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Chapter 1003: Engagement

    Chapter 1003: Engagement

    What Yi Yun was referring to was obviously the God Advent Tower. It was one of his trump cards in his expedition to the Azure Wood Great World. It had immense defenses, but its power reserves were expendable. Once it was drained, it needed a long time to recharge time, basically rendering it useless in the near future.

    Furthermore, the God Advent Tower was a supreme artifact at the Divine Lord level, one that Yi Yun did not want to reveal freely. This was his first encounter with Yue Yingsha, so he did not know her identity or background. He obviously was reluctant for her to enter the God Advent Tower, but what Yue Yingsha said before had moved Yi Yun.

    “Enchanted artifact?”

    Yue Yingsha faltered for a moment. At that moment, a tiny pagoda flew out of Yi Yun’s body and spun mid-air before expanding in size.

    “Don’t resist it.”

    After Yi Yun said that, his body flashed and disappeared into the God Advent Tower.

    Yue Yingsha slightly hesitated, but based on the extenuating circumstances, she could not be bothered about her inhibitions. She pulled Chu He’s hand and flew into the God Advent Tower.


    A pale gold barrier surrounded the God Advent Tower and withstood the impacts of the Apocalyptic Fumes. The tower was blown around, colliding into anything that the winds blew it into, like a duckweed in a tsunami.

    Yi Yun’s cultivation level was limited after all. Due to his inability to fully control the God Advent Tower, all he could do was use the array formations in the God Advent Tower to withstand the impacts.

    The energy reserves of the array formations were being quickly depleted due to the massive size of the God Advent Tower. The impact that it received from the Apocalyptic Fumes was considerably greater than what the trio received.

    “This is… ”

    Yue Yingsha and Chu He felt the space around them warp before they appeared inside the God Advent Tower.

    Although the Azure Wood Manor had waned, it was still an ancient and powerful sect. As the successor to the Azure Wood Manor, Yue Yingsha was well-read, so she could easily tell the value of the pagoda.

    Enchanted artifacts like abodes or spirit cruisers were extremely difficult to manufacture and refine. Even an extremely high-grade abode was not necessarily resilient against tempestuous attacks, so the value of an abode artifact, which could withstand the impacts of the Apocalyptic Fumes, was beyond imagination.

    When the Azure Wood Manor was at its prime, it had similar artifacts, but due to an internal fracture, the artifacts were taken away by those who departed from the Azure Wood Great World. What the deserters could not take away were ancient ruins that were rooted in the Azure Wood Great World. Although these ancient ruins had an amazing history, it was too arduous to develop them to their full potential.

    Yue Yingsha gave Yi Yun a deep, meaningful glance. How did this youth have a treasure of this level?


    The God Advent Tower was swept up by the black wind and slammed into a mountain. The mountain was immediately reduced to pieces, but the God Advent Tower’s array formations remained fine despite the trio losing their footing inside the God Advent Tower.

    Yue Yingsha could not help but exclaim, “What a resilient array formation.”

    “However, it won’t be able to last long. If the energy is completely drained before the Apocalyptic Fumes are over, we will still be doomed,” said Yi Yun. However, he was already a lot more composed. He had a much safer environment in the God Advent Tower for him to gain insights into the destruction laws contained in the Apocalyptic Fumes.

    “I couldn’t tell that you were this rich,” marveled Chu He as she clicked her tongue. She never expected that a random intruder that she wanted to scam would be so wealthy.

    Yi Yun did not answer her but instead, he caught them unaware by saying, “The both of you… are probably natives of the Azure Wood Great World, right?”

    The way that Chu He and Yue Yingsha reacted to the sudden eruption of the Apocalyptic Fumes made Yi Yun generate such a guess. Although the world that they were in was on the brink of destruction, it was not unbelievable that the natives would survive. This could also explain why Chu He had laid a trap to ensnare others. It was only natural for natives to show animosity towards intruders.

    “Uh… ” Chu He stuttered, momentarily unsure how to respond. She gave Yue Yingsha a pleading look.

    “Yes… “Yue Yingsha directly admitted. Yi Yun had already revealed the secret of his God Advent Tower, so there was no need for her to conceal the fact that she was a native.

    Trust was interpersonal. It allowed them to have a greater chance of survival in the Apocalyptic Fumes.

    “I see. Yue Yingsha, I have something that I want to consult you about. I wonder if you can answer me,” asked Yi Yun seriously and sincerely.

    “What is it?”

    “My master told me that when a large world is destroyed, it is actually the birth of another large world. Is there any Primordial Chaos gases that exist in the Azure Wood Great World? To be honest, the search for Primordial Chaos gases is my goal here.”

    “Primordial Chaos?”

    Yue Yingsha gave Yi Yun a surprised look. Primordial Chaos was a Great Dao during the primordial beginnings of the Universe. Even Divine Lords did not have a chance of encountering them, yet a junior like Yi Yun actually wanted to make contact with the Dao of Primordial Chaos?

    “Although it’s said that the destruction of a large world is the birth of another world, there is time involved in it that might span hundreds of millions of years. It might not be easy for you to find Primordial Chaos gases… ”

    When Yue Yingsha said that, she hesitated for a moment before saying vaguely, “However… I know that in the Azure Wood Great World, there is some lost ancient heritage. Amongst them, there are some things that are related to Primordial Chaos. Whether you can obtain them will depend on your luck.”

    Ancient heritage? Was it the Azure Wood Manor’s heritage?

    Yi Yun was surprised. He recalled that Felicitous Rain Lord had said that he was in search of a person during his trip to the Azure Wood Great World. It was a person that Felicitous Rain Lord claimed to be near the peak of martial arts.

    Was this person related to the Azure Wood Manor? Was he or she the ‘lost heritage’ that Yue Yingsha had mentioned?

    Yi Yun wanted to inquire further, but Yue Yingsha had already sat down in meditation, as though she had no intentions to speak further.

    Yi Yun decided on abandoning his queries. What she told him was already very valuable.

    At that moment, the black winds outside the God Advent Tower were becoming more violent. The array formations of the God Advent Tower were being struck time and time again. Yi Yun did not rest and instead, he opened a tiny hole in the God Advent Tower’s array formation. Immediately…

    Hum Hum Hum!

    Black apocalyptic winds surged right into the God Advent Tower and transformed into a black dragon that wanted to devour Yi Yun.

    “What… what are you doing?”

    Chu He was alarmed, but she saw Yi Yun circulate all of his energy and grab at the black dragon.

    With a loud explosion, Yi Yun had forcefully grabbed the black dragon, which was formed out of Apocalyptic Fumes, by its throat.

    Following that, Yi Yun emanated an immense aura of destruction, sealing the black winds within.

    “This aura… ”

    Chu He looked at Yi Yun in disbelief as she did not have much idea of Yi Yun’s strength previously. She only found Yi Yun’s withering laws to be extremely odd, but the aura that he was emanating suddenly became domineering and horrifying. She was left dumbfounded by it.

    “This person… is very special… “

    Chu He muttered to herself as she watched Yi Yun condense the Apocalyptic Fumes into a blob. Next, he attempted to merge the Apocalyptic Fumes into his body.

    What was he doing?

    Yue Yingsha was also astounded before she figured out what Yi Yun’s goal was. He was planning to refine the Apocalyptic Fumes!

    The aura that was emitted during a world’s rotting process could cause a large world’s destruction. But Yi Yun wanted to use his own body to refine the Apocalyptic Fumes!

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