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Chapter 968: Badly Battered

    Chapter 968: Badly Battered

    No one expected that Shui Ningshuang’s assessment would directly give an opportunity to everyone who was present. Just the thought of entering a Divine Lord’s herb garden to pluck herbs was exciting.

    About nine thousand warriors impatiently stood in front of the Door of Misty Rain. They were waiting for Shui Ningshuang to give the go ahead.

    A look of excitement flashed in Black Tiger’s eyes as he prepared himself. At that moment, he noticed Yi Yun, who wasn’t standing very far from him. He could not help but reveal a sneer. “Number one genius of the Luo clan? I wonder if your speed will still be as slow as a tortoise.”

    “Bro, in a while, we brothers will charge right in front. If I’m not wrong, there is one ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower at most. If we are too slow, there won’t be any left!” Bear Two said.

    “That’s right! However, be careful of any unexpected dangers. The herb garden is most likely not that simple with traps along the way.”

    Just as Black Tiger finished speaking, Shui Ningshuang nodded her head slightly and said, “You can begin.”


    Fighting spirit burned in the eyes of Black Tiger, Bear Two, and many other assessees. They charged out like arrows that left a bowstring!

    Everyone knew very well that Fairy Ningshuang’s assessment was not that simple. Many of them had activated their Fey race bloodlines, which caused them to shimmer in a divine light. Behind many people were the phantom images of their ancestors. Instantly, Brocade Spring Court looked like thousands of Fey were galloping in a spectacular stampede!

    Black Tiger and Bear Two was rushing right in front of the crowd!

    But just as they reached the Door of Misty Rain…


    A loud explosion echoed aro as the duo slammed into an invisible light curtain. The duo’s bodies shook violently as they rebounded off the light curtain.

    Black Tiger and Bear Two flew backward at a speed much faster than when they were charging at the door. They slammed heavily into the ground!

    “Peng! Peng!”

    With two dull thuds, the duo crashed into the ground. Their faces faced the sky, but Black Tiger’s face was covered in blood. He had been running at full speed and he had protruded his head right in front. It was his face that slammed into the invisible light curtain and so even his nose had been flattened.

    As for Bear Two, his condition was worse. He had fractured seven or eight ribs and his body was convulsing as he foamed at his mouth.

    After Black Tiger and Bear Two, there were about a hundred more people who slammed into the light curtain just like them. The impacts left them badly battered as they wailed in pain.

    It was the ones that had charged slightly slower who managed to slow down when they took warning from the failures of others. They had escaped the outcome of slamming into the wall of light.

    As for Yi Yun, the crowd had already charged forward and were sent flying back, but he did not even take a step forward ever since Fairy Ningshuang declared the start of the assessment.

    After a long while, Bear Two and Black Tiger managed to catch their breaths.

    They struggled to get up and they could hardly stand straight. Their heads were hurting and they felt dizzy.

    “What the heck!?”

    “Fuck, we got tricked. To think that there is such a trap set up in the Divine Lord herb garden. The lot of us who were the first to step on the mine suffered a great deal, while those cowards at the back managed to gain an advantage.”

    As Black Tiger touched his bloodied face, he noticed that Yi Yun was not far from them. Yi Yun had been standing there all along, like he was an outsider witnessing all that was happening.

    Black Tiger and Bear Tiger looked at Yi Yun, and in return, Yi Yun looked at the pair of brothers in trouble.

    Yi Yun did not conceal his gaze. The way that he looked at Black Tiger and Bear Two was like he was looking at a a pair of retards.

    They only had brawn over brains. They were shallow and ignorant, but they thought highly of themselves, so who else could be blamed?

    In fact, Yi Yun had long noticed the thick energy that gathered in front of the Door of Misty Rain with his energy vision. As long as anyone attempted to rush in, the energy would immediately condense together and become as unassailable as divine metal. In addition, the energy light curtain could even reflect energy. It would return how ever much energy was used to slammed into it. This was the reason why many people ended up in such tragic states when they slammed into it.

    “That punk!” Black Tiger and Bear Two were furious. They had suffered serious injuries after bouncing back from their charge, but Yi Yun found much amusement in watching them on the side.

    “How is it skill to be standing on the side watching? If you have the guts, go on and charge at it. How shameless is he to mock us when he cowers behind like a tortoise!” Black Tiger cursed unhappily.

    At that moment, a beam of light flashed. Chi Zhuiyun had walked in front of the Door of Misty Rain.

    He was dressed in red and he stood straight in a towering and magnificent manner. All his energy began to gathering on his spear.

    “Oh, Chi Zhuiyun?”

    Just as everyone was surprised, Chi Zhuiyun suddenly thrust his spear out!

    The thrusting of the spear made it seem like hell had descended on the mortal realm. Wraiths wailed as a gigantic Shura devil appeared behind Chi Zhuiyun.

    War Demon Form — Shura!


    With a loud explosion, visible ripples appeared in the void in front of Chi Zhuiyun. The light curtain was reverberating!

    Everyone finally realized that it was a pale blue light curtain. It was like a water membrane. And now, Chi Zhuiyun’s stab has caused a tear in the curtain of light!

    Chi Zhuiyun’s eyes were focused as his body flashed. He had already entered the light curtain!

    At the next moment, he had stepped through the Door of Misty Rain!

    “He entered the Divine Lord herb garden!”

    Everyone stared with widened eyes. Chi Zhuiyun had managed to use his powerful attack to rip the light curtain apart, allowing him to gain entry through the Door of Misty Rain!

    His attack was way too sick!

    “I can enter as well!”

    In a split second, a small-built Fey sprang out of the crowd. With a machete in hand, he immediately followed Chi Zhuiyun’s footsteps.


    He slashed at the light curtain that Chi Zhuiyun had just attacked. He had an ingenious plan. He believed that the part of the light curtain that Chi Zhuiyun had just ripped apart was likely to remain unstable. By attacking the same spot, there was a higher chance of tearing the light curtain open.



    His blade beam was rebounded, slashing straight back at his chest.


    The small-built warrior spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backward and crashed heavily into the ground.

    He had failed!

    Everyone was stunned. Chi Zhuiyun had succeeded with a single attack. The guy had attacked the same spot but ended up in such a situation?

    “I know him. He is Yuchi Long from the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s Yuchi family. He is definitely one of the top figures of the southeastern zone of the Oracle Fey Kingdom, but who knew that the gap between him and Chi Zhuiyun would be so large!?” Someone in the crowd exclaimed in surprise.

    In the Oracle Fey Kingdom, Chi Zhuiyun had made his public appearance a decade ago. Although he was famous, there were very few people who had a chance to really fight with Chi Zhuiyun. Without an actual fight, there was no way to understand Chi Zhuiyun’s formidability.

    A year ago, Chi Zhuiyun had swept through the Luo clan but was eventually defeated by Yi Yun. This had greatly reduced the halo around Chi Zhuiyun, which also resulted in some members of the Oracle Fey Kingdom thinking that Chi Zhuiyun was just that and nothing more.

    But today, they had witnessed and got a deep understanding of how much more inferior the famous Yuchi Long from the southeastern zone was when he was compared to Chi Zhuiyun.

    Upon seeing this scene, many people could not help but cast their gazes on Yi Yun.

    Chi Zhuiyun was already so powerful, but he was still defeated by Yi Yun’s hand. Then, what was Yi Yun’s strength? How strong was he?

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