Let’s hope that I wasn’t being too harsh. I was originally planning that it would be best if about ten to twenty people are able to clear this round of assessment. If I had set the difficulty to be higher, it wouldn’t look too good if only seven or eight people came out.”

    “Seven or eight people… ” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king gave a dry laugh. If there were so few people, the only people from the Oracle Fey Kingdom that could have any hope were Chi Zhuiyun and Demon Girl. Even Demon Girl might be eliminated.


    At this moment, in the Nine Palatial Array.

    Yi Yun was strolling through the void and in his energy vision, he could clearly see the energy flow between the Nine Palatial Array and the Demon Defying Bead.

    The Demon Defying Bead was a Divine Lord level treasure after all. With Song Wuchen’s cultivation level, he was definitely finding it tough to power the Demon Defying Bead even if he could!

    Just like a five or six-year-old child using a hammer as a weapon, although they would be more powerful than a child’s fists, it would be extremely demanding when lifting the hammer. If they were not careful, they might even hurt themselves.

    Now, Song Wuchen was in such a state. Therefore, the interface between the Nine Palatial Array and the Demon Defying Bead was not considered to be perfect. There were several flaws and rough edges!

    Yi Yun could clearly discern these with his energy vision.

    At the moment, Yi Yun had already traversed through the spatial corridor. He did not even take a step through the second door to the palatial hall.

    “Oh? There is an energy node here!”

    Yi Yun’s figure shuttled through the spatial turbulence and suddenly, he came to a stop in front of the void. The void seemed to be normal, but Yi Yun knew that there was a secret behind it.


    Yi Yun moved his hands like lightning.

    With an explosive crack, the void was ripped open by Yi Yun. The energy node, that wasn’t very stable to begin with, immediately tore apart!

    “The fourth point.” Yi Yun muttered to himself.

    He had previously estimated that there were twelve points that connected the Nine Palatial Array and the Demon Defying Bead. When the connections were mostly severed, the Nine Palatial Array would lose most of its power.

    This was analogous to two armies fighting at a fortress on top of a cliff. The fortress was impregnable, but if the cliff was destroyed, the fortress on the cliff would be taken down automatically.

    “Here, the fifth point!”

    Yi Yun took action once again.


    The fifth energy node shattered as the Nine Palatial Array’s energy weakened once more.

    Following that —

    The sixth point! The seventh point!

    Yi Yun was destroying an energy node every fifteen minutes, quickly severing the connection between the Nine Palatial Array and the Demon Defying Bead.

    And this led to the Nine Palatial Array becoming weaker.

    Not only was the Nine Palatial Array facing Yi Yun becoming weaker, the nine thousand participants immediately faced such a situation as the energy nodes were shattered!

    “Oh? Why does the assessment suddenly feel easier?”

    A participant, who had struggled to complete the third palatial hall while feeling exhausted to the point of giving up, suddenly realized that the difficulty of the array formation was decreasing.

    This made him catch his breath and revive hope in him. “Is this my imagination?”

    He found it quite incredulous until he somehow cleared the fourth hall in a baffling manner. Even he did not know what had happened.

    “So that’s the case. It was only difficult in the beginning. As long as I survived the first few, it will become easier later on!”

    There were many people like this disciple who suddenly realized the drop in difficulty.

    “It’s becoming easier. The difficulty of the fifth hall was already halved, but the sixth hall is actually easier than the fifth?”

    “I feel like I’m about to clear it. Haha, I shouldn’t have sold myself short in the past. I’m indeed a genius. Even if I can’t compare with a crazy existence like Yi Yun, I’m at least someone in the alliance!” Another participant that was disheartened to the point of giving up regained his confidence.

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