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Chapter 1002: Black Winds

    Chapter 1002: Black Winds

    The silver-haired girl knew that her reactions towards the Apocalyptic Fumes made the youth suspicious. However, she was unsure if she could even come out of this alive, so she did not care about it.

    She ignored Yi Yun’s question and said instead, “After the Apocalyptic Fumes start, it will constantly increase for the next four hours. After four hours, the atrocity of the Apocalyptic Fumes might be a hundred times worse than it is now.”

    The silver-haired girl’s words made Yi Yun’s heart sink. A hundred times worse? If what the silver-haired girl said was true, it was impossible for him to withstand it then.

    “Winds are about to blow.” The silver-haired girl’s expression was grim. The Apocalyptic Fumes would stir black winds and one could tell how powerful the Apocalyptic Fumes would be from the intensity of the black wind.

    Just as the silver-haired girl finished speaking, they heard the wind howling…

    It sounded like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves!

    The concentrated fumes interwove together as they began to spin, forming black ink-like squalls. The winds were a thousand, if not ten thousand times, more terrifying than the winds that Yi Yun had seen back at the Mt. Azure Billow’s Black Wind Valley!

    The black wind howled and it began to release a barrage of attacks on Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi. The squalls condensed into savage black dragons that snarled and bit at him.

    “All of us should stay close together!”

    The silver-haired girl pulled Chu He’s hand and took the initiative to close the gap between herself and Yi Yun. As for the blue snake and the Black Blood Vine in the marsh, they were put in a spirit beast bag by Chu He.

    The three gathered together, while the silver-haired girl and Yi Yun propped up their protective Yuan Qi together.

    Yi Yun was slightly surprised when he noticed how powerful the silver-haired girl’s strength was. The girl was only at the beginning stages of the Dao Manifestation realm, a level just slightly higher than his, but her true essence was extremely plentiful!

    The silver-haired girl’s Yuan Qi had a tinge of perpetual regeneration. Regardless of how much the black winds consumed her Yuan Qi, she was able to withstand it.

    “That’s impressive. Is that the laws of life and death?” Yi Yun thought secretly to himself.

    Yi Yun was seldom impressed by people whose cultivation levels were only slightly higher than his, but now, the silver-haired girl’s nomological powers had broadened Yi Yun’s horizons.

    “The world is large. There are heavens beyond heavens and people beyond people. I still have a long way to go.” Yi Yun muttered to himself. Of course, the premise was that he needed to survive the rest of today.

    “Wu Wu Wu… ”

    The apocalyptic black squalls became more terrifying, but the silver-haired girl took the role of being the main force to provide the protective Yuan Qi. Her perpetual birth of energy withstood the apocalyptic black winds perfectly.

    But even so, Yi Yun felt like they were a tiny boat in a storm, with the possibility of them capsizing at any moment.

    “This is the power of a world’s destruction. It’s truly terrifying and not only Felicitous Rain Lord, even the other Divine Lords and Supremacies from other factions that came probably did not expect that the Azure Wood Great World is so terrifying… ”

    Yi Yun guessed that the burst of the Apocalyptic Fumes would result in the tragic deaths of large numbers of Dao Manifestation and Dao Palace realm warriors. Many people came to the Azure Wood Great World with the intention to fish in troubled waters by killing and robbing. Many young geniuses from major sects wanted to try their luck, but now, they would probably pay the price of blood. The losses would be tragic, one that far exceeded the expectations of the major factions.

    Their surroundings were completely hazy and it was difficult to discern the direction that they were moving in. One’s perception was useless in the fumes, so while Yi Yun followed the silver-haired girl, he felt that everything around him looked the same. He had no idea how the silver-haired girl pinpointed the direction in which they were heading.

    “You know the way?” Yi Yun asked the silver-haired girl.

    However, she shook her head and said, “No, it’s only a feeling. Let’s hope I didn’t take the wrong path.”

    “Feeling?” Yi Yun was rendered speechless. It was already a problem if they could survive, but now, the direction in which they were heading could even be wrong. If their direction was incorrect and they were just walking in circles, the situation was obvious.

    Yi Yun pondered for a moment and he attempted to activate the Purple Crystal’s energy vision. The energy vision was not limited by perception, so it could see far.

    However, Yi Yun’s heart sank when he activated his energy vision. In the energy vision, the surrounding world remained a gray, hazy patch.

    The Apocalyptic Fumes was not energy at all. It was the gases of a rotting world. It was a gas that could destroy a world, much less flesh and blood.

    His energy vision could not discern their location and if they really relied on a hunch, was it possible for them to survive?

    Yi Yun did not get his hopes up. His Yuan Qi was being quickly depleted and the outcome would be fraught with grim possibilities if this continued.

    “Apocalyptic Fumes are also a derivation of destruction laws. If I can gain further insight from these destruction laws, I might be able to survive this desperate situation… ” Yi Yun muttered to himself.

    His destruction laws were still not perfect after all. If he had chaos laws to complement it, he would not be in such a dire state.

    The fumes were boundless and the black winds squalled like a massive black tsunami covered in mist. Where the three of them were was like a spot abandoned by the universe. They were alone and without help.

    With the passage of time, most of the burden needed to withstand the Apocalyptic Fumes rested on the silver-haired girl’s shoulders.

    She was at the Dao Manifestation realm after all and she had already condensed Dao fruits. In addition to her perpetual generation of Yuan Qi, she was much better than Yi Yun in terms of energy consumption.

    “Sis, will we die?” asked Chu He in a whisper.

    Her strength was incomparable to Yi Yun’s, so the amount that she contributed to the protective Yuan Qi was greatly limited. “Sis, ignore me. If it’s just you alone, the Yuan Qi consumption will be lower. There will be a higher possibility of you surviving this.”

    In the Apocalyptic Fumes, the more people that were protected, the greater the Yuan Qi consumption was.

    “Don’t speak without thought.” The silver-haired girl’s forehead was covered in fine beads of sweat as she clenched her sister’s hand tightly.

    The atrocity of the Apocalyptic Fumes far exceeded her expectations. In less than an hour, she was already finding it extremely demanding. It was almost impossible for her to survive this.

    Chu He worried for her sister, but she was helpless. Not only did the silver-haired girl have to protect Chu He, she also needed to protect Yi Yun. Yi Yun obviously noticed the point. He had added to the silver-haired girl’s burden.

    Actually, Yi Yun had placed a certain amount of strength to gain insights into the destruction laws, so his contribution to the Yuan Qi protection was naturally smaller.

    However, gaining nomological insights was not something that could be done in a day or two. How could it be easy to gain much insight in less than an hour?

    Yi Yun made up his mind and said to the silver-haired girl, “If you want to survive the Apocalyptic Fumes, the chances of success will be lower if you take me along.”

    The silver-haired girl fell silent for a moment before saying, “To be in danger together and face death together is a form of fate. If we were to abandon each other at the moment of death for a sliver of hope, wouldn’t it be even more lamentable when we eventually get reduced to bone?”

    “You are right.” Yi Yun said with a smile, “I’m Yi Yun.”

    “Yi Yun?” The silver-haired girl repeated after him before whispering, “I’m Yue Yingsha.”

    “Yue Yingsha? I see… I have an enchanted artifact that might give us a chance to take a breather. However, my strength is limited and I’m unable to fully control it. When the time comes, it will be wrapped up in the winds, and I’ll have no idea where we will fly to… ”

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