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Chapter 1004: No Effort Needed

    Chapter 1004: No Effort Needed

    The moment the Apocalyptic Fumes entered Yi Yun’s body, he felt his body turn cold. It was no ordinary cold feeling, it was like his very soul had been frozen tight from sleeping in a frozen catacomb for thousands of years. All the frost, decadence and death was seeping into his bones.

    Was this the aura that a world gave off while it rots to its death?

    Yi Yun was secretly horrified. If not for him having taken the nomological path of destruction, he would have destroyed his body by recklessly absorbing the fumes.

    Yi Yun calmed his heart down as he circulated his destruction Dao Domain to contain the Apocalyptic Fumes. It struggled violently like it had a life of its own, but it was gradually refined.

    “This… ” Yue Yingsha gave Yi Yun an astonished look as she saw him devour a plume of Apocalyptic Fumes. Yue Yingsha knew better than anyone else what the Apocalyptic Fumes signified. To warriors, it was a lethal poison.

    “Sis, is that guy planning on refining the Apocalyptic Fumes?” asked Chu He.

    Yue Yingsha shook her head and said, “Maybe he’s just refining an artifact.”

    Yue Yingsha found it unbelievable that Yi Yun was refining the toxic fumes to enrich himself, but if he could subdue the Apocalyptic Fumes, it wouldn’t be a surprise to use it as part of an artifact used to kill.

    With Yi Yun gradually calming down, Yue Yingsha cast her gaze away. She had expended a great deal of her stamina that she needed to replenish desperately.

    The God Advent Tower continued to shuttle through the Apocalyptic Fumes. It was completely dark outside and there was no way to tell the direction in which they were heading. All they could hear was howling winds that sounded like wails. There was no indication when they would depart from the vicinity of the Apocalyptic Fumes.

    “The scale of the Apocalyptic Fumes is truly huge.” A melancholic look flashed in Yue Yingsha’s eyes. The Azure Wood Great World’s collapse was accelerating, and the Azure Wood Manor would completely vanish along with it.


    The Apocalyptic Fumes lasted for two hours. In that span of time, it covered an extensive region of about forty thousand miles, where few people managed to survive.

    Of course, there were a tiny number of people who managed to survive resiliently.

    These people were lucky to survive either because of their extremely powerful cultivation levels or because they happened to be in the periphery of the Apocalyptic Fumes.

    At that moment, there were three feeble people in tattered clothes who were hiding in a valley.

    Beside them were eight corpses strewn across the ground. Their bodies had been reduced to piles of withered bones from the corrosive forces of the Apocalyptic Fumes.

    Those who remained alive were only barely alive. If not for the Apocalyptic Fumes dissipating at the final moment, they probably would not have been able to last any longer.

    “What the heck was that!?”

    An effeminate man dressed in a scarlet robe spat out a mouthful of blood. The robe that he wore was a top-grade enchanted robe, yet it had been reduced to tatters from the corrosiveness of the Apocalyptic Fumes.

    The effeminate man was the son of the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Daoist You Ming — You Feihua.

    Other than the group of Supremacies and Divine Lords that had entered the Azure Wood Divine Residence, You Feihua was one of the strongest people with his high cultivation level in the periphery zones of the Azure Wood Great World. He believed that his escapade in the Azure Wood Great World would be a breeze and that every treasure that he encountered would be his. Not a single warrior would pose a threat to him either.

    In the expedition to the Azure Wood Great World, You Feihua believed that he was definitely safe and that he would return with a great bountiful harvest. However, he never expected that a gray fog would suddenly fill the area. The strange winds in the gray fog ground people to dust or reduced them to mere bones. They had struggled to survive the storm, but they had depleted nearly all their energy reserves. Even their meridians had been damaged!

    “We nearly lost our lives!”

    You Feihua was still shaking in his wits. The terror of the Azure Wood Great World had exceeded his original expectations.

    He was already severely injured before he found any opportunities. And all of that was because he had the good luck to be located in the periphery of the gray fog. If the black winds were stronger in intensity or if he was in the middle of the gray fog, he would probably be a dead man.

    “Senior Brother You, we are already in such a tragic state. Everyone else might be dead already. We can explore the vicinity and we might find a few unlucky fellows who were desiccated by the black winds. There was no lack of people coming from large factions, so we might be able to get a windfall from them.” The two Fey Phantasm Sect disciples following You Feihua chimed. Although they were barely breathing, they still had their minds on treasures and opportunities that awaited them. The wealth of disciples from large factions was not to be belittled.

    “You’re right. We can search the vicinity.”

    As You Feihua was speaking, he suddenly saw a beam of light streak across the sky, as though something was heading straight for the mountain range.


    With a loud blast, a mountain collapsed as a result of the beam colliding with it.

    You Feihua’s eyes lit up. He sensed an extremely strong aura from the beam of light which stirred his greed.

    “What is it?”

    You Feihua felt excited. His intuition told him that the beam of light was a treasure and that it could even be a huge opportunity for him.

    “Senior Brother, shall we go and take a look? Or do we rest for a moment? We are still quite seriously injured,” said a Fey Phantasm Sect disciple. It was needless to elaborate their injuries, while You Feihua was severely injured as well. A large number of their meridians were damaged and they had less than ten percent of their strength left. It was naturally very risky to begin searching for treasures.

    You Feihua frowned and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Riches are obtained from taking a risk. The aura from that beam of light is no trifling matter. If we miss it, it might be the loss of an opportunity. We are indeed like candles in the wind, but the black winds and gray smoke that suddenly stirred was way too terrifying. Excluding us, it would be a problem for others to survive, and even if they did, they would most likely be drained as well. They should be in a worse situation than us, so there’s no reason to be afraid of anyone.”

    “Let’s go and take a look!”

    As You Feihua spoke, he took a spirit boat out of his interspatial ring. With the two Fey Phantasm Sect disciples entering with him, they flew straight towards the beam of light.

    You Feihua was so injured that he did not even want to exert himself to fly physically. By using a spirit boat, it not only conserved his stamina, he could also consume relics during the flight and mediate. However, it would still require a considerable amount of time for him to mend his damaged meridians.

    You Feihua was about fifty miles away from where the beam of light landed. The spirit boat took a few minutes to catch up to it.

    The two Fey Phantasm Sect disciples saw the mountain that had collapsed from the impact from a distance.

    “That looks like a… pagoda?”

    Just as the Fey Phantasm Sect disciple finished speaking, they saw a golden light flash before the pagoda vanished completely.

    “There’s someone!” You Feihua sensed the auras of warriors from the collapsed mountain. With a twitch of his eyebrows, he said, “Indeed, there are still survivors in this gray fog. However, they are probably on their last breaths even if they survived.”

    Supremacies would not stay in the periphery of the Azure Wood Great World, so those who stayed behind were unlikely to exceed his strength. With this thought in mind, a cold beam of light flashed in You Feihua’s eyes .

    However, as the distance between them narrowed, You Feihua managed to recognize the other party. It gave him a shock.

    “It’s you? Yi Yun!?” After a momentary surprise, You Feihua was fanatically pleased. “Haha! There was really no effort needed in finding you!”

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