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Chapter 976: Returning With Herbs

    Chapter 976: Returning With Herbs

    The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples were carried to the towering tree’s hall. The Immortal Rain Sect was a lofty existence after all, so the Oracle Fey Kingdom king was not seeking reward. He only wished to act without fault. They were not stingy by using all sorts of good medicine and relics.

    The person responsible for the duo’s injuries was the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s Imperial Perceptor. When he checked the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples’ injuries, he was secretly horrified. The duo were in great physical shape and they had very powerful bloodlines. However, they were still heavily injured after being hit by the dragon’s tail.

    Many of their bones and meridians had been cracked. Curing them needed top healing medicines and treasured relics. The cost would make the Oracle Fey Kingdom feel the pinch.

    “That Yi Yun really has endless means. I believed that Yi Yun would definitely suffer greatly when the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples joined forces, but who knew that they would be beaten up into such a state.” An Elder said with a tut.

    “Any one of the two aren’t any weaker than Yi Yun. They were helpless when Yi Yun conjured the worldly power in the Door of Misty Rain. It caused the battle to be on a completely different level. Back then, even I was unable to expect Yi Yun to have such a countermeasure, much less the duo. It’s only normal for them to have suffered.”

    Typically, no matter how intricate a junior’s techniques were, it would not have been able to fool the eyes of the legendary figures, since they were on a completely different level of insight.

    However, about Yi Yun’s strike in the Door of Misty Rain, the Elders present questioned if they could be able to withstand the attack without suffering as much if they were in the duo’s shoes.

    After the Oracle Fey Kingdom endured the heartache of spending all the good medicine on the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples till everything was healed, everyone realized that Yi Yun had yet to exit the Door of Misty Rain!

    Yi Yun was the only person left inside the Door of Misty Rain and he was still picking herbs.

    They had spent about two hours dealing with the Immortal Rain Sect disciples’ injuries, but Yi Yun had remained in the Door of Misty Rain for an extended period of time.

    The Yuan Qi pressure inside the Door of Misty Rain was extremely high, but Yi Yun had passed through the Seven Heart Flower plantation region, headed for another herb plantation and picked another herb before coming out.

    As Yi Yun’s figure was covered in the thick mist and people’s perception unable to probe further, there was an hour when Yi Yun had completely disappeared before he appeared in the people’s vision.

    No one knew what he had picked, but they noticed that at the instant that Yi Yun walked into the mist, Shui Ningshuang’s eyebrows pricked up. Her expression had changed slightly as well.

    Clearly, it meant that the second herb that Yi Yun picked was not ordinary either.

    He had obtained two herbs — a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower and an unknown herb.

    Outside the Door of Misty Rain, many young warriors were watching in envy. To return with treasured herbs in hand and to showcase his formidable strength in front of the six-country alliance and Felicitous Rain Lord, Yi Yun was no doubt the biggest victor at the recruitment event.

    After the Door of Misty Rain’s test, the number of people that passed could be counted with one’s fingers!

    The first round’s pass rate was nearly 100%, but the second round’s elimination rate was nearly 100%. The stark contrast was quite unacceptable to some people.

    When Yi Yun walked out of the Door of Misty Rain, the crowd had automatically separated and carved a path out for him. Even Bear Two and Black Tiger, who previously wanted to trample on Yi Yun, had long hidden in a corner and did not dare to utter a single word. The vastness of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven as well as a true genius far exceeded their imaginations.

    “Fairy Ningshuang, from this Door of Misty Rain assessment, only a few people have cleared it. About the assessments after this, do you think… ”

    In the towering tree’s hall, Elder Duanmu spoke. In fact, his intentions were very clear. Although the second assessment had a few people clearing it, anyone who wasn’t blind could tell that Yi Yun was far stronger than the rest!

    Elder Duanmu believed that with Yi Yun’s outstanding performance, it was already certain that Yi Yun would become the ultimate winner. It was meaningless to continue the competition. After all, could Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue pose a threat to Yi Yun?

    When Elder Duanmu said those words, even the Oracle Fey Kingdom king was left without being angry, despite feeling rather aggrieved. It was originally Felicitous Rain Lord being indebted to their Imperial Patriarch which resulted in such an event. But in the end, all the benefits were given to Yi Yun from the Luo clan.

    Shui Ningshuang smiled gently. Although she knew the meaning behind Elder Duanmu’s words, she did not make any comment on it.

    And at that moment, Song Wuchen spoke out. He said with a livid expression, “Does the Senior think that there’s no need to compete any further? The Door of Misty Rain’s test is not a test of strength. Other than some strength which is needed to gain entrance at the beginning, all it tests is luck and the ability to search for herbs inside the Door of Misty Rain.”

    “Yi Yun being able to find two wondrous herbs must have to do with a particularly special ability of his. For example, if he has the myriad nomological eyes that is recorded in the ancient books, he will be able to see through array formations and allow him to easily do such a thing. It’s the same thing with the final strike that defeated the Immortal Rain Sect disciples.”

    Song Wuchen turned more incensed the more he spoke. After he realized how Yi Yun had stirred the worldly power in the Door of Misty Rain and defeated the Immortal Rain Sect disciples, he was certain that the reason why the Nine Palatial Array had problems was all because of Yi Yun’s tampering!

    Since Yi Yun could even use a bit of the Door of Misty Rain’s array formation, it was obvious that he could easily crack the array Song Wuchen had set up!

    Song Wuchen originally believed that this was an opportunity for him to let Felicitous Rain Lord appreciate his performance, but it was destroyed by Yi Yun. This made Song Wuchen hate Yi Yun so much that he wanted to rip him apart.

    Now, how could he feel comfortable with Yi Yun standing out heads and above the crowd?

    “That’s right. Yi Yun’s performance in the Door of Misty Rain has nothing much to do with strength.” The Oracle Fey Kingdom, who was beside Song Wuchen, echoed. He still wanted to win a last chance for Chi Zhuiyun.

    With the two echoing each other in great harmony, Elder Shi sneered and quipped sarcastically, “I remembered that before the beginning of the assessment, Young Master Wuchen previously said something about the assessment would not be a test of strength? But why has it come to the point where strength is the most important?”

    Song Wuchen’s expression stiffened when Elder Shi figuratively smacked him in the face right on the spot. He previously knew that Yi Yun’s actual combat strength was strong, so he had deliberately not tested actual combat strength, but now he had overturned his own words.

    He could only say, “Strength also includes the potential for future development, such as Dao Domains. It is directly correlated to the number and quality of Dao fruits condensed during the Dao Manifestation realm. It is also a measure for a warrior’s future development. What Master places the greatest emphasis on is a Dao Domain! If Yi Yun’s Dao Domain is mediocre, so what if he is good at herb-picking?”

    When Song Wuchen said this, the Oracle Fey Kingdom king turned delighted. Yi Yun had yet to grasp a Dao Domain during his battle with Chi Zhuiyun! And in contrast, Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain was his forte!

    He stroked his beard and said complacently, “Speaking about Dao Domains, Zhuiyun has made another breakthrough during the past year. He can showcase it to everyone.”

    Both sides began to engage in a war of words, but Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi naturally did not have much say when it came to Song Wuchen, who was an examiner. They could only look at Shui Ningshuang.

    Shui Ningshuang smiled slightly and said, “There’s no need for you to argue any further. Master just sent a voice transmission to me. The assessment will be temporarily halted. In three days time, he will personally come to Brocade Spring Court to preside over the final assessment. The outcome will obviously be decided by Master.”

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