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Chapter 996: First Attempt of the Sword’s Blade

    Chapter 996: First Attempt of the Sword’s Blade

    The two figures dressed in azure-colored robes quickly approached him. One of them was carrying a heavy-looking scabbard on his back, while the other did not carry any weapons at all. The two warriors were at the peak of the Dao Manifestation realm, and their auras were rich and dense.

    They sized Yi Yun up before asking him with a smile, “Junior Brother, do you know which seniors were here just now?”

    Yi Yun swept a glance at them and nonchalantly said, “I came here because of the aura that I sensed.”

    The identity as Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple was best not to be easily revealed to others in the Azure Wood Great World. Ignoring the Fey Phantasm Sect, if others were to know, there was a very strong likelihood for them to set their sights on Yi Yun. Various reasons like jealousy or greed for his treasures were sufficient motivation for them to attack Yi Yun.

    “So, Junior Brother did not see the seniors as well?” The duo shook their heads and said, “But then again, seeing them might not be something good. The seniors might not like to be disturbed.”

    Noticing how Yi Yun did not speak any further, the duo exchanged glances. One of the duo, who was bearded, said amiably, “Junior Brother, are you now alone?”

    They could already tell that Yi Yun was at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm. It was obviously impossible for such a person to come to the Azure Wood Great World alone. However, there were many young disciples that accompanied their sect masters or elders.

    “Where is the rest of your esteemed sect?” The other man looked around, but they had only come here after confirming that there were no other auras around.

    “I do not have a sect,” said Yi Yun.

    “Then, you must be a disciple of a reclusive master?” The bearded man said with a nod.

    “The seniors from our sect have already entered the Azure Wood Divine Residence, leaving only the two of us. Although this place isn’t the inner regions of the Azure Wood Great World, it is still quite a dangerous place.”

    The bearded man said warmly, “Junior Brother, instead of venturing alone, why don’t you join us? We can take care of each other after all.”

    The other man did not say anything, but he looked at Yi Yun with an eager expression.

    Yi Yun stroke his chin and looked at the duo. He planned on rejecting them when he suddenly thought of something. He changed his mind and said, “Alright.”

    “That’s great. The two of us just came to the Azure Wood Great World as well. We don’t know anything and will just be looking around.”

    “Let’s familiarize ourselves with each other. Who knows, we might become friends in the future.”

    The two men took the initiative to descend.

    Yi Yun followed slowly behind them.

    “The buildings over there look rather new. There should be some array protecting them. The things inside must still be preserved,” said the bearded man as he pointed to a particular courtyard.

    The courtyard was situated beside the roots of the towering tree. Although the massive courtyard walls were estimated to be a hundred feet tall, the courtyard appeared to be minute in front of the tree roots.

    The Azure Divine Tree, which held up the Azure Wood Great World, was just too massive.

    “If there’s anything, we will split them equally,” said the other man.

    “Alright.” Yi Yun nodded.

    After entering the courtyard, Yi Yun looked around the yard in a fascinated manner.

    There were all sorts of strange rock engravings in the yard, while the ground was filled with engravings of leaves. Entering the yard felt like one had returned to ancient times.

    The yard had probably been abandoned for more than a hundred million years, but the feeling that it gave was like someone had stayed in there only recently. Without the preservation from arrays, it would have long been reduced to ruins.

    “Let’s enter the hall.” The two warriors said as they eagerly strode into the hall.

    The corners of Yi Yun’s lips curled up when he looked at the duo’s back. It was a teasing smile as he followed behind them at an adequate pace.

    After entering the building, he noticed that the two warriors were standing inside the hall.

    “Senior Brothers, why aren’t you in a rush to search for treasures? Are you waiting for me? The both of you are just too kind,” said Yi Yun.

    The two warriors chuckled and said, “Of course we have to wait for Junior Brother. It’s best to search such a place together.”

    “Oh really? I thought the both of you were already very familiar with this place,” said Yi Yun without any haste.

    They had seen numerous courtyards from the sky, but the duo had chosen this one. They were in a hurry to enter the hall at the moment they landed, so wasn’t it obvious that they were trying to lure him in?

    The bearded warrior’s eyes turned cold as he said with a laugh, “It looks like you are smarter than the previous one. But for you to follow us here despite knowing the truth, it can only mean that you do not know what it means to die. Even if your master is a Supremacy, there is no way that you can be rescued.”

    “It’s not like that I didn’t notice that something was wrong. I followed the both of you here because I actually wanted to test a new law that I learned after a few years of reclusive training. The both of you are at the peak of the Dao Manifestation realm, so you are qualified to receive my attacks.” Yi Yun pulled his sword out.

    With the Azure Wood Great World opening up, Felicitous Rain Lord had already said that there would be several Dao Palace realm warriors. There would also be people at the peak of the Dao Manifestation realm, but they would be relatively rare. Now that he had encountered two of them, Yi Yun planned to use them to gauge his strength. His intuition told him that his expedition in the Azure Wood Great World would be fraught with dangers. Since his strength was far from sufficient, he needed to battle to raise his strength. Now, with an opportunity to do battle voluntarily standing in front of him, Yi Yun naturally would not reject it.


    The duo was incensed. They were warriors at the peak of Dao Manifestation, but they were only qualified to receive the attacks of a half-step Dao Manifestation realm warrior?

    Before the warriors could say anything, the bearded warrior’s facial expression changed. “Be careful… ”


    A cold sword beam shot out faster than he could speak. It seemed to fly out of an ancient spatial-temporal dimension as it attacked the bearded warrior without any warning.

    The warrior’s eyes flashed seriously as he roared and smacked the sword beam with both his hands.

    His hands were imbued with Yuan Qi, allowing them to become extremely strong. A strike from his palm could shatter a person’s skeleton.

    And in between his palms, there was a spinning ball compressed from Yuan Qi. Not only did it manage to withstand the sword beam, it was able to shatter ordinary swords.

    “How dare you think of slashing me with that cultivation level of yours!” The warrior thundered. His hands produced a tumultuous clap as he suddenly clasped the sword beam.


    A powerful shock wave blasted outwards from the warrior’s palms.

    It was blocked!

    But at that moment, the warrior had a sudden and drastic change in expression.

    His hands were quickly shriveling up. The veins on the back of his arm protruded as his skin began to blemish. His hand had surprisingly aged!

    What was going on!? He had clearly managed to parry the sword beam!

    The bearded man was appalled when he saw the scene. What strike was that?

    “Senior Brother, let’s join forces and kill him!” roared the bearded man angrily.

    But at that moment, Yi Yun’s next strike had arrived.

    “Withering Sword of Time.” Yi Yun’s voice accompanied the floating sword beams.

    The sword beams seemed to lack offensive power, but even if they could be blocked, those who blocked them would show signs of rapid aging.

    The two warriors frantically defended and attacked, but they began to find it helpless. The youth’s sword techniques were too terrifying. Their martial arts, Dao Domain or anything else could not parry his attacks.

    What was even more despairing was that the youth apparently could produce only one move. He slashed out with the same sword beams again and again. There was no other move, much less the conjuring of a Dao Domain.

    But it was such a sword beam that left them wallowing in despair.

    Very soon, they came to a realization that they could not win.

    “Senior Brother, work with me and use all of our trump cards!” yelled the bearded man.

    Yi Yun gave the duo a nonchalant glance. This was the first time that he was using the Three-foot Passage Sword in battle, so he too wanted to see what trump cards the duo had.

    But at that moment, the bearded man’s figure suddenly shrank as it transformed into a snake like shadow and rushed out.

    Yi Yun was surprised, while the other warrior cursed out loud, “You will die a horrible death!”

    “Don’t worry. He will accompany you in hell very soon.” Yi Yun slashed out, slicing through the warrior’s protective Yuan Qi easily.

    The sword beam was like wind caressing the surface of a lake, but when it landed on the warrior’s head, the warrior’s appearance immediately aged rapidly. In a few seconds, all of his vitality had been drawn away.

    His eyes were filled with anger and horror.

    Yi Yun flashed forward and took the man’s interspatial ring before charging out of the building in pursuit of the bearded man.

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