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Chapter 994: Enemies often cross each other’s paths

    Chapter 994: Enemies often cross each other’s paths

    A few months later, a dazzling and starry burst of light flashed on the floating island.

    “The Divine Lord has left.” The Oracle Fey Kingdom’s Imperial Patriarch looked at the starry burst of light from afar. He could sense the terrifying power from the flash of light.

    However, the floating island was still sealed. About a year ago, Felicitous Rain Lord had already settled several matters. His in-name disciples would stay behind and cultivate in the Oracle Fey Kingdom.

    And on the floating island, Chi Zhuiyun watched the starry light as it flashed.

    “We are already people from different worlds. Although I have no idea where you are heading, I wish you good luck.” Chi Zhuiyun lowered his head and continued thrusting the spear in his hand forward.


    In front of Chi Zhuiyun, a gigantic mountain was covered in densely packed holes. About half the mountain was gone.

    Although he could not chase up to Yi Yun, Chi Zhuiyun still wanted to pursue his own martial path.

    Amid the stars.

    “It will be a long journey to the Sinkhole. With the Meteor Cruiser’s speed, it will still require a few days. Why don’t you play a game of Go with me to kill time?” said Felicitous Rain Lord to Yi Yun who was sitting across him.

    Yi Yun, who had not exited the abode for a few years, did not seem to have any change to his appearance. However, compared to before he entered the abode, his bearing had experienced drastic changes.

    He was wearing a white robe and his hair was tied up simply. His eyes were like the night as they intermittently flashed with profound runes, and he exuded a mysterious aura.

    “This disciple isn’t that good at Go. Master, please go easy on me.” Yi Yun said with a smile.

    Stretching his hand out, a swirling beam of light flashed around his fingers. It condensed into a crystalline chess piece that was as warm as jade as he gently placed it on the board.

    “Try playing Go whenever you have the time. It can help you focus and refine yourself. It is a cultivation of mind and body,” said Felicitous Rain Lord as he condensed a piece from the void.

    Fairy Ningshuang watched from the side as she revealed a faint smile, “The two of you are quite alike.”

    “That isn’t a good thing. If he’s like me, he will only attract hate,” laughed Felicitous Rain Lord.

    He had no lack of enemies.

    The game of Go lasted for three days.

    At the dawn of the fourth day, the Meteor Cruiser entered a strange world.

    The starlight was dim and there were several black vortices swirling in space. There were gray planets and rocks of various sizes floating everywhere.

    The planets were mostly silent with no life on them.

    And those planets exuded different kinds of energies where most of the energies made people sense danger. In between the planets, there were space-time turbulences.

    Felicitous Rain Lord’s Meteor Cruiser had space-time laws protecting it, so it was unaffected as it shuttled through the space-time turbulence. All they saw was distorted space and countless flashing lights outside the windows.

    And after crossing countless space-time turbulences, a gigantic star appeared in a warm and illuminated starry void.

    Around the star, there was a beautiful nebula that encircled it several times. It was breathtakingly beautiful as it illuminated the starry void.

    “The starry scenery of the 12 Empyrean Heavens is truly breathtaking.” Yi Yun could not help but reflect on it.

    But such a beautiful star emanated a deadly and silent but chaotic aura.

    Yi Yun turned his head and noticed that Felicitous Rain Lord was silently looking at the star.

    “This is?”

    “That is the Azure Wood Great World,” said Felicitous Rain Lord softly.

    After such a long period of time, they had finally arrived in the Azure Wood Great World.

    “The Azure Wood Great World… ” Yi Yun looked at the star and he could not sense any signs of life around the star.

    And in the star system that was on the brink of death, there was a new star system that was about to be born. The mysteries of the Universe where life and death could be companions was truly fascinating.

    The Azure Wood Great World was too large, so when the Meteor Cruiser arrived in front of the star, it was like a speck of dust. Through the gorgeous nebula, Yi Yun could see a blob of gray shadows.

    “The nebula is the space-time turbulence,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    As the Meteor Cruiser approached the star, Yi Yun began to sense the horror of the space-time turbulence as well. Even the space-time laws that protected the Meteor Cruiser could not fully withstand it.

    Once they were sucked into the space-time turbulence, it was possible to be lost in the chaotic pandemonium of space-time till their deaths.

    In the luster, Yi Yun saw the shadows of a few spirit cruisers and people. They were people who had previously been trapped by the space-time turbulence. To date, their souls were still trapped within it.

    “This period of time is when the surrounding space-time turbulence around the Azure Wood Great World is at its weakest. But even so, there is a need for certain methods to enter it.”

    As Felicitous Rain Lord said, he tapped on the void with one hand.


    A palm that was dozens of times larger than the Meteor Cruiser appeared outside the window. It was nearly transparent, and it was filled with imprints of space-time laws.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    The palm pulled the space-time turbulence apart, allowing the Meteor Cruiser to immediately blast through it.

    A few hours later, the Meteor Cruiser tore out of the lustrous nebula. Beneath them was a gigantic black lake, with gray building compounds around it.

    Many of the buildings were toppled, and the mountains were already falling apart, while the ground was filled with cracks as well.

    Only ruins could be seen on the vast plains. There was no life to it or at least from Yi Yun’s perception, he could not even sense a worm.

    This was indeed a dead planet that was on the brink of collapse.

    Felicitous Rain Lord wanted to pursue that senior, and as Yi Yun looked at the planet, he found it hard to imagine that there were people living on it. From the moment they entered, Yi Yun felt as though the star system was repelling them.

    It was like they were alien invaders.

    “The place that I’m going to is the core area of the Azure Wood Great World, which is the Azure Wood Divine Residence. The Azure Wood Divine Residence is transformed from a piece of azure wood that turned into one of the divine. Where I want to go to is the Divine Tree Palace at the very core,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    “There it is.”

    Yi Yun looked into the distance.

    A towering divine tree was stood erect on the ground while shrouding the skies. Its peak pierced through the gray clouds.

    In the collapsing and dead world, the leaves of the divine tree had yet to wither surprisingly. It was truly evergreen. It was no wonder that this world was called the Azure Wood Great World.

    That was the Azure Wood Divine Residence.

    And below the divine tree were roots that were like mountain ranges. The roots similarly had several buildings on them.

    “The Azure Wood Divine Residence has extremely strict restrictions. Supremacies and below are unable to enter. Even ordinary Supremacies can’t enter the Divine Tree Palace. Around the divine residence is an important area of the Azure Wood Great World. With your cultivation level, you can move around it, but you have to be especially careful.”

    “The Azure Wood Great World is currently collapsing while the new world is in its nascent stages. The laws are chaotic, so there might be unexpected dangers. And the restrictions, array formations, and seals from the past have been affected by the collapse of the Azure Wood Great World. Some of them are damaged, but some of them have become even more terrifying.”

    “There are others. I can already sense several auras. Those people sure are fast.”

    As Felicitous Rain Lord said this, an immense aura suddenly surged over.

    The aura only brushed past them before vanishing.

    Felicitous Rain Lord frowned slightly and said, “The people from the Immortal Rain Sect have arrived as well. They are waiting for me.”

    Just as Felicitous Rain Lord said that, a gigantic skull appeared in the distant void. The skull was burning with purple flames as it slowly floated over.

    Although it was still a great distance away, Yi Yun felt like his lifeblood was being stirred by the gigantic skull.

    “That is… ”

    Yi Yun was stunned as he sensed an odd and sinister aura that he was familiar with but hated greatly.

    “Fey Phantasm Sect. This would be tough. I never expected them to come as well.” As Felicitous Rain Lord said that, he glanced at Yi Yun. The toughness that he was referring to was naturally referring to Yi Yun. The Fey Phantasm Sect could not affect him.

    Felicitous Rain Lord knew that Yi Yun had a vendetta with the Fey Phantasm Sect.

    The Fey Phantasm Sect wanted to swallow the six-country alliance, and several years ago, Yi Yun was nearly assassinated by the Fey Phantasm Sect after having just arrived in the Oracle Fey Kingdom to participate in Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment assessment.

    Back then, the Fey Phantasm Sect had sent two experts. Logically speaking, Yi Yun would have definitely been a dead man, but Yi Yun had miraculously survived. It left the Fey Phantasm Sect astonished, and what shocked them the most was likely that Yi Yun became Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple.

    As such, Yi Yun’s status was extremely delicate to the Fey Phantasm Sect.

    On one side, they had already become enemies of Yi Yun. The brighter Yi Yun’s future was, the more they did not want Yi Yun to fully mature.

    And on the other side, as a disciple of Felicitous Rain Lord, Yi Yun was not someone that they dared to assassinate recklessly. They would have to pay a heavy price for that.

    However, it was completely different in the Azure Wood Great World.

    The skull drew closer. Even Yi Yun did not expect that the Fey Phantasm Sect would come as well.

    How true was it that enemies often cross each other’s paths!

    “Yi Yun, since the Fey Phantasm Sect actually came, while I will be deep in the core of the Azure Wood Great World, what about you? What are your plans?”

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