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Chapter 971: Luck is also a form of strength.

    Chapter 971: Luck is also a form of strength.

    The immense difficulty needed to simply become a Divine Lord’s in-name disciple caused many people to give up any hope. The gap was too large, so there was no need to persist on the venture.

    At the moment that Yi Yun entered the Divine Lord herb garden, he felt like he was walking at the bottom of the ocean. The surrounding Yuan Qi ocean surrounded him with immense pressure — a pressure that would constantly deplete a great deal of stamina for the warriors who entered.

    “This Divine Lord herb garden is an array in itself. The array is powered by the Door of Misty Rain, and it is several times more powerful than the Demon Defying Bead from before.” Yi Yun muttered to himself.

    The Door of Misty Rain was a treasure that was of a much higher grade than the Demon Defying Bead. Furthermore, there was no doubt that the array formation in the Door of Misty Rain was established by Felicitous Rain Lord personally. It was a night and day difference when compared to Song Wuchen’s Nine Palatial Array.

    Through the array’s augmentation, the Yuan Qi in the Door of Misty Rain had already coalesced as a whole. It was impossible for Yi Yun to use his own strength to destroy it because his cultivation level was too low.

    Even if Yi Yun fully powered the Purple Crystal, he could absorb a bit of Yuan Qi from his immediate surroundings at best. But by doing so, it would make Felicitous Rain Lord suspicious. After all, with Yi Yun’s cultivation level, it would be too amazing if he could withstand an array formation that Felicitous Rain Lord had personally set up.

    After passing through the Door of Misty Rain, Yi Yun had decided not to resist the Yuan Qi pressure in it. All he did was act as a conduit to guide and mediate the Yuan Qi.

    With his acute perception of energy structure, Yi Yun was like a fish swimming in the Yuan Qi ocean.

    Although his stamina was being depleted, it was not at a staggering rate.

    Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue, who had entered the Divine Lord herb garden before Yi Yun, were also seizing the opportunity to look for herbs.

    “A Seven Heart Flower that has just germinated… It is only a thousand years old… ”

    Yi Yun did not stop as he passed many Seven Heart Flowers. The flowers were located very close to the Door of Misty Rain, but even for the people who didn’t manage to enter the Door of Misty Rain, their initial targets were definitely not these flowers.

    In the expansive herb garden, the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flowers were hidden in the deep depths of the Door of Misty Rain.

    As time passed, the warriors that gave up attempting entry into the Door of Misty Rain began to visually follow the few assessees who had entered. Although it was misty in the Door of Misty Rain, they were able to easily follow the assessees’ footsteps and see every flower at their feet by using their perception.

    At that moment, Yi Yun had nearly caught up to Tianya Haoyue. Although Yi Yun’s pace wasn’t fast, he still proceeded at a steady pace.

    Tianya Haoyue turned anxious when he noticed that Yi Yun was about to overtake him. With a heart full of indignation, he gathered his energy and sped up.

    “It’s a four-petal Seven Heart Flower.”

    A four-petal Seven Heart Flower was considered to be quite good. It resulted in Tianya Haoyue hesitating slightly when it appeared by his foot. However, he did not bend down to pick it because his ambition was not limited to just that.

    However, after passing the four-petal Seven Heart Flower, a number of flowers that he encountered became fewer in number.

    The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was richer the deeper one went into the Divine Lord herb garden, but the herbs turned more sparse.

    Many herbs were hidden in the mist that was no ordinary water vapor. Instead, it was condensed from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. In combination with the special Yuan Qi structure, one’s perception could not easily penetrate it, so the assessees could only expend their strength to disperse the mist in front of them.

    Tianya Haoyue had some regrets, but he was not worried that he would never find a five-petal Seven Heart Flower.

    At that moment, Tianya Haoyue, Chi Zhuiyun, and Yi Yun had gone in separate directions.

    Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue headed towards the central area where the Seven Heart Flowers were planted. There was a higher likelihood of an aged Seven Heart Flower growing there.

    As for the direction Yi Yun chose, it was extremely special. He had deliberately chosen a remote area, which seemed to only become increasingly remote. What Yi Yun’s feet encountered were strange and jagged rocks. The number and quality of Seven Heart Flowers dropped drastically.

    What was Yi Yun doing?

    Many people whispered. Even Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were unsure.

    In the remote area, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had turned extremely sparse. The mist was not as concentrated as the central areas. Was it possible for there to be an aged Seven Heart Flower here?

    “What is that Yi Yun doing? Didn’t he declare that he would not only pick a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower, but he would also pick a few other herbs? With his present trajectory, it will be pretty impressive if he manages to find a three-petal Seven Heart Flower,” Song Wuchen said coldly.

    Although he was Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, he was not the owner of the Door of Misty Rain. He did not know much more about the Door of Misty Rain than others.

    But in fact, Yi Yun could clearly tell through his energy vision that this area was not considered to be a ‘remote’ area. On the contrary, the reason why the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi appeared thin was because the energy was being extracted through a special method.


    At that point in time, the assessment had gone on for half an hour. Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue’s energy reserves were beginning to empty themselves. Although they knew that there was a higher chance of finding a top-grade Seven Heart Flower if they ventured deeper, they needed to reserve sufficient energy for them to return to the Door of Misty Rain’s entrance. Their best outcome would be to find a Seven Heart Flower with the most number of petals at their current depths. It was not a test of strength, but also luck as well.

    At that moment, the searching Chi Zhuiyun happened to move a rock. Dispersing the mist around it, Chi Zhuiyun’s eyes lit up when he saw what was behind the rock.

    “A six-petal Seven Heart Flower!”

    In front of Chi Zhuiyun, there was a foot-high Seven Heart Flower. It looked crystalline and five of its petals had extended fully. The sixth petal was in the midst of its blooming. It could be considered a Seven Heart Flower that was in the interim between its five and six petal stages.

    At this depth, five petal Seven Heart Flowers were already extremely few in number, but Chi Zhuiyun had managed to find a quasi-six-petal Seven Heart Flower!

    Chi Zhuiyun had definitely done especially well for the Door of Misty Rain assessment.

    “Haha, a six-petal Seven Heart Flower. Zhuiyun’s luck isn’t bad!” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king laughed gleefully. There was no way for him to hide the joy on his face.

    “Luck is also a form of strength.” Song Wuchen, who was sitting beside the Oracle Fey Kingdom king, echoed with a smile.

    By being the first to enter the Door of Misty Rain and also picking such an aged Seven Heart Flower, there was no doubt that Chi Zhuiyun’s results would win Felicitous Rain Lord’s appreciation.

    As Song Wuchen said those words, he suddenly thought of something as he cast his gaze at Yi Yun. Yi Yun had entered a remote area, where the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was extremely thin. Yi Yun seemed to be blindly searching with no results to speak of.

    “Young juniors tend to like having their presence felt, but this time, he might have outsmarted himself.” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king said as he stroked his beard. Yi Yun was indeed strong, but he was too greedy. Without Chi Zhuiyun’s luck, how could he obtain anything?

    Song Wuchen and the Oracle Fey Kingdom king began a discussion, but at that moment, Yi Yun arrived in front of a pile of rocks. After wandering around it for a while, he finally chose a point and looked at a rock for a moment. Suddenly with a kick, he sent the rock flying.

    “Oh? What the hell is he doing!?”

    Upon seeing Yi Yun’s action, Song Wuchen nearly felt like cursing. In the Divine Lord herb garden, everyone picked herbs gently. Even moving a rock was done carefully to prevent harm to a possible herb. Although Yi Yun was in a remote area, such a violent and crude action incensed Song Wuchen.

    Just as he was about to chide Yi Yun, the words that he had prepared were left stuck in his throat.

    He stared with widened eyes as he looked on in disbelief. Underneath the rock that Yi Yun had kicked away, a foot and two-inch-tall Seven Heart Flower bounced up gently. The top of it had a beautiful corolla the size of a fist. It gently swayed from the momentum it gained.

    The corolla had six petals fully extended and its seventh petal was in gestation.

    It turned out to be a complete six-petal Seven Heart Flower! It was not like the quasi-six-petal that Chi Zhuiyun found.


    Song Wuchen stared with widened eyes. As for the Oracle Fey Kingdom king, he had stood up immediately from his seat.

    What a joke. Yi Yun managed to find such a perfect six-petal Seven Heart Flower in such a remote area!?

    Previously, they had claimed how Chi Zhuiyun’s luck was heaven-defying, but when compared to Yi Yun being able to find a six-petal Seven Heart Flower in such a remote area, Chi Zhuiyun’s luck could not be considered as anything at all.

    “That punk got it! His luck is way too good!” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king said unhappily. It was clear that Chi Zhuiyun was inferior to Yi Yun in the second assessment.

    However, before he finished his words, a scene that nearly popped his eyes out unfolded. He watched in disbelief as Yi Yun took a few steps back and kicked the rock that he kicked away back.

    The amount of strength that he used was perfect. The rock rolled back to its original spot and perfectly covered the six-petal Seven Heart Flower once again. Without taking a second look, Yi Yun continued on his way, like what he found was not a six-petal Seven Heart Flower, but a weed…

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