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Chapter 999: No Sincerity

    Chapter 999: No Sincerity

    Despite how desperately the man ran, his speed was ultimately inferior to Yi Yun’s.

    “Punk! Don’t you force me! No matter how powerful you are, you are only at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm. Being in the periphery of the Azure Wood Great World is already your limit. If you go any deeper into it, you will be met with certain death. If you continue to pursue me, you will not be able to get out!” The man yelled frantically, but the distance between Yi Yun and him continued to shrink rapidly.

    “All I did was to conspire to hurt you, wasn’t it? You were left with zero losses and you even killed my Senior Brother. Isn’t that enough? Must you chase me all this way to put an end to me? How much enmity is there between us?”

    As the man was speaking, Yi Yun suddenly slashed with his sword!


    A sword beam tore through the void and headed straight for the man’s back.

    The man exclaimed as he barely dodged it. Although he managed to dodge the sword beam, the wind that accompanied the sword beam brushed across his back.

    Instantly, an indescribable feeling overwhelmed every cell in his body. The man began to convulse as he felt that the strike had struck the very source of his life. His vitality was rapidly being depleted and the flesh on the back of his body was shriveling. Even his clothes had turned to ash.

    That was the power of the passage of time. Time laws and Withering laws synergized well with each other in the first place.

    With the two laws merged into one, even though he had managed to dodge the sword beam, just the might of the winds that accompanied it had drained his vitality.

    “Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

    The man screamed in despair. He knew very well that Yi Yun’s strike had already destroyed him because of his withering vitality. Not only could he no longer practice martial arts, his lifespan was also drastically shortened.

    “I’ll fight it out with you!”

    The man turned around and frantically charged at Yi Yun, like an enraged beast.

    Yi Yun raised his sword and thrust it at the man’s glabella.


    The man’s body trembled violently as his eyes lost their luster. Corrosion of his body began from his glabella, and spread out in all directions. His skin and flesh were shriveling and drying up like they were turning to dust. In a few moments, the man’s body looked like it had experienced millennia before being reduced to bones.

    Yi Yun put his sword away — it was not the pure Yang broken sword anyway. He did not plan on using the pure Yang broken sword unless absolutely necessary. Doing so could prevent creating trouble for himself if others were to see the broken sword.

    The whole scene of Yi Yun using the Sword of Time to kill the fleeing man was seen by Chu He.

    Chu He was somewhat stupefied.

    The youth’s… cultivation level wasn’t even higher than hers, so how was he that powerful?

    The sword technique could sever another person’s vitality with a single strike? The laws infused in it were way too horrifying!

    Thoughts quickly flashed through her mind, but she was unafraid of Yi Yun. Even if her strength was inferior to Yi Yun’s, she never depended on herself for battle because of her pet, Little Blue, which was an ancient spirit snake left behind by her master. Although it had not fully matured, its strength was much stronger than hers.

    And it was because of Little Blue’s existence that Chu He dared to roam the Azure Wood Great World freely and target people who had nefarious thoughts against her.

    “That fellow can’t be a good person to act so ruthlessly… ” Chu He muttered to herself as she began machinating a plan.

    “Chu He, aren’t you returning with me? Stop messing around.” In the void, the silver-haired girl’s voice sounded.

    “Senior Sister, don’t worry. I know perfectly well.” Chu He was adamant as she retreated towards the marsh.


    “Save, save me… ”

    A clear shout for help once again echoed above the black lake. As Yi Yun flew mid-air, his eyebrows pricked up slightly when he heard it.

    Back when Yi Yun was pursuing the man, he had actually sensed that there was someone in the vicinity. However, Yi Yun’s perception was locked onto the man. As he had a vague feeling that the other person spelled no threat to him, he did not carefully investigate the matter.

    Now, with a sweep of his perception, he noticed that a green-dressed girl was dozens of miles away and was trapped in a marsh. Black vines were wrapped around her and she looked to be in grave danger.

    Yi Yun faltered slightly, but with a flash of his body, he flew towards the green-dressed girl.

    “Save me… Hero, save me!”

    When the green-dressed girl saw Yi Yun, it was like she had seen a life-saving straw. She yelled for help even more enthusiastically, but at that moment, the black vines that wrapped around her limbs were retracting into the deep recesses of the marsh. It looked like the green-dressed girl was about to be devoured by the marsh.

    Yi Yun was not one to turn a blind eye to someone’s plight. Furthermore, the black vine did not seem to be particularly powerful. so without any possible threat to his life, Yi Yun did not mind saving the green-dressed girl.

    “Cha! Cha! Cha!”

    Sword sparks emerged around Yi Yun like snowflakes. However, just as Yi Yun was about to take action, he suddenly stopped.


    A majority of the sword sparks disappeared from Yi Yun’s body as he stopped mid-air. He only watched the green-dressed girl, but he did not take another step forward.

    He had found many things amiss with the situation, so he had immediately activated the Purple Crystal’s energy vision. He was shocked by what he saw. Gosh, there was a large blue snake hidden in the marsh beneath the girl!

    “Save me! Save me!” Chu He yelled again and she seemed to be extremely anxious, but Yi Yun remained unmoved. He watched her for a while before deciding to hug his sword in his arms. It was like he was watching her shout.

    Chu He was immediately dumbfounded. She had acted a couple of times today and the people she met were people from leagues or tribes. Their strength was inferior and they looked no different to ruffians. Those people were here in the Azure Wood Great World to try their luck, and they mostly had nefarious intentions when it came to her. Either they wanted to kill and rob her, or they wanted to rape her. Chu He got Little Blue to eat them all.

    There was also a group of people that most likely came from sects. They mostly behaved appropriately and had dignified appearances. When saving her, they would showcase their graceful demeanor but that did not mean that they were good. Amongst them, there might be wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, the green-dressed girl could not be bothered to distinguish them. Unless they clearly revealed their malfeasant intentions, Chu He would basically spare them.

    However, Chu He never expected that someone would be like Yi Yun. All he did was stay motionless mid-air as he watched her act. This left Chu He irrevocably committed. She was left at an impasse to continue or to stop shouting. Furthermore, in her ‘script’, the black vine were wrapped around her body and just before she was pulled into the marsh, Yi Yun should have taken action in a timely fashion, severing the black vine to prevent her from being dragged in. However, without Yi Yun taking action, wouldn’t she be dragged into the disgusting marsh?

    How could Chu He endure the dirty and nauseating marsh?

    “Save me!” Chu He felt indignant as she yelled once more.

    However, not only did Yi Yun not take any action, the corners of his mouth curved into a teasing smile.

    “Why are you so ruthless? Why do you turn a blind eye to my plight!?” Chu He clenched her fist and was like an enraged kitten. Her embarrassment had turned into anger because she had a faint guess that the youth had seen through her!

    “The black vine behind you sure is well mannered. It clearly has trapped you, but it is dragging you at such a slow speed. If you want to entice me to come towards you, you should have a modicum of sincerity. You don’t even wish to taint yourself with a bit of mud. That’s way too unprofessional,” said Yi Yun in derision.

    When Chu He heard his words, her face turned blue from anger.

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