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Chapter 978: Shi Changsheng

    Chapter 978: Shi Changsheng1

    Everyone in the Oracle Fey Kingdom was looking forward to the assessment that would happen in three days time.

    A Divine Lord would be personally present. It was a grand event that had never happened in the past ten million years in the Oracle Fey Kingdom! Of course, other than the Divine Lord, the young warriors were focusing on another person, Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun’s stories and feats filled every restaurant in the Oracle Fey Kingdom, such as how he guided the Door of Misty Rain’s array formation to defeat the Immortal Rain Sect disciples. Now, he would be personally assessed by Felicitous Rain Lord!

    The three days passed in a blink of an eye!

    The streets that led to Brocade Spring Court were longed packed to the brim.

    However, when the excited warriors reached the entrance to Brocade Spring Court, they were informed that Brocade Spring Court was not to be open to the public.

    Felicitous Rain Lord preferred quietness and there were just too many spectating warriors.

    Upon hearing the news, the crowd were stupefied. They could not even get pass the door?

    Those who came with great anticipation were left extremely disappointed.

    Quite a number of them had rushed here from the factions of the alliance, but Brocade Spring Court was not going to be opened to the public.

    And at that moment, a Oracle Fey Kingdom Elder stood up and said, “Everyone, the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king, and Imperial Patriarch have gained special permission from the Divine Lord to set up a projection array for everyone. When the time comes, the scenes of the assessment will be displayed through the projection array. There is no need to turn anxious.”

    As the host, the Oracle Fey Kingdom definitely would not offend the people of so many other factions, so it naturally had its arrangements.

    Projection array?

    Many people were reluctant when they heard this. How could watching a projection array be better than watching in person?

    However, on further thought, they knew that the ones who could enter Brocade Spring Court were famous figures in the alliance. If anyone could enter, Brocade Spring Court would probably be overfilled and exceed its capacity.


    At that moment, it was strangely quiet in Brocade Spring Court.

    An array had been set up in Brocade Spring Court to isolate all external sounds.

    In the towering tree’s hall, in the highest Star Picking Court in Brocade Spring Court, there were musicians playing music and dancers dancing. The dancers were from either the succubus or water snake race.

    Fey race women were proficient at dancing. Some races even seemed to be born to dance. These races were not good at martial arts, but the women from these races were taken in by major large factions. When they danced, their sleeves seemed to fill the sky in a beautiful display of aesthetics.

    At that moment, in Star Picking Court, there were people seated who were the most prominent figures in the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

    The Oracle Fey Kingdom king was only sitting on the third level on the right side. To his left sat an elder in loose yellow robes. He looked somewhat old and his eyes looked torpid. The person was the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s Imperial Patriarch, the true supreme person that wielded power in the Oracle Fey Kingdom!

    And sitting in a position that corresponded to the Oracle Fey Kingdom king was a beautiful white-dressed woman. She was like an autumn rain, cool and refreshing, but she exuded a coldness that prevented people from approaching her. She was Shui Ningshuang.

    And in the middle of Shui Ningshuang and the Oracle Fey Kingdom king sat a middle-aged man. He was dressed in ordinary azure-colored clothes. His aura was converged and he appeared to be simple. His looks were nothing special, but on a careful look, his aura seemed to blend perfectly into the environment. He exuded a sense of returning to one’s original roots of simplicity.

    Without a doubt, this person was a person whose name had spread throughout the alliance. With a single title, he was able to make the Fey Phantasm Sect fear him — Felicitous Rain Lord!

    Felicitous Rain Lord was sitting in his seat of honor while there was dancing going on below him. The dancers and musicians were carefully selected by the Oracle Fey Kingdom, but Felicitous Rain Lord did not even take a look at them, like he was waiting for something.

    “Divine Lord, perhaps we can now begin?” Beside Felicitous Rain Lord, the Oracle Imperial Patriarch asked.

    “No hurry.” Felicitous Rain Lord answered lightly as his gaze fell into the distance.

    “Oh? Someone else is coming?”

    The Oracle Imperial Patriarch thought of something. At that moment, violent spatial fluctuations appeared in the void just inches away from him. Immediately following that, the void was torn apart by a person. The person was a white-haired and browed elder who walked out of the void.

    The elder had a stout figure and he was dressed in white robes. On the white robe, there were inked drawings of misty rain that shrouded immortal mountains. In the middle of his eyebrows, there was a faint runic imprint that looked like a raindrop.

    “Felicitous Rain, long time no see.” The white-haired elder said.

    At the moment he spoke and addressed Felicitous Rain Lord without his title, the Oracle Imperial Patriarch was alarmed. Immediately, he figured out the elder’s identity. He must be someone from the Immortal Rain Sect.

    Only the people from the Immortal Rain Sect could directly address Felicitous Rain Lord without his title. As someone from the place of Felicitous Rain Lord’s birth, the elder could very possibly be Felicitous Rain Lord’s senior.

    Before the elder appeared, the Oracle Imperial Patriarch did not sense anything. The elder’s strength was similarly unfathomable.

    As for the others, such as Elder Duanmu and company, they too had guessed the elder’s identity.

    “Old Man Changsheng, how have you been?” Felicitous Rain Lord’s expression was deadpan like he was greeting an acquaintance.

    Old Man Changsheng… Was he Shi Changsheng?

    The people present had never heard of Old Man Changsheng’s name, but the Oracle Imperial Patriarch had traveled around the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven in his youth and he learned a lot about the secrets of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven’s reclusive sects.

    He had heard about Old Man Changsheng, who was an Elder of the Immortal Rain Sect.

    He had made a name for himself a long time ago. The Oracle Imperial Patriarch wasn’t young either, and he was many years older than Felicitous Rain Lord. However, Shi Changsheng had already become a Supremacy when the Oracle Imperial Patriarch was still a member of the younger generation!

    So much time had passed, but the old man was still alive?

    The Oracle Imperial Patriarch was astonished. In the warrior’s world, one’s long lifespan was a proof of one’s strength.

    Felicitous Rain Lord’s attitude did not seem to anger Old Man Changsheng.

    He took a step forward and with a flash in front of everyone, he sat down beside Felicitous Rain Lord.

    “Today is the day for you to recruit a disciple. It’s such a big deal that your father is very concerned about it as well.” Old Man Changsheng said.

    Felicitous Rain Lord did not react towards the word ‘father’. He remained looking indifferent as he said, “Those who should and shouldn’t have come have come. Let’s begin.”

    “Who is Yi Yun?” Old Man Changshang looked at the square in front of Star Picking Court.

    The warriors that were participating in the assessment were all standing there.

    Old Man Changshang scanned the square before he locked onto a youth.

    “Is it him?”

    Old Man Changshang grunted lightly. He could sense that Felicitous Rain Lord thought highly of Yi Yun.

    Once Yi Yun became Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, Yi Yun could slowly climb up while accompanying Felicitous Rain Lord. It would not be impossible for him to get a chance to gain the private teachings of Felicitous Rain Lord — the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’. How could such a treasured book fall into the hands of a nameless punk who came from the backwater countryside? It naturally had to be obtained by a disciple from the Immortal Rain Sect!

    Just as Yi Yun arrived in the square, he felt like he was being stabbed by needles. He looked up and traced the sensation.

    The imposing aura that shrouded him was not hidden at all because Yi Yun could sense it clearly.

    He looked at the long-browed elder in Star Picking Court.

    “Who the hell is that old man?”

    Yi Yun frowned. He did not know who the old man was at all. He felt extremely uncomfortable with the old man’s aura shrouding him.

    1. Changshang means long-lived

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