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Chapter 973: Origins of the Duo

    Chapter 973: Origins of the Duo

    The fat and thin duo, who had unknown origin, were like wolves as they followed Yi Yun, like they had caught the scent of fresh meat.

    People began to realize that although their actions were despicable and shameless, their strength was in no way inferior. Inside the Door of Misty Rain, there was resistance everywhere, but their limbs were nimble and they moved like flowing water. It was like they were accustomed to the environment in the Door of Misty Rain, which gave them plenty of energy to spare.

    Just this point alone made them stronger than Tianya Haoyue!

    “Where did those two people sprout out from?”

    Everyone was astonished. Other than the six-country alliance, there were indeed uncountable large factions in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. However, true top geniuses were not easily obtained commodities. If Tianya Haoyue were to leave the six-country alliance and go to another faction, he would definitely be treasured as a talent by the seniors there. However, he turned out to be the worse when placed in the Door of Misty Rain. The fat and thin duo didn’t look particularly impressive, but their talent was actually that high?

    Those from the World Margin Sect were the ones who had suffered the greatest setback. The strongest member of their sect’s younger generation was so easily surpassed by two random people?

    “Fairy Ningshuang, who are those two… ?”

    In the towering tree’s hall, a internal Elder of the World Margin Sect could not help but ask.

    From Fairy Ningshuang’s previous expression, it was quite certain that she knew about their origins. The World Margin Sect did not care about it previously, but just moments ago, they had snatched the flower from Tianya Haoyue and they had completely exceeded Tianya Haoyue. He could no longer sit still.

    Fairy Ningshuang frowned slightly as she seemed to recall some unpleasant memories.

    People were curious about the fat and thin duo’s faction that they originated from. Was it Felicitous Rain Lord’s rival? How could disciples of a rival dare to participate in Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciple recruitment? Wouldn’t it be courting death!?

    After a long silence, Fairy Ningshuang said, “I previously noticed their cultivation techniques, so they most likely come from the Immortal Rain Sect. It’s Master’s sect.”

    “Immortal Rain Sect? Felicitous Rain Lord’s sect?” Everyone was astonished!

    Felicitous Rain Lord had never established a sect or Fey country that belonged to him. Could it be that the Immortal Rain Sect was a sect that Felicitous Rain Lord came from before he became a Divine Lord?

    “Immortal Rain Sect? Pardon this old man’s ignorance, but I have never heard of it.” The World Margin Sect’s Elder said.

    “The Immortal Rain Sect is a seclusive sect, so it is normal if none of you have heard of it. The Immortal Rain Sect was the sect that Master grew up in. Master is the son of the Immortal Rain Sect’s Sect Leader. But now, the Immortal Rain Sect no longer has any ties with Master.”

    Shui Ningshuang did not plan on speaking much about it. In fact, Felicitous Rain Lord’s talent was not considered to be great in his youth. The competition in the Immortal Rain Sect was intense, so even the Immortal Rain Sect’s Sect Leader’s son would be ostracized if his talent was inadequate.

    To be born from a seclusive sect and also be the son of the Sect Leader did not necessarily mean it was a good thing. Mighty martial figures had extremely long lifespans. They had several male offspring and many of the bastard male offspring had no status. Under such circumstances, the familial ties between father and son were extremely lukewarm. If a child did not have talent, their deaths did not mean much.

    Felicitous Rain Lord never had much feelings for the Immortal Rain Sect, and due to later sequences of events, it caused Felicitous Rain Lord and the Immortal Rain Sect to increasingly become estranged with each other.

    As a large sect, the Immortal Rain Sect did things in a cold and ruthless manner. Because of one final matter, it caused the relationship between Felicitous Rain Lord and the Immortal Rain Sect to completely break down. From that moment on, Felicitous Rain Lord had nothing to do with the Immortal Rain Sect.

    “Oh, so there was such deep origins!” Although Shui Ningshuang did not say much, most of the important figures in the hall had various guesses in their minds.

    Felicitous Rain Lord had began traveling around the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven very early on. It was likely for him to have left the Immortal Rain Sect by then. However, the Immortal Rain Sect probably never expected for Felicitous Rain Lord to slowly mature into a Divine Lord after he severed connections with it!

    No matter how powerful the Immortal Rain Sect was, a Divine Lord was definitely an absolute mainstay that they needed. So how could they not regret? Furthermore, Felicitous Rain Lord also had the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’ in his possession!

    Unfortunately, it was already extremely difficult for the Immortal Rain Sect to mend their relations with Felicitous Rain Lord after he became a Divine Lord.

    Without needing Shui Ningshuang to elaborate further, people had guesses of what happened later.

    The Immortal Rain Sect probably always had the intentions of getting Felicitous Rain Lord back into the Immortal Rain Sect. Unfortunately, how could a proud maverick like Felicitous Rain Lord agree to it?

    “No wonder. The news of Felicitous Rain Lord’s recruitment of in-name disciples was only proliferated in the alliance. It was unexpected that there would be outsiders coming here. But if it’s the Immortal Rain Sect that constantly pays attention to Felicitous Rain Lord, it would not be strange.” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king muttered to himself.

    He naturally did not like the fat and thin Immortal Rain Sect disciples. However, the Immortal Rain Sect was the birthplace of Felicitous Rain Lord after all. On account of them raising him in his youth, Felicitous Rain Lord would not negatively deal with the two juniors. However, it was unlikely he would take them in as in-name disciples.

    “The Immortal Rain Sect must have cultivated some rain laws. It’s no wonder that I find that the two of them can move so freely in the Door of Misty Rain. The environment of the Door of Misty Rain probably suits their cultivation the best.” Another Elder of a large faction said.

    “Not only that. They are about to condense their Dao fruits. Their cultivation levels are higher than Yi Yun’s!”

    They were disciples of a seclusive sect and they specialized in rain laws. Inside the Door of Misty Rain, they were like fish meeting water. Under such circumstances, they had a lot more advantages than Yi Yun!

    And now, Yi Yun was searching for the herbs, but they were following him leisurely. They conserved their energy and waited for Yi Yun to turn weary!

    They would stroll over briskly and search only when Yi Yun began searching certain spots.

    Such actions were really annoying.

    Yi Yun obviously could not hear the discussion in the towering tree’s hall. Yi Yun did not know about the duo’s strength and origins. Without the proper information, Yi Yun was facing quite an adverse situation.

    Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi, who were from the Luo clan, felt a little anxious.

    “A six-petal Seven Heart Flower is already not bad. Back when he saw it, he should have picked it. Could it be that up to now, Yi Yun still plans to pick a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower?” Elder Shi muttered to himself anxiously.

    But as the person involved, Yi Yun remained completely unaware as he continued to search for herbs.

    The corners of Song Wuchen’s mouth gradually curled up. Although he did not like the fat and thin duo that suddenly appeared, he would be delighted if they were able to cause Yi Yun to suffer a setback.

    And at that moment, Yi Yun came to a stop. He stood on the spot for a long period of time.

    The region that Yi Yun was standing in did not look special. Beside him, there was a ring of fragmented rock. But beneath Yi Yun’s feet, there was a black rock about one meter in diameter. The black rock looked heavy and unremarkable.

    Song Wuchen’s brows pricked up slightly. He was not too concerned because he believed that Yi Yun would leave after a while. However, he never expected Yi Yun to constantly circle the black rock, like he was probing something. Yi Yun had done that for thirty minutes.

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