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Chapter 1001: Apocalyptic Fumes

    Chapter 1001: Apocalyptic Fumes

    Yi Yun looked at the silver-haired girl the moment she appeared. He wanted to know who she was.

    However, Yi Yun did not recognize her at all. She was dressed in a watery-green dress and she had smooth and fair skin. Her facial features made her resemble a figure that walked out of a painting and her every movement felt graceful like an ephemeral existence. She was truly a peerless lady.

    However, the silver-haired girl’s expression did not seem calm. It shattered the illusion that she was like a fairy from the nine heavens who descended to the mortal world.

    “Chu He, come over here!”

    Just as the silver-haired girl said that…


    With a loud explosion, the ground began to quake violently. The mountains far away were beginning to crumble. In the black marsh, large black mud waves were being stirred and there was lava spewing up into the sky before landing on the marsh and burning the black mud.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Plumes of black miasma began emerging out of the marsh as it diffused everywhere.

    “Apocalyptic Fumes!? This kind of situation only happens once every three hundred years. Only a hundred years has passed!”

    The silver-haired girl’s expression changed. The Azure Wood Great World was on the brink of destruction and danger lurked at every turn. Even though she was a successor of the Azure Wood Manor, she was helpless when it came to power on the scale of world destruction. All she could do was try her best to avoid the dangers.

    Through the monitoring of the Azure Wood Great World’s rate of destruction and various disasters that happened, the progeny of the Azure Wood Manor had already reduced the phenomena into a certain set of patterns. Through these patterns, the silver-haired girl could act freely in the Azure Wood Great World, but there were always accidents, such as the situation that they were presently in.

    “It’s the array formation… Those outsiders have destroyed the Azure Wood Manor’s protective array.”

    The silver-haired girl let out a long sigh. Due to the waning of the Azure Wood Manor and how the Azure Wood Great World was facing destruction, the progeny of the Azure Wood Manor, who acted as guardians of the Azure Wood Great World, had begun setting up ancient arrays. But now, against external Divine Lords, how could the ancient arrays, that had been weathered by tens of millions of years, be able to withstand their formidable forces?

    In such situations, even if one could predict what would happen, there was no safe spot in the Azure Wood Great World when the array formation began to disintegrate en masse. Perhaps, the only thing that would survive was the divine tree in the core of the Azure Wood Great World even after the world was destroyed…

    The silver-haired girl did not know where she would go after the Azure Wood Great World was really destroyed.

    “Senior Sister, I… ”

    Chu He was feeling guilt-stricken and she felt wronged. She knew how terrifying the Apocalyptic Fumes were and she had never expected it to erupt at that moment. If she had not been out gallivanting, the silver-haired girl would not have come looking for her. Even if the Apocalyptic Fumes erupted, they could remain safe by hiding in the divine tree garden.

    “Let’s attempt to leave this place. Who could have expected this to happen?” said the silver-haired girl with a shake of her head.

    At that moment, Yi Yun was enveloped by the Apocalyptic Fumes in the sky.

    Was this miasma!?

    Yi Yun was alarmed. In a few seconds, the entire sky turned into a blur. It was definitely no ordinary miasma for it could shield perception which he could not penetrate with.

    Yi Yun conjured his protective Yuan Qi and isolated himself from the miasma, but what followed made Yi Yun’s heart drop. His protective Yuan Qi was rapidly being corroded by the miasma, which seemed to contain a toxic poison. Even with his foundations, the miasma made him struggle to maintain his protective Yuan Qi.

    Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before casually throwing a tiny sword into the miasma. The sword was enveloped by the miasma and immediately, it lost its spiritual alacrity and quickly lost its luster from the corrosion.

    It was very powerful!

    Yi Yun was alarmed. He could not figure out why the toxic gases in the marsh were so powerful.

    The outcome would be unimaginable if his Yuan Qi was depleted while he remained here.

    “The miasma in the sky is denser. I’ll land on the ground first before leaving as fast as possible.”

    With such a thought, Yi Yun had landed.

    Yi Yun saw the silver-haired girl not far away from him, while she too noticed Yi Yun. They were about a dozen steps apart from each other, but their figures were shrouded by the Apocalyptic Fumes, causing them to turn into blurry hazes.

    The silver-haired girl had also conjured a hazy protective Yuan Qi. Her expression looked solemn.

    “Is this miasma?” Yi Yun inquired.

    In the marsh, when Fey beasts or Fey trees died, their remains would rot into the mud, turning into toxic rotting gases. That was what miasma was.

    Typically, the stronger the dead Fey beast was, the more powerful the miasma was. It would not be an oddity if a Dao Palace realm warrior died from the poison.

    But miasma was an entity without thought after all. One would be fine as long as one was careful enough to not absorb it. Yi Yun had never heard of miasma of a particular marsh being so powerful to blot out the sky and land. It even shrouded the sun.

    The silver-haired girl hesitated for a moment before answering, “It’s not miasma. Miasma is a result of the rotting gases produced after Fey beasts or trees die. But the black fog in front of us is something that we call Apocalyptic Fumes. It’s the rotting gases of a world when it dies. It’s not something that miasma can be compared to.”

    “What? The gases after a world dies?”

    Yi Yun was given a shock. It was understandable that rotting gases would be produced after plants and animals died, but he never expected that a world would also produce gases when it died. How terrifying would the gases produced be when a large world rotted in death? It was completely unimaginable, but it was not odd that it could blot out the sky and land.

    “How expansive is the Apocalyptic Fumes?”

    “No idea. It might be thousands of miles, tens of thousands of miles, or even hundreds of thousands of miles. The Azure Wood Great World is already on the brink of destruction. This gases of the rotting world had been repressed in the deep recesses of the large world, and it can be said to be endless. I have no idea how much seeped out either.”

    As the silver-haired girl spoke, she gave Yi Yun an empathetic glance. She knew that Yi Yun would definitely die if he stayed behind.

    Ignoring the fact that he was a warrior at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm, even a seven or eight-floor Dao Palace realm warrior would probably be reduced to bones in the Apocalyptic Fumes and dying in a god forsaken land.

    This was the might of the heavens and earth. It was not somewhere that one could leave because of having great talent.

    The silver-haired girl found it unbearable. From the reaction of him wanting to save Chu He previously, she knew that he wasn’t an evil person. Furthermore, he was extremely intelligent and with his half-step Dao Manifestation realm, he had managed to see through Chu He’s trap. It was truly deserving of praise, but unfortunately, he was likely to die.

    The silver-haired girl said, “Follow us, and there might be a chance for you to persist on for a period of time.”

    Yi Yun hesitated for a moment, but he eventually chose to walk over.

    The gases that resulted from a rotting world had truly broadened his horizons. Felicitous Rain Lord had warned him previously that the Azure Wood Great World was extremely dangerous and to consider it seriously before coming. However, Yi Yun had still chosen to come. He did not wish to give up on this one chance.

    But from the looks of it, even Felicitous Rain Lord had probably underestimated the danger of the Azure Wood Great World.

    Who could be sure what would happen in a world that was on the brink of destruction?

    “Can you tell me who you are?” Yi Yun asked the silver-haired girl.

    He felt that she knew too many things. The gases of a rotting world was something that even Felicitous Rain Lord might not have known.

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