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Chapter 1028: Divine Chains

    Chapter 1028: Divine Chains

    Like the cracking of the firmament, the bronze giant’s ax struck the ghastly palm first.

    The ghastly claw covered half of the blue skies and it immediately grabbed the bronze giant’s ax.

    Millions of the souls issued piercing screams as countless heads appeared from the ghastly claw while they chomped at the giant’s ax.

    “This strike…” Yi Yun felt as though his soul had been wrenched by it.

    “How fearsome is a battle between the bronze giant and Divine Lords… We can’t even withstand the aftershocks…”

    Granny Yin consumed a pill, flushing her face with an abnormal ruddiness before she conjured a Yuan Qi barrier.

    Despite having Granny Yin’s Yuan Qi barrier, Yi Yun and company felt like they were tiny canoes in a stormy sea.

    “So these are Divine Lords…” Yue Yingsha mumbled as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. She had encountered few warriors in the Azure Wood Great World and she had never seen these Divine Lord outsiders.

    She only had an inkling of the might of Divine Lords from records in the Azure Wood Manor’s books. Having never witnessed one in person before, she was amazed that their strength allowed them to battle the bronze giant.

    At that moment, a sanguine light suddenly bloomed from the bronze giant’s ax. It emitted endless killing intent that seemed to consume everything.

    “Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

    When the heads from the ghastly claw came into contact with the sanguine light, they issued shrill screams and evaporated like blood.

    The bronze giant’s ax continued advancing, and with crunching sounds, it gradually shattered the ghastly claw!

    “The Cadaveric Hand has been destroyed.” The Fey Phantasm Sect’s Demonic Eye Divine Lord appeared in mid-air, Behind him was a gigantic blood-colored skull which had ghostly fires burning in its eye sockets, as though it had a mind of its own.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord frowned slightly. The bronze giant was much tougher than he imagined!

    Immediately following that, the bronze giant took a step forward, causing the chains on its body to issue its tumultuous protest. He raised his ax and slashed at the wraith conjured by the collective efforts of the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Supremacies!

    The wraith was massive, with horns on its head. Wherever it passed filled the area with the smell of death, marked by the ashen transformation of the plants on the ground. But against the bronze giant’s ax, the wraith appeared exceedingly weak!

    The ax cleaved down at the wraith’s head, splitting it apart!


    With the wraith destroyed, the Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies suffered severe injuries. Their face turned ghastly pale as they spat black blood.

    The bronze giant’s strike had injured their essence!

    “Rime Immortal Lord!” Demonic Eye Divine Lord yelled.

    A gentle wind stirred as the heaven and earth seemed to instantly split apart to usher in a graceful figure that slowly descended.

    The woman was dressed in red and she had fair skin that rivaled snow. She looked sweet sixteen.


    She extended her slender hand as a ribbon band fell from the sky like a waterfall, billowing towards the bronze giant. In an instant, it had securely wrapped itself around the bronze giant’s ax.

    The band looked somewhat light and soft, but the binding force seemed to increasingly tighten after its successfully wrapped itself around the ax. Even the surrounding space began to distort.

    If the entity being bound was a human, his flesh and blood would turn into a mangled mess of blood that would dye the band crimson.

    Ka Ka Ka!

    The bronze giant roared and swung its arm after it stomped its feet harshly upon the ground, sending massive tremors through the earth.

    The band that wrapped around the bronze giant began to tear!

    The bands dissipated into countless points of light before condensing again in Rime Immortal Lord’s hand.

    A chilly look suffused from Rime Immortal Lord’s face as she commented dreadfully about the bronze giant, “What immense strength!”

    Two Divine Lords had attacked one after the other to no avail!

    The bronze giant bellowed into the sky with a sound that could burst eardrums. Yi Yun hurriedly used his Yuan Qi to envelop his ears, barely withstanding the sound blast.

    Yue Yingsha’s slender figure also quivered as she concluded, “The bronze giant is truly terrifying.”

    At that moment, the sword beam that seemed to split the world apart came crashing down on the bronze giant’s head.

    The sword beam resembled a dense, misty drizzle, but every raindrop contained lethal killing intent.

    Felicitous Rain Lord appeared in the rain as well. With a sword in hand, his azure clothes fluttered with the wind, as though he was an immortal from heaven.

    “Sword of Rain.”

    Felicitous Rain Lord’s blade and the raindrops were all directed at the bronze giant!

    And at that moment, where Felicitous Rain Lord presided was where his sword ruled supreme. The entire area had been overwhelmed by his sword beam!

    The sword beam was extremely sharp that it seemed to prick at Yi Yun despite the Yuan Qi barrier!

    “This is the Sword of Rain…” Yi Yun was startled when he saw the sword beams that filled the sky.

    As a Divine Lord, the might of Felicitous Rain Lord’s strike could rend the heavens!

    At that moment, another figure suddenly appeared on the other side of the battlefield.

    The figure was an elder with a vaguely discernible air of immortality. Dressed in loose white robes, he held a deep blue sword.

    “Sword of Rain.”

    The elder brandished his sword and also attacked with Sword of Rain, sending raindrops down from the heavens!

    “Could this person be the Immortal Rain Sect’s Divine Lord?” Yi Yun looked at the elder in astonishment. However, it was not surprising that a Divine Lord from the Immortal Rain Sect would join the expedition to the Azure Wood Great World.

    The same Sword of Rain synergized the tiny raindrops, ensuring that the bronze giant’s head would be struck!

    The bronze giant sensed danger from the incoming sword beams as well.

    He let out a deep growl as his body trembled!


    The entire earth seemed to quake along with the chains. Immediately, like a flood, more than a dozen columns of black water of the River Styx burst out from various outlets.

    Like a whale sucking in water, the bursts of water surged into the bronze giant’s body!

    The bronze giant’s figure immediately increased several hundred feet in size, causing the chains to clank as they turned taut.


    The bronze giant brandished his ax and slashed at the sky!

    Suddenly, a blood-colored rift appeared in the sky.

    Powerful Yuan Qi spewed out from the rift!

    The raindrops were destroyed by the Yuan Qi bit by bit.

    After the bronze giant cleaved thrice, all the raindrops had been wiped clean.

    As for that lethal ax, it continued its momentum after the raindrops were expunged. The few Divine Lords faced a might that could render the heavens asunder from the ax, draining the color from their faces.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Space began to flake as the might was indomitable!


    At that moment, the chains around the bronze giant suddenly tightened!

    The chains that numbered in the dozens shimmered with ancient, mystic runes. The power that came from the heavens and earth had shackled the bronze giant to his spot.

    “Puah Puah Puah!”

    The ends of the chains tugged at the bronze giant’s flesh, causing black demonic blood to spurt out! The bronze giant’s body quivered suddenly as the ax came to a sudden halt!

    Dozens of chains, in combination with the power of the runic seals, had inhibited the bronze giant’s strike!

    All the Divine Lords and Supremacies took the opportunity to open up a distance from the giant!

    Clearly, they had previously discovered that the bronze giant was shackled by the divine chains and had expected such a situation to occur. They had also stood outside the definitive kill zone of the bronze giant.

    The bronze giant quieted down again. Like a dormant primordial behemoth, he waited quietly for that definitive fatal strike.

    Felicitous Rain Lord stood at a high altitude with his sword in hand. He watched the bronze giant with a heavy expression.

    “The combined attacks of the four of us can’t even injure the bronze giant at all. We are in trouble,” said Demonic Eye Divine Lord.

    “You did not use all your strength in your attack,” said Felicitous Rain Lord snidely.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord did not respond. The bronze giant was a humongous threat, but Felicitous Rain Lord was not someone who he could let his guard down. Furthermore, there was another Immortal Rain Sect Divine Lord accompanying Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Having been trapped in the plains of death, the four Divine Lords had acquiesced to maintain a distance before they attacked the bronze giant.

    However, the bronze giant was too powerful. It was nearly impossible to kill him no matter what technique they used!

    At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord suddenly sensed something as he looked to the ground.

    He saw on the plains of death, a small Yuan Qi barrier barely resisting the energy storms from the battle. And in the Yuan Qi barrier, he was surprised to see Yi Yun!

    “Yi Yun!”

    Felicitous Rain Lord was somewhat startled. He never expected to see Yi Yun here!

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