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Chapter 965: Hidden Geniuses

    Chapter 965: Hidden Geniuses

    Feng Zheng and Feng Qi had seen Song Wuchen’s Nine Palatial Array. It was absolutely impossible to clear it in such a short period of time!

    However, the other members of the audience did not care about this.

    “Someone cleared! He cleared it so fast!”

    “What a genius!”

    People shouted excitedly. However, as these people were shouting, there were even more people who were dumbfounded. They looked at the long-haired youth that had suddenly appeared, and the first thing on their minds was — who the heck is he?

    There were many geniuses in the alliance, but not every one of them were known by everyone like Yi Yun or Chi Zhuiyun.

    Nearly no one knew who the person that had appeared was.

    “Hmph! You don’t know him? I’m not afraid to tell you that he is my sworn brother! At a young age, he showed unparalleled talent. Later on, he went deep into the mountains and became the disciple of an erudite master. He remained unseen for years, and his strength is definitely top in the Oracle Fey Kingdom. It’s beyond your imaginations!”

    At this moment, a youth jumped out and said those words. He looked like he was a strutting rooster after a victory.

    Everyone looked at the fellow who came out to posture in a daze.

    Now, who was this guy?

    The guy was wearing a tiny hat and his clothes were beast hides. There was a family clan emblem that no one knew about on his clothes. It was obvious that he came from some tiny tribal clan from some nook and cranny.

    How could such a person like that know a ‘top’ genius of the Oracle Fey Kingdom?

    Everyone found it unbelievable.

    However, it was not uncommon for some peerless geniuses to have friends at the grassroots level in his youth. It was common to have legends of how a peerless hero would stand up for his friends that were being bullied in his youth.

    But at that moment, another beam of light flashed and another person who cleared the assessment appeared!

    The person looked even more handsome. He was dressed in white robes and he held a fan in his hand. He was even slowly flapping his fan. Although he had cleared the Nine Palatial Array, he looked energetic and clear-minded. He did not look drained at all, and he gave off an impressive vibe.

    “Another passed, and it was done so easily.”

    “It is another unfamiliar face. However, it seems like he’s also from the Oracle Fey Kingdom. I never knew that we had so many hidden geniuses in the Oracle Fey Kingdom!”

    “Indeed. It seems like these people had remained hidden and do not like to compete for fame and wealth. But now, with Felicitous Rain Lord taking in a disciple, it’s truly a rare opportunity, so all of them are beginning to make their appearances.”

    A few scions argued and at that moment, they saw another few beams of light flash. Three consecutive people appeared in Brocade Spring Court after having cleared the array!


    Everyone faltered in shock.

    There were really too many hidden geniuses.

    However, it was apparent that these people were not from the Oracle Fey Kingdom, so it was expected. The other factions in the alliance were bound to have hidden geniuses as well.

    But following that…

    Sha! Sha! Sha!

    Beams of light flashed one after another like it was raining. In the blink of an eye, there were more than twenty geniuses!

    Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene. Who knew that there were so many geniuses in the world. They were truly frogs in the well to believe that the world only had geniuses like Yi Yun, Chi Zhuiyun, and Luo Huo’er. From the looks of it, they were short-sighted. Each era has men of talent, leading in what they did for hundreds of years.

    “Hahaha! It’s Kid Tiger of my Black Tiger Tribal Clan! That kid has extraordinary talent. He could lift a thousand pound rock at the age of three. Today, he has indeed given me a big and pleasant surprise. There is hope for the rise of my Black Tiger Tribal Clan!” A stout old man said with a mighty roar.

    He looked extremely excited. As for the ’Kid Tiger’ he was referring to, it was a person with a silly look. The fur had yet to shed from his body, making him look like a beast-man. As for being able to lift five hundred pounds at the age of three… that training method sure was simple…

    This guy… was also some hidden genius?

    Many people looked each other in the eyes. They were somewhat dumbfounded. One really couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

    “Congratulations as well. My White Bear Tribal Clan’s Bear Two has succeeded as well. When the younger generation grows up, as fellow tribal brothers, we will march forward hand in hand!” Another stout elder said.

    The Bear Two he mentioned was covered in yellow fur, making him have a brotherly resemblance of the person known as ‘Kid Tiger’.

    A white bear and a black tiger. What the hell? Can you tribal clans name your people in a better manner?

    In fact, the White Bear and Black Tiger tribal clans were not completely unknown. They were considered to be two of the bigger tribal clans in the wild tribal clans of the Oracle Fey Kingdom. However, they were incomparable to the large family clans. Everyone believed that people from Fey tribal clans would never be able to catch up to people from large family clans that were situated in the capital. But now, from the looks of it, these tribal clans were not to be underestimated. The probability of them producing geniuses was low, but they had the numbers, so it was also possible for a talent to rise up from a tribal clan.

    And following that, beams of light began bursting out one after another. Every light beam revealed a young person who had cleared the array. One after another, they appeared like mushrooms appearing after a rain. There were so many people that it was easy to lose count.

    “One, two, three, four… a hundred and eighty-one, a hundred and eighty-two… ” Someone casually counted as he stared with widened eyes.

    Wasn’t the difficulty of the assessment said to be very high? Wasn’t it previously said that the first round of assessments would eliminate 99%? Why did so many people manage to clear the array?

    “Two hundred and thirty-six, two hundred and thirty-seven… ”

    The headcount was still rising. As people were counting on one side, there would be people descending on the other side like rustling leaves. Those counting failed to keep up with the number of people descending.

    Soon, the headcount broke three hundred!

    People were astonished. But at that moment, many people felt that something was amiss.

    It was said that it would take three days for the first person to clear the assessment, but there were more than three hundred people clearing it in eight hours?

    However, there were people immersed in the joy of clearing the assessment, especially the trial-takers themselves. There were relatives and friends who excitedly spoke amongst themselves.

    “Brother Bai, you passed as well!”

    “Hahaha, same to you. Congratulations Brother Yuchi. The last time I met you, I knew that you aren’t ordinary.”

    “Eh, isn’t that Brother Li? It looks like he cleared it as well. Let’s go and congratulate him.”

    There were no end to such dialogs.

    At the moment, the headcount had already exceeded eight hundred!

    There was no decrease in the number of beams of light that descended from the Demon Defying Bead. Instead, they were increasing in number to the point of the beams of light forming a contiguous beam that was so blinding that people could not open their eyes.

    “What’s going on?”

    In the hall in the towering tree, many members of the upper echelon were agape. Even if the assessment relaxed in its difficulty, there was no way that everyone would be able to clear the array together, right?

    Furthermore, they even saw some wondrous existences amongst the participants who cleared the assessment. The Kid Tiger and Bear Two from before could be ignored, because they saw a ten year old girl. She had two tiny hair stumps on her head and she had shimmering eyes. She looked extremely innocent, with her only missing a cotton candy in her hand to perfect her look.

    Although they guessed that the assessment would adjust its difficulty according to the trial-taker’s age, it was completely unacceptable that such a harmless young girl could clear the first round.

    This was definitely not what a normal assessment should look like.

    Many people could not help but look at Song Wuchen. He was the examiner of the first round, and the entire Nine Palatial Array was created by him. They realized that Song Wuchen’s face seemed to have grown moss. It could not be any greener.

    Because at that moment, there was already more than two thousand people that had cleared the Nine Palatial Array.

    Actually, he knew that there was a problem when the first person came out of the Nine Palatial Array in eight hours.

    When his mental imprints collapsed, he was unable to probe the situation inside the Demon Defying Bead. Now, he knew that his mental imprints had not collapsed because it was too tough on him to control the Demon Defying Bead. Instead, something strange had happened to the connection between the array formation and the Demon Defying Bead. This resulted in the collapse of his mental imprints that were not stable to begin with.

    What the hell happened?

    At that moment, Song Wuchen was like a burning chicken. He wished that he could charge up and block the Demon Defying Bead!

    If a few hundred people appeared, he could have brushed the matter aside and increased the difficulty of the next round.

    But now, with the numbers quickly approaching four thousand, half of the participants had already cleared the first level. There was bound to be more later.

    How could he brush this aside? Felicitous Rain Lord was still watching!

    “Damn it! What’s going on!”

    Song Wuchen clenched his teeth. He had tested his Nine Palatial Array several times!

    It was true that he could not control the Demon Defying Bead, but as long as the Nine Palatial Array and the Demon Defying Bead were interfaced, there would not be any problems even if he ignored it. How could the present situation happen?

    Song Wuchen did not think of the possibility that the interface was destroyed by someone. He did not believe that anyone had the ability to do so.

    “Hmm… Young master Wuchen… ” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king spoke in a probing manner, “There’s already more than seven thousand people… Uh… it’s over eight thousand. Do you think that we should end the first round of assessment and quickly begin the second round?”

    The number of people that participated in the Divine Lord’s disciple recruitment numbered about nine thousand people. And previously, Song Wuchen had said that more than 99% would be eliminated and that it would take the first person three days to clear it. He even said that there would be only about ten people who would clear the trial after four or five days, but now, after eight hours, there were already over eight thousand people. Was this still an elimination?

    Even if there was, it would probably number in the dozens. How unlucky would they be to be eliminated?

    Although the Oracle Fey Kingdom king knew that Song Wuchen was like a volcano ready to explode, he could not help but speak up. This couldn’t go on any longer. The people below were already creating a din. Even the silliest person could tell that something was amiss. There was talk going around.

    “I know!” Song Wuchen said through clenched teeth.

    He had failed miserably during the first round of assessment, so what else could he say!?

    “Demon Defying Bead, come!”

    At that moment, Song Wuchen managed to barely summon the Demon Defying Bead back using a pathetic new imprint that he placed on it.

    With the Demon Defying Bead in hand, he felt the coldness of the Demon Defying Bead. Song Wuchen’s face turned extremely surly.

    Previously, while presiding over the assessment, he had even fantasized of the tiny hope that his master would give the Demon Defying Bead to him after the assessment. He was adept at array formations, so the Demon Defying Bead would greatly benefit him.

    But now, Song Wuchen could only feel a limitless estrangement from the bead in his hand.

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