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Chapter 975: Take mine, snatching it back again

    Chapter 975: Take mine, snatching it back again

    Outside the Door of Misty Rain, there was silence despite there being tens of thousands of people gathered. One could even hear a pin drop.

    The attack was way too terrifying. Even many of the alliance’s Elders in the towering tree’s hall were startled. They didn’t even have the confidence to withstand the strike head on.

    “That is definitely not an attack a junior at the Heaven Ascension realm can produce. If I’m not wrong, the nine divine dragons is a worldly power that resides in the Door of Misty Rain itself. It’s not Yi Yun’s attack!” An Elder in the towering tree’s hall said.

    Others immediately understood what had happened when he said that.

    If Yi Yun had used the Door of Misty Rain’s worldly power, it was understandable why it was so terrifying.

    However, how did Yi Yun manage to accomplish that?

    The Door of Misty Rain was a Divine Lord’s enchanted artifact!

    Just to see through the hidden worldly power in the Door of Misty Rain was already a herculean task, much less trigger it!

    How could Yi Yun have such abilities at the Heaven Ascension realm?

    Many people looked at Shui Ningshuang. They could tell that the cold and aloof woman was looking at Yi Yun with uncalm eyes.

    No one understood what Yi Yun had done better than her. He had borrowed the momentum of the attack to strike at the Immortal Rain Sect disciples. It was apparent that Yi Yun had discovered the nine dragon spirit roots array hidden deep underground, but it was a miracle for a junior like him to be able to accomplish what he had done.

    She felt that she could no longer understand Yi Yun. This was the first time in her long life that a junior could leave such an impression on her!

    “If it’s the energy contained in the Door of Misty Rain, the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples are considered lucky to have survived.” A sect Elder said as he looked at the ill-lucked fat and thin duo.

    “The reason they survived it is because they were not facing the main attack. They were only struck by a sweep of a dragon’s tail.” Sitting in a particular corner, Elder Shi explained.

    Although Yi Yun had triggered the explosion from the Door of Misty Rain’s worldly power, he was unable to guide the direction of its attack. Therefore, the nine divine dragons charged straight for the firmaments, and a large portion of the energy was wasted. Only a dragon’s tail struck the duo, but they were already inflicted with serious injuries from such a simple strike.

    “It’s good that no one died. If someone had died… the Immortal Rain Sect might not be willing to take things lying down…”

    Elder Duanmu heaved a sigh of relief. He was still worried about the Immortal Rain Sect. The Luo clan did not have the courage to face up to a large reclusive sect.

    Just as Elder Shi was about to echo hims, his eyelids jumped when he saw Yi Yun taking large strides towards Fatty. With a foot, Yi Yun crushed down on Fatty’s his chest.


    Yi Yun’s foot was augmented with strength, so it was a heavy stamp!

    Fatty was already seriously injured, so even if he could withstand the heavy impact, his ribs still fractured. His organs were stabbed by the bones fragment, causing blood bubbles to spew out of Fatty’s mouth.

    “Where’s the flower the both of you picked?” Yi Yun asked while his foot rested on Fatty.

    Fatty’s rotund face twitched. Having come from the Immortal Rain Sect, the figures of the alliance’s six factions were only countryside geniuses to him. How could he have ever expected that he would suffer the ruthless beatings from a countryside genius?

    “Do…do you know who I am? I come from the Immortal Rain Sect. The faction backing me is one beyond your imagination. It still won’t be too late if you immediately beg for mercy. If you attack me again, you will die a miserable death!” Fatty gnashed his teeth as he threatened Yi Yun. He felt like he was a lofty prince that was being beaten by a villager in the countryside. So how could he not be furious?

    “Get me to beg for mercy?” Yi Yun laughed. “It’s funny how you are threatening me under your present circumstances. You really do know how to spell the word death!”

    All of Yi Yun’s energy was infused into his foot as he stamped down again!


    The crisp sound of bone fracturing was heard. The ground beneath Fatty’s body collapsed as his entire body sank into the ground. His sternum fractured as he was covered in blood.

    Upon seeing this scene, the eyelids of the upper echelons in the towering tree’s hall twitched.

    Fatty’s declaration of the Immortal Rain Sect was unable to threaten Yi Yun at all. Yi Yun was truly a ruthless and decisive person.

    In fact, Yi Yun had already guessed that the fatty had an impressive background.

    He had never heard of the Immortal Rain Sect, but he had a vague guess that it was a faction that surpassed the Luo clan.

    It was not the first time Yi Yun offended a faction that far exceeded the scope of his strength. Back when he was in the Fire Cloud State, he had similarly beaten Ran Yu from the Ran family clan as well.

    Without any mercy, he took off Fatty’s interspatial ring, followed by Scrawny’s.


    A Sword of the Will appeared in between Yi Yun’s eyebrows before it shattered the mental imprint that the duo had placed on their interspatial rings!

    Following that, Yi Yun used his perception to probe the interspatial rings without any obstruction.

    To warriors, items in the interspatial ring were considered private. For example, there were cultivation techniques, mystic manuals, charms, etc. There were many things that were used as a trump card to protect their lives. There were some opportunities that they had discovered themselves but were not made public. Some of them were not meant for the eyes of others.

    Having an interspatial ring ransacked was an absolute humiliation to warriors.

    However, the duo was heavily injured, so they were powerless to stop him. They could only watch helplessly as Yi Yun freely searched the interspatial rings. Their eyes that looked like cracking glass indicated how much they wanted to rip Yi Yun to pieces.

    In such a manner, Yi Yun found the six-petal Seven Heart Flower that Scrawny had previously picked. After that, he nonchalantly found a spot that had rather rich Yuan Qi before planting the flower in it.

    Upon seeing this scene, everyone outside the Door of Misty Rain was rendered speechless. Yi Yun did not need the six-petal Seven Heart Flower at all. He had taken the six-petal Seven Heart Flower back only to discard it again.

    “Yi Yun! I’ll remember you!” Fatty said through clenched teeth. His eyes seemed like it was penetrating Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun frowned as killing intent flashed in his heart. He nearly attacked the fatty to finish him, but if he killed the fatty, the Immortal Rain Sect would naturally find fault with him. But if he did not kill the fatty, the fatty would return to Immortal Rain Sect and mobilize his powers to destroy him.

    The two outcomes were not too different.

    As Yi Yun was pondering over it, a divine beam of light shot into the Door of Misty Rain. It wrapped itself around the fat and thin youths and it sent them out.

    The person responsible for the act was Shui Ningshuang.

    After being severely injured by Yi Yun, the duo naturally could not leave the Door of Misty Rain using their own strength.

    “Pa! Pa!”

    The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples fell heavily in Brocade Spring Court and were looked at tens of thousands of people.

    At that moment, the duo even had thoughts of committing suicide.


    He definitely wanted revenge!

    Fatty roared in his heart. He had never suffered such an outrage his entire life!

    Seeing how the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples were on their last breaths, the Oracle Fey Kingdom king was somewhat troubled. After all, this event was being held on his territory, the Oracle Fey Kingdom. He could not leave the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples in the lurch.

    Besides, it was the Immortal Rain Sect, so he knew that it was wise not to offend it. He had thoughts of establishing good relations with them, so he hurriedly ordered a courtier to treat the duo’s wounds.

    While doing all of this, the Oracle Fey Kingdom king looked carefully at Shui Ningshuang’s expression. He could not grasp the relationship between Felicitous Rain Lord and the Immortal Rain Sect. He guessed that with the Immortal Rain Sect being Felicitous Rain Lord’s birthplace, even their relationship was estranged, it would not be as incompatible as fire and water…

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