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Chapter 1018: Endless Succession of the Dead

    Chapter 1018: Endless Succession of the Dead

    “Elder Dagu, what’s going on?”

    Having watched the burly youth die tragically, many of the Azure Wood Manor separatists turned fearful. If they had been the ones probing the way forward, they would have ended with the same outcome. It was an outcome that truly left them without any remains.

    The purple-robed elder’s face twitched as the expression on his face turned grim. He gritted his teeth and said, “The Heaven and Earth array of the Blood Desert is profound, so having an occasional mistake in the path I figured out can hardly be avoided.”

    Hardly be avoided?

    He had said the words ‘hardly be avoided’ so frivolously, but to the scout, it would mean the outcome of turning into a pool of blood before vaporizing.

    “What about that punk named Yi Yun? Why was he able to predict the fatal outcome from that one step?” Rooster asked. Yi Yun’s words from before had left him with a lingering fear.

    “Hmph! It was only sheer luck. How can a junior with such a low cultivation be able to see through the Heaven and Earth forces that imbue the Blood Desert? He was only making irresponsible remarks. Who doesn’t know how to declare command over life and death? All he had was good luck that stumbled upon the truth with a sentence of his!” said the purple-robed elder disdainfully. There were people in the group that thought so too. In the previous war of words, it was normal for Yi Yun to hurl maledictions at them. It was only a coincidence that he had hit the nail on the head.

    “Then what about probing the path?” A young man asked.

    Everyone exchanged looks. Who would dare to be the first on this path that had mistakes that could ‘hardly be avoided’?

    Furthermore, the strangest part of the Blood Desert was that these areas that spelled certain doom did not seem strange in any way before the warriors stepped onto them. Be it through their vision or perception, they appeared normal in every way possible. However, as long as someone took a step, their bodies would melt. It felt like there was a particular law that was inducing the forces within the warrior’s body that resulted in them spontaneously combusting before melting away.

    The purple-robed elder grunted and said, “It’s just the Blood Desert and the distance of a thousand paces. Even if there are risks, it would also be limited. All of you want to reach the pinnacle of martial arts, but you are reeling back in fear because of a bit of danger? From now onwards, all of you are to take turns to scout in front. Everyone will take ten steps before switching to another person. Your lives will be determined by the Heavens!”

    The purple-robed elder issued the command. As the person in charge of studying the array to envisage a path, he naturally did not need to go up front.

    There were a few Elders from the Azure Wood Manor separatists who did not plan on taking the lead either.

    This was a privilege that their strength entailed. The juniors had no right to raise any objections.

    A youth was chosen as he walked in front while trembling with fear. He was thin and frail-looking, as though he could not even withstand the blowing of the wind.

    It was as if the purple-robed elder’s envisaging had once again turned effective. After taking ten steps with bated breath, the junior managed to return unscathed.

    Immediately following that, the next person was the lion-furred youth that had exchanged mockeries with Yi Yun.

    The lion-furred youth lacked faith, but all he could do was grit his teeth and walk ahead. Every two or three steps, he would not forget to look back at Yi Yun.

    Perhaps it was because he was too afraid of stepping into a forbidden zone because the lion-furred youth was grasping at every piece of information from his surroundings. It was as if he was trying to obtain clues from reading Yi Yun’s every expression. Even though he was certain that Yi Yun’s prophecy from before was a coincidence, he could not stop his wandering eyes.

    This complicated and dilemmatic state of mind was something even the lion-furred youth could not explain himself.

    When the lion-furred youth finished his ninth step with great difficulty, he subconsciously turned his head to glance at Yi Yun. This time, Yi Yun did not remain silent. He casually stretched his shoulders and said, “The courage of you people sending yourselves to your deaths in endless succession is truly admirable.”


    When the lion-furred youth heard that sentence, he felt all his fur stand. He was already overwhelmed with anxiety, yet Yi Yun was mocking him from the back. If not for him being in the Blood Desert, he truly wanted to head back and dice Yi Yun up.

    “What’s the meaning of that?” The lion-furred youth said savagely.

    “Nothing. I’m just expressing my personal opinion.” Yi Yun shrugged and did not speak another word. The Azure Wood Manor separatists intentions of him leading the way were equivalent to dooming him. Yi Yun obviously would not save people who wanted him dead.

    “Hmph! Punk, don’t smirk too soon. In a while, I’ll watch you attempt to leave the Blood Desert. When you are walking alone, I’ll want to see you vaporize after you are left gutless!”

    As the lion-furred youth said that, he raised his foot hesitantly. However, he eventually gritted his teeth and landed his foot. It was the final step after all.

    But that step…


    A nearly inaudible sound that resembled an invisible flame bursting out of the void was heard. The lion-furred youth felt an excruciating pain from his calf before he saw the flesh on his calf rapidly melting. Blood and bodily fluids were spewing out!

    The melting surface was quickly spreading as it headed for his thigh!


    The lion-furred youth’s eyes were blood-red as if they were cracking. With a loud bellow, all his muscles rippled with tremendous energy bursting out from his body!


    A golden beam of light flashed. The lion-furred youth’s leg was immediately amputated across his thigh by a golden beam of light!

    The lion-furred youth grimaced in pain as he fell backward. It was unknown when a large golden saber had appeared in his hand.

    At that split second, the lion-furred youth had pulled out a golden saber and amputated his leg! If not for that, the corrosive force that melted flesh would have spread across his entire body in a blink of an eye. If that happened, his outcome would only be him being left fleshless while his bone melted.

    “Senior Brother Domineering Saber!”

    The disciples of the Azure Wood Manor separatists rushed over, but they did not dare come close to him.

    Blood was spewing out of the lion-furred youth’s left leg which he had amputated. He quickly tapped at a few acupuncture points to stop the bleeding before he managed to catch his breath.

    At that moment, the leg that he had amputated had melted clean.

    The lion-furred youth’s face was pale as he sweated bullets. If he had been hesitant in any way, he would have perished.


    “Yi Yun, are you able to foresee the dangerous zones?” Yue Yingsha was astonished as she turned her head to ask Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun’s alert the first time might have been a coincidence. As for the second time, Yi Yun did not directly alert them. All he said was a single sentence, but that sentence did not stop the lion-furred youth from encountering danger. With the two coincidences put together, Yue Yingsha already had her guesses.

    “It’s not something I can completely guarantee. All I can say that it’s a type of feeling. Let’s attempt to leave this place!” As Yi Yun spoke, he took a few steps through the Blood Desert. The path he chose was completely different from the one that the Azure Wood Manor separatists took.

    Granny Yin was still in her original spot. She had not departed with the Azure Wood Manor separatists but it was obviously not because of Yi Yun. In fact, she treated Yi Yun as an enemy deep down. However, with Yue Yingsha staying behind, what else could Granny Yin do? All she could do was temporarily hold back.

    Now, as Granny Yin watched Yi Yun walk through the Blood Desert, her eyelids twitched. That kid truly has the guts!

    With the immense Heaven and Earth might in front of them, she had to rely on the Great Heavenly Compass, while the purple-robed elder had relied on his best thirty-six array flags, yet they did not dare claim to have seen through the profoundness within.

    Even if Yi Yun’s talent in array formations were heaven-defying and he had truly figured out something, how was he so certain that he did not make a mistake from his insight?

    It was unknown how large the Blood Desert was. Even if the purple-robed elder’s words of it being traversable with a thousand paces was true, it would be no trifling matter. Was it possible to not make a mistake for a thousand paces?

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