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Chapter 1005: Kill Him

    Chapter 1005: Kill Him

    “Follow me!” said You Feihua to his two juniors. The way that his eyes beamed when he looked at Yi Yun was like a wolf when it saw a piece of meat. The Azure Wood Great World was huge, so You Feihua had no idea when he would encounter Yi Yun. Now, it was sheer good luck that he had encountered Yi Yun.

    He knew that Yi Yun had a precious treasure on him and that it was likely at the Divine Lord grade. Such a treasure was a waste in Yi Yun’s hands. If he had it, his strength would definitely increase drastically. He could even rely on the treasure to enter the core region of the Azure Wood Great World.

    While You Feihua was flying towards Yi Yun, he had put the the spirit boat away. As for his juniors, they had yet to react. They were not aware that Yi Yun possessed a valuable treasure, and they were unsure as to why You Feihua appeared so excited.

    At that moment, Yue Yingsha and Yi Yun had naturally seen You Feihua from the God Advent Tower.

    “Who are those people?” A wary look flashed in Yue Yingsha’s gorgeous eyes. She could sense that the outsiders were here with maleficent intent, especially the effeminate man dressed in red.

    “One of my enemies,” said Yi Yun. He never expected to encounter You Feihua here as well. After experiencing the Apocalyptic Fumes, You Feihua was in a miserable state. The enchanted clothing that he wore was so tattered that he looked no different to a beggar. His excited expression added a sense of silliness to him.

    “Yi Yun, come on out and die. If you hand over all of your wealth without any fuss, I’ll give you a quick and painless death!”

    The God Advent Tower’s array formation’s energy was drained, so it could no longer provide any effective protection.

    You Feihua thought nothing of Yi Yun. In terms of cultivation, Yi Yun was at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm, two large realms lower than him. You Feihua knew that Yi Yun was gifted and that he had even been accepted by Felicitous Rain Lord as a personal disciple. However, no amount of talent could breach the gap of two large realms. It was the limit if Yi Yun could defeat a warrior at the peak Dao Manifestation realm. However, he was a high-floor Dao Palace realm warrior, so it was an easy task to kill Yi Yun.

    “Yi Yun, come on out and die!”

    The two juniors standing beside You Feihua clamored as well.

    They were in terrible states as well, but they were not worried about that. Surviving that strange Apocalyptic Fumes was already quite an impressive feat, so how could one not be exhausted?

    “You Feihua, you attempted to kill me years ago. Even if you didn’t come looking for me, I would have settled the debt with you.”

    As Yi Yun spoke, he had flown out of the God Advent Tower. Yue Yingsha followed closely behind. As for Chu He, Yue Yingsha had insisted that she remained in the God Advent Tower.

    “Settle the debt with me? To have the guts to say such a bold statement despite being a mere half-step Dao Manifestation realm warrior, aren’t you afraid that you might end up cutting your tongue… ” Just as You Feihua was halfway done with his mocking tirade of Yi Yun, his words were left stuck in his throat. He could clearly sense that Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi fluctuations were intense, like he was not exhausted at all.


    You Feihua was alarmed. He clearly saw Yi Yun fly out from the depths of the gray fog. How could he not have expended any Yuan Qi in such a situation?

    Was it that tiny pagoda that had protected him?

    “That punk!” You Feihua clenched his teeth. He immediately recalled how Yi Yun had survived a Supremacy’s strike. He had originally believed that it was a particular talisman or a set of enchanted armor, but from the looks of it, it was likely the pagoda that allowed Yi Yun to survive the Supremacy’s blow.

    What sort of pagoda was it? How powerful was its defensive strength?

    You Feihua was well aware of the value that abode-type treasures had. Those treasures were something that even his father, Daoist You Ming lacked one, let alone himself!

    “Yi Yun, you are truly dumb enough to carry such a treasure on you. To flaunt it so flagrantly and use it to hide a woman, how are you to going to hold on to it with your cultivation level? What a joke!”

    A cold beam flashed in You Feihua’s eyes. Not only was he thinking of killing Yi Yun to snatch the God Advent Tower, he was also considering if he should silence his two juniors after the matter was settled.

    Yi Yun shot a cold stare at You Feihua. This was the first time that Yi Yun was encountering a warrior with a high-floor Dao Palace realm.

    Yi Yun was definitely no match for a high-floor Dao Palace realm warrior if his opponent was in his prime. In terms of age, You Feihua was already about eight hundred years old, about ten times older than Yi Yun! No amount of talent could bridge the gap of such a long period of cultivation.

    Yi Yun’s aura gradually rose as he suddenly attacked!

    He did not wait for You Feihua to attack, and instead, he shot out like an arrow. With a sword in his hand, he thrust it straight at You Feihua’s face.

    Yi Yun was acutely aware that the present You Feihua was in an absolutely weakened state. He obviously would not allow You Feihua to get time to recuperate.


    A Golden Crow shrieked as it soared into the sky. Yi Yun’s strike was so fast that one could not react in time. You Feihua had never expected that Yi Yun did not have any thoughts of escaping while facing him. Instead, Yi Yun had taken the initiative to attack him!

    “You are courting death!” You Feihua roared as he joined his hands together. A guqin appeared in front of him.

    He plucked the guqin violently and as it’s strings vibrated, sound waves blasted out like the wails of ghosts and the howls of wolves as they headed straight for Yi Yun’s sword beam.

    Although You Feihua’s aura had been greatly weakened, his cultivation level was still a force to be reckoned with. He was not someone that could be so easily dealt with. You Feihua was absolutely confident that he could kill Yi Yun without the need to sacrifice his essential lifeblood.


    The sword beam shattered as the sonic wave exploded. However, Yi Yun did not retreat, instead, he converged his body and rushed straight at You Feihua. He threw the sword in his hand and with a flip of his hand, he pulled out the pure Yang broken sword.

    The previous strike was only a feint. Yi Yun’s second strike was the true deathblow!

    “Withering·Sword of Time!”

    A sword beam slashed out as it flowed like the rivers of time. The strike did not possess any destructive strength, but the powers of time that accompanied it rushed straight into You Feihua’s body.


    At that instant, You Feihua felt a force that stemmed from the power of time. It was devouring his life force and Yi Yun’s strike was robbing him of his vitality!

    “You are courting death!”

    You Feihua was enraged as he forcefully gathered all of his energy. A piercing sound from the guqin in his hand echoed, producing sound waves that transformed into black gruesome faces of wraiths. The ghastly faces opened their mouths and tried to use their sharp teeth to bite Yi Yun!

    Sound of Divine Annihilation!

    Yi Yun’s previous strike had injured You Feihua. He had pushed his offensive strength to its limits, leaving very limited defensive strength. It would be very difficult for him to defend against You Feihua’s Sound of Divine Annihilation!

    And just as the ghastly faces were about to tear Yi Yun apart, a green band flew over. It expanded like a green ocean that wrapped the black ghastly faces.


    With a loud explosion, the black ghastly faces exploded. Yue Yingsha’s face turned pale as she retreated several steps back and stood beside Yi Yun. It was Yue Yingsha who had blocked the Sound of Divine Annihilation for Yi Yun.

    “Kill him!” Yue Yingsha shouted. She definitely would not allow the effeminate man dressed in red to leave the place alive!

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