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Chapter 1006: Pursuit

    Chapter 1006: Pursuit

    That woman?

    You Feihua looked at Yue Yingsha in surprise. From his point of view, Yue Yingsha was only a warrior who was at the beginning stages of the Dao Manifestation realm. Although her cultivation level was higher than Yi Yun’s, her strength was unlikely to be Yi Yun’s match. You Feihua did not think much of her, but he was surprised that a single strike of hers was enough to obliterate his Sound of Divine Annihilation!

    Although You Feihua had less than 10% of his strength left, the Sound of Divine Annihilation that he produced was not something that a warrior at the beginning stages of Dao Manifestation could obliterate. What background did this woman have?

    “Hold that woman back, I’ll deal with Yi Yun!” said You Feihua to his two juniors.

    “Erh… Senior Brother You… ”

    The two Fey Phantasm Sect disciples were somewhat dumbfounded. They were in a worse situation than You Feihua and having experienced the baptism of the Apocalyptic Fumes, it was already a miracle that they were still alive. How was it possible for them to continue engaging in combat? They originally believed that Yi Yun’s cultivation level was very low and that he would be easily killed by them even in their dire states. Now, seeing how You Feihua could not gain the upper hand against the combined forces of Yi Yun and the green-dressed woman, they knew that it was impossible for them to stand a chance.

    Just as they were hesitating, Yue Yingsha suddenly attacked!

    In between Yue Yingsha’s eyebrows, a red lotus imprint surfaced. The lotus imprint was constantly expanding in size before it evolved into a resplendent red lotus.

    At the moment that the red lotus appeared, it was like it was the only thing in the world that made it inclusive of everything. Behind Yue Yingsha, Yi Yun’s heart palpitated when he saw the red lotus appear. That lotus…

    As the red lotus spun in the void, the scene gave Yi Yun a shock. He had previously seen a similar scene…

    “Yi Yun, let us combine forces and take advantage of your enemy’s weakest moment. Once he recovers, we will not be his match at all!” said Yue Yingsha in a hurried tone. Yi Yun had no time to ponder about the lotus. Taking advantage of his enemy’s perilous situation was Yi Yun’s best chance at killing You Feihua.

    Yi Yun circulated the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ to its limits before he slashed out with the pure Yang broken sword!

    Three-foot Passage Sword!

    Sword beams inundated You Feihua like roaring floods that resembled the river of time!

    Mid-air, the sword beam and Yue Yingsha’s red lotus interweaved in an indomitable fashion!

    You Feihua’s expression finally changed. With many of his meridians being damaged, how could he withstand that strike?

    “The three of us should attack together!” You Feihua said to his two juniors standing beside him. A cold beam suffused in his eyes. In the present situation, if he continued embroiling himself with Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha, he was bound to damage his vital essence. It might even affect his future attainments. He obviously could not accept such an outcome.

    By sending his two juniors forward, they could act as his shield. They would withstand Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha’s frontal attack, while he could grab an opportunity to launch a sneak attack. That was the best strategy. As for the outcome of his two juniors, it was obviously not something that You Feihua would care about. Their deaths were none of his concern.

    “Alright.” The two Fey Phantasm Sect disciples agreed. They invoked the vestiges of their Yuan Qi, causing phantom shadows to appear. And just as they were about to encounter Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha’s attacks, they suddenly changed directions. They spontaneously retreated towards their respective sides!

    In a blink of an eye, only You Feihua was left out of the trio!


    You Feihua was incensed.

    “Senior Brother You, hold them back first. We’ll get Senior Sister Yao Chuo for reinforcements!”

    The two Fey Phantasm Sect disciples retreated at an extremely fast speed. And at that moment, You Feihua could no longer afford the time to deal with them. The sword beam and red lotus were already right in front of him.

    “Scram, all of it!”

    The enraged You Feihua threw the guqin in his hands. The seven cords of the guqin began to vibrate of their own accord as demonic sounds blasted in a way that palpitated the heart.


    The guqin exploded as one of the cords snapped. The red lotus spun and tore through the sound blast, while Yi Yun’s sword beam hurled straight through, aiming directly at You Feihua’s chest!


    Blood splattered at the instant that demarcated life and death. You Feihua had forcefully twisted his body, allowing him to dodge Yi Yun’s fatal strike. However, You Feihua still found that a large amount of his vitality had been drawn away by Yi Yun’s strike!

    You Feihua was burning with anger. His Yuan Qi was already drained, so there was no way that he could withstand the strange time laws.

    “Both of you will be punished with death for extinguishing my vitality!”

    You Feihua bit the tip of his tongue and forcefully used the power of his essential lifeblood. With his Yuan Qi being drained, the only thing that he could use was his essential lifeblood to give him strength.


    You Feihua smacked out with a palm. His white and slender palm had suddenly turned pitch black. His fingernails had devolved into ghastly claws and were accompanied by countless phantom shadows that wailed in a manner that blotted out the sky and the land.

    “It’s enough to kill the both of you with a strike powered by my essential lifeblood!”


    Yue Yingsha’s expression changed. She was in front of Yi Yun and the power of the strike made her heart palpitate. She knew that You Feihua was putting up a desperate front. As the saying goes, a centipede would continue wriggling even when it’s dead. You Feihua was a high-floor Dao Palace realm warrior after all. Even at his weakest moment, he was definitely not someone that they could easily match.


    Yue Yingsha flicked her right hand, shooting a green band straight at the ghastly claws. As the red lotus spun, it clashed with the ghastly claws!


    With an explosion, the red lotus was torn apart by the ghastly claws!

    The ghastly claws proceeded unopposed, hurtling straight at Yue Yingsha and Yi Yun!

    What a powerful strike! Yue Yingsha was shocked. She was the only one who knew how powerful the red lotus band that she had attacked with was. The Red Lotus Mystic Technique came from the Azure Wood Great World’s primordial ruins. The ruins had existed from a time long forgotten, even before the Azure Wood Manor was established. It was also the reason for the flourishing of the Azure Wood Manor.

    Although Yue Yingsha had only learned a smattering of the Red Lotus Mystic Technique, it was already extremely formidable.

    But now, she was still unable to withstand You Feihua’s attack due to the limitations of her cultivation level.

    At that split instant, Yi Yun moved in front of Yue Yingsha. He put his pure Yang broken sword away and struck out with his palm!

    Powerful Yuan Qi gathered in Yi Yun’s palm. Countless nomological fragments gathered together, forming a black wheel.

    “Buzz—— ”

    The wheel spun as it met You Feihua’s ghastly claw!

    10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!


    With a loud explosion, the black ghastly claw was reduced to shreds by the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. It exploded into a blob, and an aura of destruction emanated from it. The destructive aura constantly expanded, eventually forming a black storm.

    It was dissipated!?

    You Feihua was alarmed. The strike that he had dealt at all costs was already 20-30% of his strength when he was at his optimal state. Had it been blocked?

    You Feihua found it unbelievable. But at that moment, he no longer had the luxury of time to think about it. He saw Yi Yun rushing at him with the pure Yang broken sword back in his hand.


    You Feihua no longer had any intention of continuing the battle — a wise man did not fight when the odds were against him. He was unable to enter a battle of attrition with Yi Yun, and if he used the power of his essential lifeblood, it would result in irreparable damage to his body.

    “Yi Yun, I’ll definitely dice you into pieces when I recover!” You Feihua transformed into a black beam of light and fled into the distance.

    A cold beam flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes as he locked his mental energy onto You Feihua. He pursued You Feihua for it would lead to endless trouble if You Feihua were to flee successfully!

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