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Chapter 989: Book of Heaven’s Advent

    Chapter 989: Book of Heaven’s Advent

    “Yi Yun, accompany me to the Felicitous Rain Abode. The abode only permits entry to me and Ningshuang. But since you have become my personal disciple, you can enter it as well,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Yi Yun turned curious. Felicitous Rain Lord had constructed an additional abode on the floating island?


    With a flick of a sleeve, the sight in front of Yi Yun’s eyes turned blurry. He sensed space distorting and at the next moment, he had entered a space with a door behind him.

    “This is?” Yi Yun immediately looked around when he found his footing.

    It was a massive and lofty abode. Past the door was a vast world, with a tremendous immortal mountain. In the clouds, there was a palace that could be vaguely seen. A terrifying pressure emanated inside the abode, and the immortal mountain contributed the most to the pressure.

    “That is where the remnant pages of the Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon are stored,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. “This is an abode that I obtained from an enemy a long time ago.”

    Obtained from an enemy? For a person to possess such an abode, he would definitely be an extraordinary Supremacy even if he wasn’t a Divine Lord. Felicitous Rain Lord had only become a Divine Lord recently, so it was very likely that the abode had been obtained before he became a Divine Lord.

    The Azure Yang Lord and the Great Empress had left behind a similar abode in the Tian Yuan world. As for the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner’s abode, it was a fragment of a world. It was much larger and majestic than the two abodes, so it was unknown how powerful the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner was.

    Upon seeing the abode, Yi Yun felt his heart stir. A portable abode like that was extremely convenient. By bringing such an abode with him, he could go anywhere in the expansive world.

    Felicitous Rain Lord read Yi Yun’s thoughts as he said with a laugh, “It’s good for a warrior to have ambition. With strength, an abode is nothing. When you are out traveling, you will encounter many wealthy people that will end up courting their own deaths.”

    Yi Yun was unsure how to respond when he heard that. Felicitous Rain Lord was frank and casual — they were obvious traits from the way that he did not put on airs with his disciple.

    “I watched your assessment, so I understand your martial path, laws, and talent well. Your Dao Domain is very special as it contains the concept of Destruction! But your cultivation technique and foundation no longer can keep up with the rest,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    His test of Yi Yun was not only to see how Yi Yun passed the assessment but more importantly, it was for him to observe the strengths and weaknesses of Yi Yun.

    A Divine Lord had a long lifespan, but the number of personal disciples that they would recruit wasn’t a large number.

    Yi Yun’s cultivation technique was the Great Empress Heart Sutra, which was a top cultivation technique in the Tian Yuan world. But with Yi Yun’s growth in strength, and the changes in his martial arts, the Great Empress Heart Sutra was gradually becoming unsuitable for him.

    Yi Yun wanted a master precisely for cultivation techniques.

    Felicitous Rain Lord took the lead as he said, “Follow me.”

    The lush immortal mountain had a towering palace compound, and Felicitous Rain Lord led Yi Yun through the maze of palaces before entering a large and opulent palace.

    Upon entering it, Yi Yun was immediately attracted by what he saw.

    There were countless books flying mid-air. These books released powerful shock waves that stopped Yi Yun from having the urge to pick any one of them for reading.

    The flying books were all sealed.

    “The cultivation technique books here were collected by me over the years. Some come from the heritage of sects or martial arts of family clans. There are more than ten thousand books here,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Yi Yun was secretly appalled. That was a lot!

    A Divine Lord’s book collection was unimaginably huge.

    Once a Divine Lord like that established his own sect, he could immediately create a mighty faction.

    “I have read all of these cultivation technique books,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Who knew how much time he took to read them all.

    “There is no need for you to be anxious about the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’ for the moment as they are too profound for you. Furthermore, it has missing pages. What you need now is a complete and systemic cultivation technique.”

    As Felicitous Rain Lord said this, he stretched his hand out to grab at the flying books. Immediately, a few books floated in front of him.

    “This ‘Heavenfire Burning Solar Sutra’ is a heritage cultivation technique of the Golden Crow clan. You possess a pure Yang body which makes it very suitable for you to cultivate it. This cultivation technique has an indomitable style which is brutal and ferocious. The Golden Crow clansmen that cultivate this technique are known as Berserkers, characterized by their red hair and crimson eyes. They are all burly and courageous, so in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, they are often hired by people to participate in wars.” Felicitous Rain Lord introduced.

    Berserker? Yi Yun imagined himself with red hair and bulky muscles… That cultivation technique seemed to suit Chi Zhuiyun better.

    “This ‘Sacred Blood Sutra’ takes a strange path. Once you attain a profound level in it, your whereabouts will be unknown and unpredictable. In times of need, you can burn your blood essence and produce a strike that far exceeds your limits. In the future, when you are out traveling, there will be many times that your life will be on the line.”

    It was a cultivation technique to protect one’s life.

    The cultivation technique was not bad, but Yi Yun was hesitant about it. As a warrior, he preferred to take a more orthodox path. It was the best way after all.

    It was not his goal to practice martial arts to constantly think about escaping or surviving.

    Felicitous Rain Lord noticed how Yi Yun had no interest in the ‘Sacred Blood Sutra’ before he nodded and said, “By choosing this, it will suit your situation. But by not choosing it, it suits my intentions as well.”

    As a newly risen Divine Lord, Felicitous Rain Lord had no lack of instances when he killed people. His martial path was one about settling grievances and vengeance quickly.

    “This manual comes from a peerless figure that once ruled over the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven… ”

    Felicitous Rain Lord took out an ancient stone disc and said, “If you are interested, you can attempt it. As for its strength, it’s hard to tell if it’s strong or not.”

    There was such a cultivation technique? Even a Divine Lord could not tell?

    Yi Yun curiously looked at the stone disc.

    “It’s called the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’. It is a cultivation technique that deals with time. I too have some attainments in the Dao of time, but my Dao of time comes from another cultivation technique, so it’s already too late to change.”

    “The Dao of space-time is unpredictable in its changes. Time existed ever since the birth of the Universe, that is why it’s called ‘Heaven’s Advent’.”

    “Time will not stop because of the death of people or the annihilation of matter, unless, the entire Universe is completely destroyed. That will be ‘Heaven’s End’.”

    “From Heaven’s advent to Heaven’s end, the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ is the beginning of time for the Universe.”

    “Many warriors have talent in martial arts but they find it difficult to progress when it comes to the Dao of space-time. That’s the reason why I said that it is hard to tell if it’s strong or not,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. “You can try taking a look at it first.”

    The Dao of space-time was the unification of two systems. Be it space or time, just any one of them was a Great Dao. Many warriors wished to grasp any of one them, but the amount that they could grasp was minute. Felicitous Rain Lord wanted Yi Yun to take a look at it to show him its difficulty as well.

    Yi Yun took the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ disc and as he directed his perception into it, he immediately felt like the world had flipped over. The celestial bodies were constantly revolving as his ears heard a rustling sound that resembled falling sand.

    A surging river appeared. It was the River of Forgetfulness. And in it were countless figures. Scenes of their experiences from life to death quickly flashed inside the River of Forgetfulness.

    Yi Yun even saw the birth of the Universe. After a tremendous big bang, the nebulous Chaos appeared. Chaos Stones floated inside the nebula, with some of them forming landmasses, while others gave birth to the earliest Ancient Fey.

    They quickly combined to form large worlds, but later on, the worlds collapsed, putting an end to life. Everything returned to nothingness once again.

    Yi Yun watched the scenes one after another. At the beginning, his feelings were constantly influenced by what he saw, but slowly, he seemed to extricate himself from them and watched the scenes as a third party.

    In the Tian Yuan world, Yi Yun had previously gained insight in the Dao of space during his battle with the Black-armored Demon God. Now, it was the Dao of time.

    The things in front of him turned blurry as Yi Yun returned to the interior of the palace once again. He was still maintaining the movement that he did previously, while his hand was still carrying the Book of Heaven’s Advent. Everything that he had just experienced was just an illusion.

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