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Chapter 1011: The Might of the Sword Qi

    Chapter 1011: The Might of the Sword Qi

    “Marquis Wu Yun, was it? Do you really think that you are the overlord of this abyss? Do you think you can rule over my fate?”

    As he spoke, Yi Yun slowly flew up. With a warning voice transmission, Yue Yingsha had also begun flying. However, she was completely unaware of what Yi Yun was up to.

    “Little bastard, how dare you posture when death is already knocking on your door. Obediently kowtow to me a hundred times and then smack your face senseless. Offer the treasure to my Lord, and I might let you keep your corpse whole, while you have a quick and painless death!” Shi Fei cursed. He intended to provoke Yi Yun in the hopes of seeing Yi Yun attack out of anger before being killed by a group of mighty warriors. Just thinking of the outcome gave him pleasure.

    “You? You are just a buffoon in my eyes. You don’t look like you can live for more than a few more seconds. It’s best that you cut the crap, savor the last few breaths that you have and enjoy the rest of your remaining life.”

    When Yi Yun said that, he had rapidly distanced himself from the ground. His prediction of Shi Fei’s death stemmed from the fact that the first rainbow-colored point of light that was about to emerge was drilling towards Shi Fei.

    The points of light were an unknown entity that had been slumbering for millions of years. Yi Yun had suspected that the formation of White Bone Ridge was a result of these points of light.

    “Fuck!” Shi Fei was enraged by Yi Yun’s constant arrogance despite being at death’s door. “Lord, please kill that little bastard. He’s trying to escape!”

    At that moment, Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha were already a hundred feet above the ground. Shi Fei was afraid that they would escape.

    However, Marquis Wu Yun crossed his arms and watched Yi Yun’s performance with a belittling gaze. He did not care about the mere hundred feet. To warriors at his level, a hundred feet was no different from inches in front of them. He could maim Yi Yun with a simple thought.

    “You still can’t hold your tongue despite being at the ends of the precipice? Are those your last words? How disappointing. It looks like Felicitous Rain Lord is only this and nothing more. The personal disciple that he took in is nothing more than a retard.”

    Just as Marquis Wu Yun finished his words, Shi Fei suddenly felt his leg go limp. He felt an itching pain in his sole, as though he had been bitten by a tiny flying insect.

    Shi Fei subconsciously looked down as the itching pain became more apparent. He smacked his foot with his hand, but the scene that followed made Shi Fei’s soul nearly leap out of his body.

    When he smacked his sole, a large piece of bloody flesh fell off. His blood had turned black as though the flesh on his foot had been rotting for centuries. The flesh simply disintegrated in large swaths!

    “Ah!” Shi Fei yelled in horror!

    “My foot! My foot!”

    Shi Fei was horrified. His face turned as pale as vellum while he watched his flesh peel off. Soon, his bone could be seen and his foot was about to drop off.

    The decaying surface was rapidly expanding as it spread towards Shi Fei’s thighs.

    At that moment, the others who were beside Shi Fei began panicking. Even the composed Marquis Wu Yun had a change in expression. He quickly opened up a distance from Shi Fei as he conjured an energy barrier!

    “What is that!?”

    Marquis Wu Yun was a powerful person after all. Even though Yi Yun found it hard to detect the dots of light, unless he resorted to using the energy vision, Marquis Wu Yun had already discovered it.

    “Cha! Cha! Cha!”

    Sword beams flew out of Marquis Wu Yun’s body, repelling the points of light.

    And at that moment, Yi Yun had managed to discern what the points of light were. They were not points of light but insect eggs!

    The slumbering eggs emerged out of the ground and one of them had come into contact with Shi Fei’s sole. These eggs would drill into the flesh that it encountered, rapidly absorbing all of the vitality in the warrior’s flesh, decaying the flesh and blood so as to rapidly enter gestation.

    The egg in Shi Fei’s body had already gestated into a larva that was about as thick as a finger!

    “Let’s go!”

    As Yi Yun urged, he pulled Yue Yingsha’s arm and fell back in retreat!

    He had deliberately said those arrogant words and flew to a height at over a hundred feet while maintaining his countenance. Although a hundred feet was indeed nothing to experts, to the eggs lurking beneath the ground, it was enough to make them prioritize their attacks on the twenty people that remained on the ground.

    “You want to leave? Dream on!” Marquis Wu Yun thundered. His figure flashed and he charged at Yi Yun using an unimaginable speed!

    With a sword in hand, he slashed out and produced a torrential storm!

    Against a Marquis of the Immortal Rain Sect, Yi Yun did not bear any hopes of withstanding his strike. He stirred his Dantian with his Yuan Qi.


    An azure sword Qi flew out of Yi Yun’s body!

    At the moment, that the sword Qi appeared, it formed a gigantic sword in the sky. The sword seemed to sever the heaven and earth, as though it was the only existence in the world!

    “This is!?”

    Marquis Wu Yun was alarmed. It was absolutely impossible that it was a sword Qi that Yi Yun had produced himself. From the laws contained within the sword Qi, it was part of what the Immortal Rain Sect trained in, but it was also a hundred times better than his attainments.

    Damn it!

    Marquis Wu Yun retreated rapidly!


    The sword beam that Marquis Wu Yun produced was torn to bits. The forces were on a completely different level!

    The sword Qi headed straight for Marquis Wu Yun’s glabella, and at the same time, six or seven rainbow-colored eggs shot straight at Marquis Wu Yun’s back!

    It was apparent that the eggs had a certain degree of intelligence. They determined that Marquis Wu Yun was at his weakest, so if they were able to devour a warrior at his level, they would be able to gestate and mature at a greater rate.

    “Damn it!”

    Marquis Wu Yun bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. He immediately ignited a talisman in his hand!

    In his expedition to the Azure Wood Great World, Marquis Wu Yun had his trump cards as well. The talisman rapidly burned and formed a powerful barrier around him. It barely managed to withstand Felicitous Rain Lord’s remnant sword Qi, and at the same time, it repelled the eggs behind him.


    The sword Qi exploded. But due to the powerful blast, blood seeped out of the corners of Marquis Wu Yun’s mouth.

    And at that moment, Yi Yun, with Yue Yingsha in hand, had used the repulsive forces of the explosion to aid his movement technique, accelerating him to his maximum velocity!

    Just Felicitous Rain Lord’s sword Qi was not enough to extricate Yi Yun from the situation. But in conjunction with the unknown eggs, the twenty people were too embroiled in chaos to be able to pursue Yi Yun.

    After Shi Fei, an egg entered Shi Ping’s body as well.

    The egg had drilled directly into his chest. Large parts of his torso disintegrated, revealing his sternum.

    His heart was putrefied, revealing a bloody cavity. As large amounts of blood spewed out, Shi Ping’s face was filled with despair and horror. He grasped his chest, but he no longer had control of his body. Slowly, he fell to the ground.

    In just a few seconds, he had passed away.

    And at that moment, Shi Fei, who had an egg enter his body first, was still barely alive merely because it started from his foot. He looked furiously and indignantly at Yi Yun’s back that was disappearing into the horizon. His fury overwhelmed him like it would explode his organs.

    Shi Fei let out one last cry of hatred.

    Blood vessels filled Shi Fei’s eyes as though they were cracking. Only then did he realize why Yi Yun had floated mid-air and made the declaration that he only had a few seconds of his life left. Yi Yun had probably anticipated all of this.

    Why? Why was Yi Yun able to know of the sudden appearance of the terrifying demonic worms?

    Shi Fei felt more and more worms boring through his flesh and blood. His body was riddled with holes and the feelings of despair and the excruciating pain of his death was enough to send him into a depraved madness.

    Finally, Shi Ping and Shi Fei had their flesh and blood disintegrate completely. All that was left was a pile of white bones.

    The remains of warriors would usually have a luster resembling jade due to the prolonged energy tempering. However, after being drained by the demonic worms, even the luster was gone. When the energy blasts in the sky surged over, their bodies crumbled to dust with an audible crack! They mixed in with the thick bone ash on the surface of the ground.

    None of this had anything to do with Yi Yun anymore. He had flown about fifty kilometers, but what shocked him was that all he saw was still that layer of bone ash despite traveling such a great distance.

    It was hard to imagine how many corpses were needed to accumulate the mass that made White Bone Ridge what it was!

    “Yi Yun, you… could see those eggs?” Yue Yingsha asked Yi Yun in shock. Although she knew about White Bone Ridge in the records of her sect, she did not know how it was formed. She only knew about it today.

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