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Chapter 991: Preparation for Dao Manifestation

    Chapter 991: Preparation for Dao Manifestation

    Yi Yun had never exited Spirit Gathering Palace ever since he entered it.

    The ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ floated in front of him while his his eyes were tightly shut.

    And around Yi Yun, there were occasional images that flashed.

    Cultivation knew nothing about time. Furthermore, when it came to cultivating the Dao of Time at the level of the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’, even if many warriors were given the opportunity to read the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’, it would be like they were reading an indecipherable book, leaving them baffled.

    And most terrifying of all was that when cultivating the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’, they would immerse themselves into the turbulence of time, losing themselves. Time might pass in a flash and by the time they awaken, too much time would have passed but they would’ve gained nothing to speak of!

    That was the most horrifying matter regarding the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’. It was also something that Felicitous Rain Lord pondered deeply over before he allowed Yi Yun to cultivate the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’.

    Yi Yun was in no hurry to immediately begin cultivating the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’. Instead, he immersed himself in the passage of time, and from there, comprehend the meaning of time. Slowly, he felt he himself become an embodiment of time.

    The flashing figures were of no importance to Yi Yun, they were just scenes that had previously appeared in the Spirit Gathering Palace as vestiges of time.

    Yi Yun also saw his past, as well as people that he happened to chance upon, as well as their past.

    Everyone had their own time, but time treated everyone equally.

    Powerful warriors possessed extended lifespans, but the worlds that they resided in could be destroyed. They would also slowly wane over a long process. There was no such thing as true eternity.


    Yi Yun breathed out while in his meditation.

    The air that he spewed out was at times fast and at times slow. It would flow backwards sometimes when he breathed out.

    Yi Yun’s body also began to undergo changes. His appearance returned to point of when he looked even younger, but it kept switching back to his original appearance. He went from a nascent look to a sharp look, and from a sharp look to a genteel look, and from a genteel look back to a nascent look. It kept repeating.

    Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes!

    “So that is how it is. By training one’s body to become an embodiment of time before cultivating the Three-foot Passage Sword, it would be perfection.”

    Yi Yun was thankful for Felicitous Rain Lord’s arrangements. The cultivation technique and sword technique supplemented each other and by combining both together, it would be extremely powerful once mastered.

    The ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ had five stages, but the breakthrough of every stage required a great deal of time and it was extremely difficult. Furthermore, the cultivation of each stage had a corresponding minimum level of cultivation needed.

    “The first stage requires Dao Manifestation, but despite not having broken through to the Dao Manifestation realm, my Yuan Qi intensity is already sufficient. Even if it’s not enough, consuming some relics and herbs would do.”

    Yi Yun took some relics and the spirit herb that he had obtained from the Door of Misty Rain out of his interspacial ring.

    The spirit herb was supreme-grade to begin with. Many warriors coveted it during the assessment. Even Tianya Haoyue wanted one for his breakthrough to the Dao Manifestation realm. However, those people would never have thought that Yi Yun would use it for the cultivation of a cultivation technique.

    Looking at the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ in front of him, Yi Yun stopped moving as memories flashed past his mind.

    By cultivating the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’, the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ would become his past.

    Back in the Tian Yuan world, he had dual cultivated the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ with Lin Xintong. All those scenes had surfaced in Yi Yun’s eyes a moment ago.

    “Now that I’ve become a Divine Lord’s disciple, cultivating the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ will be the moment that I truly move up to the upper echelons of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven ever since I came here.”

    “Xintong, no matter where you are, I will find you, even if the 12 Empyrean Heavens are vast and with danger lurking at every turn.”

    “Time to begin. This reclusion is for me to finish cultivating the first stage of the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’. I wonder how long it will take. Without any talent, it would be difficult to comprehend it using an entire lifetime. There might be a possible of losing myself in the turbulence of time, never to awaken!”

    Yi Yun closed his eyes and a fluctuation appeared from the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’. A abstruse aura that seemed to come from a remote past began to swirl around Yi Yun.

    Slowly, the entire Spirit Gathering Palace was enveloped by the aura.

    The Spirit Gathering Palace began phasing in and out of existence. At times, it would look normal, and at other times, it would look like a ruin.

    Time was formless but the changes that it brought were tangible.

    With Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi draining away, the spirit herbs beside him flew up. They gathered together mid-air to produce drips of spirit fluid that dripped into Yi Yun’s body.

    Immediately, Yuan Qi surged as Yi Yun’s skin effused a glow.

    But Yi Yun, who was busy cultivating, did not seem to know anything about this.

    As though he had manifested himself as sand, he quietly witnessed the passage of time.

    The ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ Yuan Qi in Yi Yun’s body was slowly replaced by the abstruse aura, as his bearing also began changing.


    Yi Yun continued to keep his eyes closed, but a sword beam flashed around him.

    While cultivating the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’, he understood the existence of time, while he simultaneously cultivated the Three-foot Passage Sword.

    Runes even began to appear beneath Yi Yun. These runes gradually came together and formed the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was the highest martial art that Yi Yun had learned up to date. It represented the Major Dao of Destruction, but it did not mean that it was immutable. Yi Yun could inject the Dao that he had into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    The Dao of Time runes were like vestiges of all matter that landed on the river of time. From the Cloud Wilderness to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, whatever Yi Yun had seen and experienced formed into pieces of those fragments.

    After these fragments were added to the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, it made the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence look as though it was a wheel of time that bore the load of endless history.

    The wheel of time transformed into a sword beam as it slashed out in front of Yi Yun. It was silent and left no trace, but after the sword beam slashed, the ground in front of Yi Yun cracked. It was covered in moss that spread out for a thousand feet.

    But due to the palace array’s workings, the crack gradually repaired itself.

    The years flew by by without one knowing how long had passed.

    Only at an unexpected moment did Yi Yun suddenly open his eyes.

    In his eyes, it was like there was a passage of time that was like surging water. And his aura seemed to have additional feeling of time.

    He seemed to be immersed in the world, and was part of the world.

    “The first stage of the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’… completed.” Yi Yun breathed out lightly.

    He looked at the relics and spirit herbs on the ground that had been completely consumed.

    As for his hair, it had become a lot longer.

    “How long has it been? Two years? Three?”

    Yi Yun did not know. While cultivating the laws of time, the passage of time had turned into oblivion. That was the profound mystery of the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’.

    Yi Yun circulated the Yuan Qi in his body. He could clearly sense the transformations in his body. The boundless Yuan Qi in his body surged out like a river, but it felt like there was something imperfect about it.

    “This tiny bit of imperfection might be a result of me not having manifested my Dao or have any Dao fruits.”

    “Should I manifest my Dao?”

    Such a thought flashed in Yi Yun’s mind.

    He felt that he had already finished all of his preparations.

    His Yuan Qi was brimming and everything had reached its peak.

    Having redone his cultivation, all of the martial arts that he had grasped were perfectly merged with the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’.

    Yi Yun would improve in his realm by manifesting his Dao.

    It could be said that be everything was perfect when it came to timing, location and person.

    “Time to manifest my Dao!”

    Yi Yun sat back down on the ground. In Spirit Gathering Palace, he was determined to manifest his Dao fruits in one fell swoop and break through to the Dao Manifestation realm!

    By stepping onto the path of heaven ascension, and manifesting his own Great Dao!

    What warriors practiced wasn’t martial arts, but their fates.

    As a mortal, he wanted to go against the heavens.

    Past thoughts flashed in Yi Yun’s mind as his aura began to rise.

    In the abode, Felicitous Rain Lord, who was meditating, opened his eyes and looked at Spirit Gathering Palace.

    Yi Yun’s aura was increasing in intensity. The sky above the Spirit Gathering Palace was filled with wind and clouds, but as immense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered, it swept all the lingering fog around the immortal mountain away.

    The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi circulated to form a wheel of time, and in the wheel, there were sword beams flying around it with golden light flashing.

    “He’s manifesting his Dao.” Felicitous Rain Lord watched quietly. “I wonder what that child’s Dao fruits will be like?”

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