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Chapter 992: Great Dao Dao Fruits

    Chapter 992: Great Dao Dao Fruits

    The cultivation of a warrior went from the planting of a Dao Seed, and the growth of a Dao Tree, to the bearing of fruits from the Dao Tree. It was an accumulation of the insights that a warrior had in martial arts and of nature. It was also the record of a warrior’s life.

    Yi Yun had experienced a great deal throughout his journey.

    But in the river of time, everything appeared too short and fleeting.

    “In the Tai Ah Divine City, I cultivated in the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. In the Pure Yang Sword Palace, I fused with the Golden Crow, and in the Great Empress mystic realm, I tempered myself in lava, eventually attaining pure Yang… My pure Yang laws have accompanied me to date. As such, it can condense a Dao fruit.”


    A radiant sun appeared behind Yi Yun. The phantom image of the Tang Valley burst forth as the Golden Crow spread its wings and issued a loud screech. Its massive golden wings were like burning flames that could burn through everything.

    These formed Dao runes that were filled with the profound aura of the Universe before they gradually merged into one. They formed a tiny ball that was bustling with life as it constantly spun.

    The golden ball had totems of the radiant sun and Golden Crow engraved on the surface, and within the ball, it contained explosive power. It was Yi Yun’s pure Yang Dao fruit.

    Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, Three begets all things.

    The ‘Two’ referred to Yin and Yang. At the beginning of the Universe, Chaos was first born before it split into Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang was a Great Dao!

    Solitary Yang could not exist, so although Yi Yun cultivated in pure Yang laws, he had fused in a bit of the Yin that Lin Xintong had cultivated. This allowed Yi Yun’s pure Yang Dao fruit to be closer to perfection.

    “In the Pure Yang Sword Palace, I gained insight into the concept of Withering. In the life-and-death battle with the Black-armored Demon God, I was trapped by the Black-armored Demon God in an alternate spatial dimension. There I gained insights into the Dao of Space. I took Felicitous Rain Lord as my master and cultivated in the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’, transforming the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence into a wheel of time. On the Dao of Space and Time, I have traveled far with opportunities and attainments.”

    Mysterious runes flew out of Yi Yun’s body as they gathered together while in revolving in flux. Inside, there were celestial bodies that seemed to spin with the runes, as though they formed a small universe by itself. An ancient and immense aura emanated out of the newly condensed Dao fruit.

    Not long later, the laws of space-time gradually manifested into Dao.

    The Space-time Withering Dao fruit and pure Yang Dao fruit were side by side. They seemed to attract each other, but they also maintained a tiny bit of distance while they revolved like the real constellations.

    Yi Yun continued to condense his next Dao fruit. An aura constantly separated from his body. The aura was not only a law, it was also the experiences and memories that Yi Yun had ever since he cultivated in martial arts. They all gathered together to produce a Dao fruit.

    In his memory, Yi Yun seemed to see the scene of him standing in front of the statue of the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner. The endless sword scar seemed to be stabbing his eyes.

    “Pure Yang Sword Scar and Three-foot Passage Sword. My Sword Dao is where the heart lies. It proceeds in an indomitable fashion.”

    Two tiny sword scars appeared as they intermingled mid-air before forming the shadow of a sword. In the shadow of the sword was the figure of Yi Yun when he used the sword.

    That was Yi Yun’s Sword Dao Dao fruit.

    Finally, it was the Major Destruction Dao fruit!

    Yi Yun’s Major Destruction Dao Domain had even visibly moved Felicitous Rain Lord. Everything in the world, be it space-time, Yin-Yang, or the Universe would eventually head towards destruction. There was nothing that was eternal.

    Space-time and Yin-Yang were both Great Dao. They were close to the Origins, but the Major Dao of Destruction was one of the Great Dao of Supremacy.

    Or perhaps ‘one of’ was not accurate, because up to date, there were only two Great Dao of Supremacy —

    Chaos during the birth of the Universe!

    Major Destruction during the annihilation of the Universe!

    The closer a Great Dao was to the Origins, the harder it was to cultivate it. It would also naturally be harder to condense a Dao fruit.

    Yi Yun had spent a good deal of time to condense his Space-time Withering Dao fruit, but the amount of time he used to condensed the Major Destruction Dao fruit was even longer.

    Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was nearly fully depleted as he took out the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower that he had obtained from the Door of Misty Rain.

    It was extremely difficult for a warrior to manifest his or her Dao, and during the process, a warrior’s Yuan Qi could not be replenished. To manifest one’s Dao fruit needed one to nearly deplete all of the Yuan Qi that they had as one gathered all of one’s insights. This process could only be done in one fell swoop.

    Above Spirit Gathering Palace, the increasing aura mixed with the aura of the Dao fruits. A sense of profoundness exuded throughout Spirit Gathering Palace as various celestial phenomena happened.

    Fairy Ningshuang had also come as she stood beside Felicitous Rain Lord, watching the scene.

    “Yi Yun’s Dao fruits have a very impressive feel to them,” said Fairy Ningshuang in a moment of reflection.

    She did not produce such phenomena back when she manifested her Dao.

    “It’s almost done. We will soon learn of the outcome.” Felicitous Rain Lord was very patient.

    Fairy Ningshuang nodded as she looked forward to the outcome of Yi Yun’s Dao Manifestation.

    As for Yi Yun, he was still immersed in the world of his soul sea.

    During the Dao Manifestation process, he gradually felt like he was merging with the heaven and earth as one.

    The fruits of Pure Yang, Space-time Withering and Sword Dao were revolving around Yi Yun.

    Beneath him, the Major Destruction Dao Domain appeared as the destruction aura constantly intertwined.

    “It’s almost done.” Yi Yun had such a feeling.

    A blob of gray gas gradually took up form like a nebula, but it contained a terrifying aura. It was like anything that entered it would be completely destroyed.

    And above Spirit Gathering Palace, a phantom towering tree appeared from time to time. The Golden Crow and Nine Neonate flew around it as they let out long roars.

    On the towering tree’s branches, a tiny, tender shoot transformed into a fruit. The fruit had a barely discernible aura, and each fruit was different. On careful look, they were different Dao fruits. And leaves were slowly sprouting out of those Dao fruits.

    “The Dao fruits are formed,” said Fairy Ningshuang as she looked at the leaves. “Six, seven and, eight.”

    Having eight-leafed Dao fruits was definitely an extremely breathtaking feat in factions like the Oracle Fey Kingdom and the Luo clan.

    However, to Yi Yun, it was not considered to be many. It could only be considered as above average.

    “Yi Yun’s Dao fruit are all Great Dao Dao fruits,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Any warrior at the Dao Manifestation realm would be considered the cream of the crop if they possessed a single Great Dao Dao fruit, yet Yi Yun had three.

    The three Dao — Pure Yang, Space-time Withering and Major Dao of Destruction — were Great Dao that were approaching the Origins, especially the Major Dao of Destruction.

    “Yet another leaf.” Fairy Ningshuang’s eyes lit up as she was visibly moved.

    However, the leaf only sprouted into a bud before it stopped growing.

    “What a pity!” Fairy Ningshuang revealed a look of pity.

    Felicitous Rain Lord had a slight change in expression as well before he said calmly, “There’s nothing to pitiable about it. To cultivate three Great Dao at the same time and form nine-leaf Dao fruits would be too difficult. Yi Yun is now just short of the mark, but his eight-leafed Dao fruit is definitely of superior grade.”

    Fairy Ningshuang nodded as well. She only found it somewhat regretful when she witnessed the ninth leaf nearly grow out.

    “Let’s wait till Yi Yun finishes his Dao Manifestation,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. With eight-leafed Dao fruits almost done, the Dao Manifestation process was also about to end soon.

    However, at that moment, a look of surprise flashed in Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes.

    “That is?”

    Yi Yun’s Major Destruction Dao fruit had already taken shape, but as he was about to lead the Major Destruction Dao fruit towards the other Dao fruits, Yi Yun stopped.

    It was the final step, but Yi Yun felt something odd.

    The Major Destruction Dao fruit was able to devour everything. It was the end to the Chaos of the Universe, and also the end of Dao.

    Therefore, when the Major Destruction Dao fruit approached the other Dao fruits, it faintly emitted a devouring force, like it wanted to devour the other Dao fruits.

    If he allowed the other Dao fruits to fuse with the Major Destruction Dao fruit, what sort of outcome would there be? Would it be destruction?

    The Major Dao of Destruction could destroy everything, so it would be normal if it included Dao fruits!

    Yi Yun had never heard of the fusing of Dao fruits, nor had he ever heard of anyone with a Major Destruction Dao fruit.

    How was he to choose at such crossroads?

    He was just short of a step to manifest his Dao, but the fusion…

    Yi Yun had an intense foreboding that if he attempted the fusion, his other Dao fruits were very likely to be destroyed by the Major Destruction Dao fruit. Eventually, they would be left in emptiness and silence just like the Universe would be after its destruction.

    What should he do?

    Yi Yun stopped. He could not proceed any further for if he continued the fusion, what waited for him could very well be a disaster.

    Furthermore… the ninth leaf eventually failed to develop fully. It caused Yi Yun to turn perplexed. Could it be that no one in the entire 12 Empyrean Heavens had ever come into contact with the Major Dao of Destruction and that it could not support a single nine-leafed Dao fruit?

    The manifestation of the Dao fruits had to be done in one fell swoop. Yi Yun no longer had much Yuan Qi left, so his time was limited. He had to come to a decision.

    Major Destruction…

    Were destruction and finality the end?

    Matter in the Universe could not remain eternal. They would eventually proceed towards destruction, including the Universe. But what happened after destruction? Could it be that all that was left was eternal ‘nothingness’?

    Everything in the world underwent birth and death.

    A drop of water could evaporate and become part of a cloud before condensing into new drops of rain. Plants would wither, but the fruits that they bore could give rise to seeds. Mortals would die of age, but babies would grow up into adults. Stars could be destroyed, but new stars would eventually be born…

    Everything in the world underwent a cycle, so it definitely included the Universe.

    The destruction of the Universe was the beginnings of a new Universe. It was just that the cycle was immensely long that it was beyond the imagination of mere mortals.

    New Universe…

    Yi Yun suddenly seemed to realize something.

    What were the beginnings of the Universe? Dao begets One, One begets Two… Before Yin-Yang and Space-time was Chaos!

    Rebirth after destruction was Chaos and Major Destruction respectively. They were both two Great Dao of Supremacy!

    Why were there two Great Dao of Supremacy? They might be like Yin-Yang, Space-time, Water-Fire, just two sides of the Universe.

    The two could supplement each other and not a single one was dispensable.

    Yi Yun had cultivated in pure Yang laws, but he did not focus on it fully. He was nourished by Lin Xintong’s pure Yin, and the Great Empress Heart Sutra itself was a cultivation technique that combined Yin and Yang.

    Yi Yun combined the Dao of Withering with the laws of time, but back when Yi Yun fought the Black-armored Demon God, he had been trapped in an alternate spatial dimension created by the Black-armored Demon God. He had used several years to see through the Dao of Space with the Purple Crystal, allowing him to escape. Space supplemented time and vice-versa.

    Even for his Sword Dao, Yi Yun had started with gaining insights into Saber Dao at the very beginning. His first weapon was the Thousand Army Saber, and after entering the Saber tomb, he gained insight of the Saber Dao of being indomitable. At the Pure Yang Sword Palace, he had obtained the Thousand Snow flying sabers, which were, to date, a weapon he used to kill!

    But only the Major Dao of Destruction was a lone and, solitary existence. Up to date, there was no other corresponding law that could be fused with it.

    This caused the Major Destruction Dao to become purely destruction. It obviously possessed immense strength when used against enemies.

    But on careful thought, Yi Yun had yet to fully grasp the Major Destruction domain up to date.

    When he faced Shi Fei and Shi Ping, Yi Yun had produced the Major Destruction Domain which destroyed everything. If not for Yi Yun’s energy being depleted, the destruction might very well continue, resulting in terrifying damage.

    Destruction needed to form a union with Creation.

    Only then could there be perfection. If not, it would be the present situation that he was facing. Even the Major Destruction Dao fruit that he condensed would devour the other Dao fruits, causing him to eventually fall short of success.

    Upon realizing this, Yi Yun made his decision.

    He needed to find a corresponding Dao for Major Destruction. If his decision was made known to others, they would definitely think that Yi Yun had gone mad.

    He was only a warrior at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, but he was planning to gain insights into two Great Dao of Supremacy!

    It was impossible to do so even for a Divine Lord.

    However, Yi Yun was determined to attempt it. He wanted his Major Dao of Destruction to be perfect as well. Ignoring the fact that the Major Destruction Dao fruit would destroy the other Dao fruits, but just having an eight-leaf Dao fruit did not satisfy Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun suspected that it was because his Major Dao of Destruction was not perfected that resulted in his other Dao fruits to be imperfect as well. After all, the Major Dao of Destruction was his Dao Domain and also the foundations of his other Dao.

    “What happened?” Fairy Ningshuang saw that Yi Yun’s aura was weakening as she immediately turned nervous.

    At that moment, the eight-leaf Dao fruit that was about to form on Yi Yun’s Dao Tree stopped growing. The leaves curled up and wrapped the Dao fruit with them.

    Yi Yun actually failed his Dao Manifestation?

    “Yi Yun is now at the… half-step Dao Manifestation realm.”

    A number of warriors would stop at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm. Chi Zhuiyun was one such example.

    However, from Yi Yun’s previous stance, it looked like he planned on manifesting his Dao in one fell swoop, but now, he stopped midway? What was the reason?

    Felicitous Rain Lord pondered over it as well. He too could not understand Yi Yun’s decision.

    “Half-step Dao Manifestation is fine too. With plenty of time for preparation, he will definitely succeed the next time.” Fairy Ningshuang helped Yi Yun find an excuse.

    However, Felicitous Rain Lord shook his head gently, “That’s probably not what Yi Yun is thinking. His Dao Manifestation did not fail but he intentionally stopped it. He is probably not satisfied with eight-leafed Dao fruits… ”

    When Felicitous Rain Lord said that, he frowned slightly. Having ambition was a good thing, but how could a nine-leaf Dao fruit be so easy to condense?

    Those who could condense nine-leaf Dao fruits were extraordinary talents. Furthermore, most nine-leaf Dao fruits were not Great Dao Dao fruits.

    It was extremely difficult just attempting to condense a nine-leaf Dao fruit for Great Dao like Yin-Yang, Space-time, and Destruction.

    And it would only be even more difficult if one wanted to cultivate in several Dao.

    Felicitous Rain Lord was already very pleased with the Dao fruits that Yi Yun condensed, but Yi Yun had stopped.

    Seeing Yi Yun completely give up, Felicitous Rain Lord moved and flew in front of Yi Yun. Fairy Ningshuang followed suit.

    “Yi Yun, why did you stop? Are you not pleased with eight-leaf Dao fruits? Your eight-leaf Dao fruits are already approaching nine-leafs. Furthermore, it’s three Great Dao Dao fruits. In addition to Sword Dao, although it’s not a Great Dao of nature, to warriors, it is a Great Dao when it comes to the Dao of skill.”

    Felicitous Rain Lord obviously wished that Yi Yun was able to condense a nine-leaf Dao fruit, but he was afraid that Yi Yun would waste too much time by aiming too high. Time in one’s youth was very precious. If it was wasted, it would affect one’s potential.

    Yi Yun knew that Felicitous Rain Lord was watching his entire Dao Manifestation process, but he did not directly answer Felicitous Rain Lord’s question. Instead, he said, “This disciple will keep in mind Master’s teachings. This disciple has a question for Master. Where will this disciple be able to gain insights into the Dao of Primordial Chaos?”


    Felicitous Rain Lord was stunned. Primordial Chaos? Why was Yi Yun asking about one of the Great Dao of Supremacy of the Universe for?

    “Don’t tell me that… you want to gain insights into the Primordial Chaos?”

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