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Chapter 1013: Key of the Nine Lotus

    Chapter 1013: Key of the Nine Lotus

    “Granny, these people…”

    Yue Yingsha originally did not have a strong aversion towards the people who betrayed the Azure Wood Manor. After all, people had their ambitions and goals and there was no cause for blame if they chose to leave when the Azure Wood Great World was facing destruction.

    However, their departure did not mean much. What mattered was that when the Azure Wood Manor splintered, blood had been spilled during the civil war. There was only one reason — the vying for valuable treasures.

    Although the Azure Wood Manor had declined, as a top-ranked sect, it had many treasures that had been passed down through the generations. These treasures were tremendously helpful to warriors with low cultivation levels, and because of them, the Azure Wood Manor disciples began infighting. It eventually led to bloody massacres, adding one disaster after another to the Azure Wood Manor, which was already facing collapse.

    Finally, the group that left the Azure Wood Manor emerged victorious. After the cessation of the war, both sides came to an agreement. The departing group left with more than 80% of the treasures, and what was left to the Azure Wood Great World disciples were the ancient ruins, the divine tree, and a large number of heritage and canon books.

    Although the ancient ruins and divine tree were the most precious items of the Azure Wood Manor, the succeeding generations of the Azure Wood Manor, including Yue Yingsha, were unable to manifest their powers to their full extent.

    Due to a large number of Azure Wood Manor disciples dying during the civil war, the loss of treasures and resources accelerated the Azure Wood Manor’s decline. In the following years, many Azure Wood Manor disciples would die due to the dangers that the Azure Wood Great World was filled with before they managed to mature to their full potential. The number of Azure Wood Great World disciples dwindled and now, it was at its nadir.

    In view of such a history, Yue Yingsha and Granny Yin were not fond of the Azure Wood Manor traitors in any way. However, Yue Yingsha never expected that Granny Yin would be part of the group of people.

    “Granny, why did you bring these people to the Door to the 33 Skies?” asked Yue Yingsha.

    “The Door to the 33 Skies belongs to the Azure Wood Manor. We are the descendants of the Azure Wood Manor, so why can’t we be here?”

    Behind Granny Yin was a burly man with golden hair covering his face. The man carried a battle hammer, and the hair on his body resembled a feral beast’s fur. It clearly had to do with his Fey race bloodline, but it made him look like a golden-maned lion.

    Yue Yingsha said coldly, “To think you have the nerve to claim that you are part of the Azure Wood Manor. Back then, if not for all of you, the Azure Wood Manor would not have declined so quickly. In order to rob the sect of its treasures, countless sect disciples were slaughtered as a result. Granny Yin!”

    Yue Yingsha looked at Granny Yin. She found it hard to comprehend the reason why Granny Yin, who similarly hated the traitors, would join those people.

    Granny Yin sighed and said, “Yingsha, the Seven Royalty Skirmish that marked the betrayal of the Azure Wood Manor happened several million years ago. Most of them have already passed away. The people in front of you aren’t the ones who originally betrayed the Azure Wood Manor. They are only their descendants…”

    “I hate those traitors, but at the very least, their descendants are still wearing the outfits of the Azure Wood Manor from the past. They are part of our Azure Wood Manor.”

    “Even though they can be faulted for all sorts of mistakes and they were not right in any way, they are still one of us. Now that the Azure Wood Great World is collapsing and the Door to the 33 Skies has opened, the final ruins and heritage of the Azure Wood Manor can no longer be conserved. The Azure Wood Great World has been invaded by outsiders, and it’s unable to put up any resistance. Compared to giving everything to the intruders, we might as well let the descendants of our Azure Wood Manor from back then inherit it. They have already sworn an oath and they are willing to revitalize our Azure Wood Manor.”

    “I hold no hopes of the Azure Wood Manor being restored to its prime, but I’ll be contented as long as it continues on.”

    The vicissitudes of life could be experienced from Granny Yin’s voice. It made Yue Yingsha’s heart wince but immediately, her expression turned cold when she noticed the nefarious intentions displayed on the faces of the group of people standing behind Granny Yin.

    “Granny, these people are up to no good. So what if they have sworn an oath? Isn’t it all for themselves? How can it be for the Azure Wood Manor? Their ancestors had once betrayed the Azure Wood Manor, so how much sense of belonging would they have towards the Azure Wood Manor?”

    “Yue Yingsha, what do you mean by that? Do not think that you can casually slander us because you are the orthodox Azure Wood Manor’s successor. Our ancestors were constantly thinking of the Azure Wood Manor even after they left. If not, our sect’s outfits would not be identical to the outfits of the Azure Wood Manor from the past.”

    Another young man stood forward. He was fair-skinned and handsome, but his temperament was odd with an exaggerated hairdo. In addition to a few rainbow feathers behind his ears that were a symbol of his Fey race bloodline, it made him look more like a rooster.

    “You must be a descendant of the Seven Plume King, right? Back then, the Seven Plume King was the most cunning and greedy one of them all!” Yue Yingsha coldly snorted. “I know where you want to go, but I will not bring you there. Without me, none of you can enter it either.”

    “Oh?” Upon hearing Yue Yingsha’s words, the rooster-like youth turned furious. However, regarding his ancestor, he was a loss on how to retort. He could only grit his teeth and say, “You aren’t bringing me there, but you are planning on bringing an intruder there? Who are you? As an intruder, why are you following my Azure Wood Manor’s Successor? What sort of scheme are you up to!?”

    The second half of Rooster’s sentence was directed at Yi Yun. He suddenly felt great animosity towards Yi Yun. For Yi Yun to be alone with Yue Yingsha, there relationship did not appear to be simple. And Yue Yingsha herself was crucial for their expedition to the Door to the 33 Skies!

    Under such circumstances, the first thought on Rooster’s mind was to eliminate Yi Yun.

    How could an intruder infiltrate their Azure Wood Manor?

    At that moment, Granny Yin said, “Young lad, I do not know how you gained the Successor’s trust, but regardless of anything, this matter is not one that you should meddle in. Please leave.”

    Granny Yin tried her best to speak politely. As she spoke, she had silently stood in front of Yue Yingsha, separating Yue Yingsha from Yi Yun.

    From Granny Yin’s point of view, Yue Yingsha was young and naive. It was highly likely for her to be fooled by others because it was hard to determine the true thoughts of warriors in a martial world. Furthermore, Yi Yun was also an intruder. She had an innate sense of mistrust towards him.

    The exchange between the members of the Azure Wood Manor made Yi Yun frown. These people truly thought highly of themselves.

    At that moment, Yue Yingsha took a step towards Yi Yun. To her, she was choosing between descendants of people who had betrayed the Azure Wood Manor and Yi Yun who had saved her life twice. It was obvious where her leanings were.

    Yue Yingsha said, “All of you are mistaken on one point. It isn’t true that he wants to follow me, but it was suggested by me for him and me to enter the deepest regions of the Door to the 33 Skies. I am acutely aware why you want to squeeze him out of this, but unfortunately, I will not abide by your wishes. The Key of the Nine Lotus is already part of me. No one can take it away if I am unwilling to do so.”

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