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Chapter 1009: Marquis Wu Yun, Danger

    Chapter 1009: Marquis Wu Yun, Danger

    The group of people numbered about twenty. They were dressed in different attires and were of all ages. It was apparent that they belonged to different factions.

    Some of the most striking ones amongst them were a lady with black fingernails and a middle-aged man that looked like a Daoist, as well as a purple-robed man whose face was covered in scales.

    The scaled-faced purple-robed man caught Yi Yun’s attention the most. He was not greatly injured and it was hard to tell if he had experienced the Apocalyptic Fumes. If he had been embroiled in the Apocalyptic Fumes, even if it were just the periphery, it was enough to indicate how formidable he was. Few people could survive the Apocalyptic Fumes relatively unscathed.

    But compared to these people, there were another two people who caught Yi Yun’s attention. They were a fat and thin duo that Yi Yun noticed with a cursory glance.

    Shi Fei! Shi Ping!

    “Peng Peng Peng!”

    The group of twenty people landed one after another. Shi Fei and Shi Ping had also seen Yi Yun.

    As the saying goes, enemies see red at the moment they meet. Their Dao Domains were destroyed back when they competed with Yi Yun to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. Their martial paths had been almost severed by Yi Yun. The first thing that they did when they saw Yi Yun was to circulate their energy, producing intense killing intent.

    “How true it is that enemies often cross each other’s paths!”

    When Shi Fei and Shi Ping saw Yi Yun, they revealed a hideous smile. After their martial paths had been severed, the statuses that they enjoyed in the Immortal Rain Sect had plummeted. They had no choice but to receive the patronage of a powerful figure in the Immortal Rain Sect, to the point of them being almost no different to slaves. Only then, did they manage to survive in the Immortal Rain Sect.

    They embarked on the expedition to the Azure Wood Great World with the intentions to go for broke while risking their lives. If they were able to find a heaven-defying treasure in the Azure Wood Great World, there was a tiny bit of possibility that they could reverse their fates, allowing them to continue down their martial paths.

    But they had never expected to encounter Yi Yun here. To them, Yi Yun was a thorn in their side, a sty in their eyes. They yearned to skin him alive.

    “So it’s the two of you. To think that the two of you would come to the Azure Wood Great World. Is there any meaning for your trip here, considering that your Dao have already been destroyed?”

    As Yi Yun spoke, he circulated the energy in his Dantian, which had the three sword Qi that Felicitous Rain Lord had bestowed to him. That was the last thing he could rely on.

    But even with the sword Qi, Yi Yun did not have absolute confidence when facing a true expert.

    “You’re courting death!”

    The eyes of Shi Fei and Shi Ping suffused a deep sense of vicious hatred. Although they yearned to immediately kill Yi Yun, they lacked the confidence to do so due to the severe injuries that they had suffered from before, in addition to the apprehension they felt towards Yi Yun.

    At that moment, Shi Fei and Shi Ping suddenly turned around and bowed to a person in the group. “Lord Marquis Wu Yun, the two of us implore Lord Marquis Wu Yun to kill that person for the two of us! The two of us will swear on the heavens that we will be dedicated to the Lord, never to balk at any sacrifice, even at the costs of our lives.”

    Bows amongst warriors had various forms — simple cupping of hands, a junior’s bow, a bow between master and disciple, as well as the genuflection that was typically seen between master and slave. And now, Shi Fei and Shi Ping’s act of deference was the latter.

    This surprised Yi Yun slightly. For Shi Ping and Shi Fei to be sent by the Immortal Rain Sect to participate in Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment, it proved that they enjoyed a particular status in the Immortal Rain Sect. Even if it had plummeted as a result of their Dao Domains being destroyed, they should still have a certain amount of remnant pride. But now, they had submitted to someone else. It made it apparent that Marquis Wu Yun was no trifling figure in the Immortal Rain Sect.

    “Are you Yi Yun?”

    Marquis Wu Yun, who Shi Ping and Shi Fei begged, was the man in the purple robes.

    He was burly and his cheeks were covered with a layer of scales. Even in the overcast world, the layer of scales still shimmered with a resplendent luster.

    He could not be considered handsome, but he exuded a special charm that made him unforgettable to anyone who saw him.

    “Was it you who previously crippled Shi Ping and Shi Fei?”

    Marquis Wu Yun’s words suffused an oppressive pressure. It stemmed from his terrifying strength, a cultivation level that Yi Yun could not discern at all!

    He was from the Immortal Rain Sect, where he enjoyed a supernatural existence. That meant that he had immense talent, or at least it exceeded Shi Fei and Shi Ping’s. In addition to his cultivation level that exceeded Yi Yun by two large realms, he was absolutely someone that Yi Yun could not deal with!

    “That’s right!” Yi Yun focused intently. Even though he had Felicitous Rain Lord’s sword Qi, he did not have much confidence. After all, he could only produce a tiny portion of the might of Felicitous Rain Lord’s sword Qi. He was unsure how useful it would be against such a mighty figure.

    Marquis Wu Yun took a few steps towards Yi Yun. Although he was looking at Yi Yun, it was like everything was beneath his notice. He completely disparaged Yi Yun.

    “Yi Yun… ”

    Yue Yingsha, who was beside Yi Yun, was feeling extremely nervous. She had never expected that they would encounter danger at the moment that they entered the Door to the 33 Skies. She was too weak, so she would not amount to anything against the group of people. And Yi Yun’s trump card, the God Advent Tower had previously been drained of its energy.

    “Shi Ping and Shi Fei are now under my patronage. In the future, they will be my servants, but I would still like to give them an answer. As Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, I will spare you from death, but I will not let you off either. Back when you participated in Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment, you had made Shi Ping and Shi Fei choose between kneeling down or slapping themselves in the face. Today, I’ll let you experience that choice. Either you kneel down to beg for their forgiveness or you slap yourself in the face a hundred times. Make your choice!”

    Although Marquis Wu Yun spoke in a nonchalant manner, his tone was not something to be riposted. Absolute strength made him believe that he was free to determine Yi Yun’s fate.

    The mood changed dramatically as the air turned tense with a murderous hint to it.

    Everyone was looking at Yi Yun, with many of them having gloating looks. Since they were in a group, a lot of them were from the Immortal Rain Sect. As Immortal Rain Sect disciples, they were displeased with Felicitous Rain Lord, who had betrayed their sect. With Yi Yun being Felicitous Rain Lord’s personal disciple, they were also jealous of him because of the possibility of him eventually inheriting Felicitous Rain Lord’s ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’. They yearned for Yi Yun’s death.

    Marquis Wu Yun did not choose to kill Yi Yun immediately because of the people present. It was difficult to keep the murder of Yi Yun a secret. This made him somewhat hesitant, but it was also impossible for him to spare Yi Yun.

    “Lord, just kneeling or slapping himself in the face? That’s too little!”

    Shi Ping and Shi Fei turned anxious. They had their future martial paths destroyed, so there was no way that they could ease the hatred that they had for Yi Yun unless they tortured him to death.

    “Shut up!” Marquis Wu Yun frowned. This made Shi Ping and Shi Fei immediately feel apprehensive. They did not dare speak to another word. Now, they were only servants, and similarly, Marquis Wu Yun did not think much of them either.

    “Lord, Yi Yun has many treasures on him. Rumor has it that one of the treasures is close to the Divine Lord level,” said Shi Fei through gritted teeth after a moment of silence. He did not say it with a voice transmission, but right in front of the twenty people.

    Immediately, everyone looked at Yi Yun with an odd glint in their eyes.

    A treasure close to the Divine Lord level!?

    In fact, Shi Fei did not know what level Yi Yun’s treasures were at. However, he had deliberately said it in such a manner. It was simple but also very vicious. By mentioning Yi Yun’s treasure, the twenty people would target Yi Yun like a pack of wolves catching sight of a sheep. It was obvious what the sheep’s outcome would be.

    He did not believe that Yi Yun would survive the group’s attacks when greed leered its head.

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