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Chapter 981: Show Some Sincerity

    Chapter 981: Show Some Sincerity

    Seeing how Shi Ping and Shi Fei were making things difficult for Yi Yun and company, Shui Ningshuang slightly frowned. She had been following Felicitous Rain Lord for a very long time, so she was aware of the misgivings between Felicitous Rain Lord and the Immortal Rain Sect. Therefore, she did not have a good impression of the Immortal Rain Sect either.

    “Divine Lord, why did you agree to Old Man Changsheng’s suggestion? He clearly intends on using this opportunity to show off his Immortal Rain Sect. Now, what you have done is completely adhered to his wishes.” Shui Ningshuang sent a voice transmission to Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Felicitous Rain Lord chuckled and said, “What’s the point of such ostentatious behavior? Even if he succeeds in showing off, so what?”

    “On the contrary… don’t you think that Yi Yun’s reaction towards this matter will be rather interesting?”

    “When a warrior roams the 12 Empyrean Heavens, it is very easy for them to encounter tough problems if they lack a sufficient background. For example, how should one deal with the situation when a super faction targets you?”

    “Being an enemy of the faction will result in the faction seeking revenge on you. That would be overestimating one’s strength. But if one constantly shows tolerance and exercises forbearance, it will result in the other party reaching out for a yard after taking an inch. Not only will one have to suffer in silence and result in an impasse in one’s free thoughts, it would also make the other party think that you are weak and easily bullied. Eventually, you will end up being killed.”

    “How should one make a choice when facing two difficult alternative paths? This is also a skill in itself.”

    “Years ago, when I left the Immortal Rain Sect and went out on my own, I had encountered countless situations such as this. I survived them one after another, and many of them were very close shaves.”

    “Today’s choice of a Dao Tapir might seem like a trivial matter, but from Yi Yun’s response, one can see a lot of things. What do you think Yi Yun will choose?”

    “About that… ” Shui Ningshuang was slightly taken aback. She never expected that there were so many intricacies to the matter which Felicitous Rain Lord had thought of when he agreed to the matter.

    And Yi Yun’s situation was truly a dilemma. If he chose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir and fell for the provocation of the Immortal Rain Sect, he would be mocked as being silly. If he yielded, he would be looked down upon.

    When Shui Ningshuang placed herself in Yi Yun’s shoes, she realized that there really wasn’t any good choices. She could only swallow the insult silently.

    “Yi Yun is not dumb. It’s clearly a trap so he will most likely yield.” Shui Ningshuang said.

    Felicitous Rain Lord only laughed as he said, “Then let’s see. I’m also curious about his response.”


    “Tianya Haoyue, are you done choosing? You are so slow like a woman. If you don’t have the guts, quickly admit it!” Scrawny said in a derisive manner.

    “Hmph!” Tianya Haoyue grunted coldly, “The Dao Tapir is reared by your Immortal Rain Sect to begin with. You are naturally familiar with it. Do you want to bait me into falling for it? Dream on!” Tianya Haoyue bluntly said some strong words to keep up appearances before standing beside Chi Zhuiyun with a livid expression.

    Tianya Haoyue was arrogant, but he was not foolish when it came to a matter that concerned his life.

    Next, there was only Yi Yun left!

    Fatty had a teasing smile. Yi Yun was the main star of the show.

    After trampling on Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue, Fatty found it rather boring. However, Yi Yun was a bastard who had ruthlessly hurt them badly during the second assessment. He was the true target that they wanted to trample on!

    “Yi Yun, weren’t you previously pretty awesome? I want to see what you will be choosing this time. It can’t be that you lack the guts, right?”

    “Senior Brother, what are you saying? Yi Yun’s strength is extraordinary. How can he be like the cowardly turtles before him?”

    Shi Ping and Shi Fei echoed each other with words filled with sarcasm. It made Chi Zhuiyun’s killing intent boil.

    Shi Ping and Shi Fei turned a blind eye towards Chi Zhuiyun. They were only waiting for Yi Yun to put up a spectacle. They believed that they would see an angry and aggrieved look of having no choice but to concede on Yi Yun’s face. However, they were disappointed.

    Yi Yun stroked his chin and instead, he looked at the duo with an equally teasing look. He had a smile on his face that looked somewhat sinister. It caused the duo to feel uncomfortable.

    “Punk, what are you smiling for!?” Fatty said with a frown. Yi Yun’s smile was like he was looking at a retard.

    “I’m laughing at two retards who think highly of themselves. Just this bit of dispute over personal feelings can make you have an orgasm? Aren’t the both of you from some reclusive sect? That’s all you got?” Yi Yun mocked relentlessly. The duo’s face sank as the thin Shi Ping said, “Punk, you are courting death!”

    Shi Fei grunted coldly as he said disdainfully, “You are just trying to be stubborn by refusing to admit it. You just don’t have the guts. You don’t have any right to say that it’s a dispute over personal feelings. Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue may be cowards, but they at least dared to admit that they are cowards. You don’t even have the guts to do so. What a joke!”

    Fatty didn’t want to be left speechless from Yi Yun’s words so he began to refute him. He too had extremely vicious words.

    However, he still did not see any aggrieved look on Yi Yun’s face despite such a refute. Yi Yun’s expression looked like he had everything under his control and it displeased Fatty greatly.

    “You are getting so worked up just like this? Since you are so eager for me to choose, why don’t you help me choose one?”

    No one expected Yi Yun to kick the ball back at the duo. He was letting Shi Ping and Shi Fei decide for him!

    If the duo helped Yi Yun choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir, it was equivalent to them admitting that they had intentions of harming Yi Yun.

    But so what!?

    If Shi Fei and Shi Ping were to be really shameless and told Yi Yun to choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir, what would Yi Yun do?

    In the towering tree’s hall, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were both feeling nervous. If the Helltoothed Dao Tapir was chosen, Yi Yun would be facing a Dao Tapir that he had never experienced before. It was extremely dangerous and Yi Yun’s Dao Domain did not appear to be extremely powerful. How would he deal with it?

    If anything untoward were to happen to Yi Yun, how were they going to answer to the Luo clan?

    As Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were feeling worried, they heard Shi Fei said shamelessly, “Junior Brother Yi Yun has outstanding talent. I’m very impressed with him. He will definitely be able to challenge the Helltoothed Dao Tapir. From my point of view, why don’t you choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir?”

    As he spoke, Shi Fei exchanged glances with Shi Ping. They understood each other’s thoughts.

    The fool actually got us to choose for him. Do you think that we can’t stand the shame to get you to choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir? What naivety!

    “You get me to choose a Helltoothed Dao Tapir, and I have to choose it? Who the hell are you? The both of you are retards without a doubt. If I had a son that begged me like that, I might have listened to him. Are the two of you my sons? I don’t think I’ll have a son as retarded as the two of you.” Yi Yun mocked ruthlessly. When Shi Ping and Shi Fei heard him, their eyes burned with anger.

    They finally realized that Yi Yun had been taking them for fools. If not for the people watching, they would have charged up and fought Yi Yun in battle!

    “This is the first time that I’ve seen a cowardly turtle behave in such a justified and confident manner. If you don’t dare to choose, then don’t choose it. Stop acting like some machiavellian wolf!”

    “That’s right. What’s the point of saying so much bullshit? Get your ass beside Chi Zhuiyun. The assessment is going to begin soon. Stop wasting time over there.”

    Yi Yun did not mind Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s invectives. He said, “To me, there is nothing about daring to do something or not. It only has to do if I wish to do something or not. I do not want to be set up by others to do something. The both of you wanted me to choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir and I have to listen to the two of you after you goad me on with a few words? Why should I listen to you?”

    “If you want me to choose, sure. Show some sincerity.”

    “I previously said that if I had a son and if my son were to ask me to choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir, I would naturally agree. Although the both of you are rather ugly, I would still reluctantly agree with the both of you if the both of you kneel down and kowtow thrice.”

    “Or maybe, the both of you can slap each other in the face three times. Each slap must be augmented with Yuan Qi. And the slap has to be loud enough. It has to be able to reach the towering tree’s palace at the very least. Only then will I feel that you have shown sufficient sincerity. I will also agree to choose the Helltoothed Dao Tapir.”

    When Yi Yun said this, everyone present was stunned. No one expected Yi Yun to make such a request.

    Shi Ping and Shi Fei had goaded him on, but Yi Yun had taken them on in a composed manner. To get Shi Ping and Shi Fei to kneel down and kowtow or slap themselves in the face. That was something… no one could have guessed.

    Upon seeing the situation, even Shui Ningshuang, who never showed her emotions, could not help but laugh with her mouth covered.

    “That Yi Yun is really interesting!”

    To accept the arrangements of others was not courage but foolishness. By making a request, one had to pay the price. That was entirely fair and reasonable.

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