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Chapter 995: Demonic Eye Divine Lord

    Chapter 995: Demonic Eye Divine Lord

    Yi Yun knew how dangerous it was for him if the Fey Phantasm Sect was also in the Azure Wood Great World. However, if he were to give up on the expedition, Yi Yun had no idea where or when he could gain insights into the Dao of Primordial Chaos. It would only result in him failing to form his Major Destruction Dao fruit.

    Time was precious to him, so he could not delay any further. If he missed the opportunity, it would no longer exist in the future.

    “Master, since I’m already here, I have no plans on returning.”

    “Okay, very well!” Felicitous Rain Lord nodded. Although he knew that Yi Yun’s choice was extremely dangerous, he still admired Yi Yun’s guts.

    At that moment, a ghastly shadow flew out of the gigantic skull. Flying beside the ghastly shadow were a few figures.

    The ghastly shadow appeared lofty in the void. It did not seem like it coexisted harmoniously with the surrounding space as huge distortions appeared around the shadow. It was like it was projected from another dimension.

    “Felicitous Rain.”

    A sinister and odd aura surged over as Yi Yun felt like an extremely cold storm was ushered into his soul. His soul felt like it was being sealed frozen.

    However, when the aura reached Felicitous Rain Lord’s vicinity, a cold grunt from him dispelled the aura completely.

    “Why are you giving me the cold shoulder? It’s just a greeting. I heard about the recruitment of your disciple some time ago. I actually planned on sending a few lowly disciples to be evaluated by you to see if they could catch your eye. Is that your newly recruited disciple?”

    Yi Yun felt a few penetrating gazes that seemed to pierce through his soul being cast on him.

    Yi Yun found two of the gazes familiar.

    The two Supremacies that had attempted to assassinate him were here as well.

    Yi Yun would not forget the names and appearances of Gui Huazi and Daoist You Ming. If not for the God Advent Tower, he would have been killed by them. And Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi, who had been escorting him, were severely injured. It probably caused quite a serious dent on Elder Shi’s aspirations to make the breakthrough that he was preparing for.

    “You want to fight me?” asked Felicitous Rain Lord coldly.

    “Haha, why so serious? See you later in the divine residence.” The ghastly shadow issued a menacing cackle before it elongated itself, turning into a crimson line in the void and vanishing oddly.

    The ghastly shadow had left.

    Yi Yun immediately felt the pressure vanish.

    “That person is… ” The ghastly shadow clearly knew Felicitous Rain Lord.

    “The Fey Phantasm Sect’s Demonic Eye Divine Lord, as well as a dozen or so Supremacies from the Fey Phantasm Sect.” Felicitous Rain Lord’s expression was ashen. “He has come as well. That Demonic Eye Divine Lord is like a wretched dog that would rush over the moment he catches a whiff of something.”

    Yi Yun had previously heard that the reason why the Fey Phantasm Sect acted so tyrannically was because it had produced a Divine Lord. So it was that ghastly shadow…

    “Was it the two Supremacies standing beside him who attacked you?” Felicitous Rain Lord suddenly asked.

    He had also sensed the two Supremacies glance at Yi Yun abnormally.

    “Yes,” said Yi Yun with a nod.

    A faint coldness flashed in Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes , “They are nothing in the Azure Wood Divine Residence, and the Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s target is very likely the Azure Wood Divine Residence as well.”

    The Fey Phantasm Sect’s Divine Lord and Supremacies would enter the Azure Wood Divine Residence, so there was no worry that Yi Yun would be harmed by them. And although Felicitous Rain Lord had the intention of killing the two Supremacies, they were not dumb either. They were most likely going to stick close to Demonic Eye Divine Lord.

    Following that, the gigantic skull rapidly departed.

    Felicitous Rain Lord watched the gigantic skull disappear. Although his personality was to do as he wished, if not for the Demonic Eye Divine Lord watching nearby, he would have wiped all of the Fey Phantasm Sect’s younger generation nearby that could assassinate Yi Yun.

    “I cannot let Demonic Eye Divine Lord and company enter the divine residence alone. I have to go in as well. My perception can only temporarily stop them from tracking you. After that, you need to be extremely careful,” exhorted Felicitous Rain Lord.

    “Yes, Master,” said Yi Yun.

    The gigantic skull had already vanished into the distance.

    And in one of the eyes of the gigantic skull, an effeminate and intricate-looking man dressed in scarlet robes stood there.

    He was still looking in the direction of Felicitous Rain Lord, despite not being able to see the Felicitous Rain Lord trio anymore.

    “That punk really didn’t die!” You Feihua revealed a look of disbelief.

    “Are you talking about that genius from the Luo clan? What’s his name? Yi Yun?” At that moment, a sweet and delicate girl’s voice came from behind You Feihua.

    The person speaking was a blue-haired female with gorgeous looks. Her eyes sparkled brightly and her every move had a natural charm to them. The corners of her eyes were smeared with a scarlet tinge that accentuated her with a mysterious and odd vividness.

    Her looks were ones that could cause disaster to befall countries and men.

    “He’s very young,” said the woman with a laugh. She had also seen Yi Yun a moment ago. “It’s hard to imagine that a youth that’s not even at the Dao Manifestation realm managed to survive a full strike from you unscathed. He even managed to survive an attack from your father. It’s really perplexing. How did he do it?”

    You Feihua glanced at her and frowned. “Yao Chuo, don’t you poke your nose into this.”

    “Heh heh, I’m only being curious.” Yao Chuo grinned in an alluring manner.

    You Feihua grunted coldly and turned to look outside.

    He did not dare to do a thing after seeing Yi Yun with Felicitous Rain Lord present. Neither could he stay there for long or he would have been courting death.

    However, how could Felicitous Rain Lord protect Yi Yun all the time?

    “Other than that avatar that managed to withstand a strike of mine, Yi Yun must have some impressive treasures!” A strange glint flashed in You Feihua’s eyes.

    A treasure that could withstand a Supremacy’s deathblow! At the moment that the news was made known, it was likely that the warriors who had come to the Azure Wood Great World would be moved by it.

    So how could You Feihua leak the information regarding the treasure? He wouldn’t mention it even to Yao Chuo.

    “Yi Yun’s cultivation level has reached half-step Dao Manifestation after becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. Putting aside the fact that he hasn’t manifested his Dao, he’s still far from me even if he has! I’m at the six-floor Dao Palace realm. Without that defensive treasure, he wouldn’t even stand up to scrutiny in front of me!” A menacing look appeared in You Feihua’s eyes.

    Although Yi Yun had become a Divine Lord’s disciple, he had only been cultivating for a few years under the guidance of a Divine Lord. As for You Feihua, he had been taught by Daoist You Ming from birth. In addition to the two full realms of cultivation separating them, You Feihua thought nothing of Yi Yun’s tiny bit of strength.

    It could be said that in the eyes of You Feihua, Yi Yun’s treasure was already his.

    “That darn Felicitous Rain Lord, why doesn’t he quickly leave? If this goes on, who knows when I’ll find Yi Yun again. During this period of time, he better not die,” thought You Feihua.

    At the instant that the gigantic skull vanished, Felicitous Rain Lord said, “The people from the Fey Phantasm Sect have left. The Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s aura is also heading towards the Azure Wood Divine Residence. They aren’t pursuing you.” Felicitous Rain Lord looked at the Azure Wood Divine Residence and said, “Yi Yun, we will be leaving.”

    “Be careful.” Fairy Ningshuang said with a nod.

    Yi Yun bowed and when he lifted his head, Fairy Ningshuang and Felicitous Rain Lord’s figures had already transformed into beams of light that headed for the Azure Wood Divine Residence.

    “Felicitous Rain Lord waited for the people from the Fey Phantasm Sect to leave before he left. That’s already a level of protection for me. Next, it will all depend on me.” When a warrior practiced martial arts, it was impossible for him to always be protected by his master. A warrior that was unable to face danger himself had no right to seek the path of martial arts.

    Yi Yun looked at the ground. This was the first time that he was visiting the Azure Wood Great World, and just as he was preparing to find a seemingly safe spot to land, two figures suddenly flew towards him from ground level.

    The two figures were feeling apprehensive in the beginning, but when they noticed that Yi Yun was alone, the two figures immediately accelerated towards him.

    Yi Yun immediately turned wary as he pressed a hand on his interspatial ring.

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